Week 7 -  Term 3  -  2019

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Calendar of Events - through to Week 4 Term 4:


Kia Ora, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Bula, Namastē, Namaskar, AyubowanKia Orana, Taloha Ni, Kumusta,  Aloha Mai E, Fakaalofa Lahi Atu, ‘Alii, Malo Ni, Halo Aloketa Aloha, Nī Hāo, Sawatdeekhrap  Sabaidi, Terve, Dobradan, Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Ciao, Salaam, Olā, Zdravstvuyte, Konnichiwa, Ahn Young Ha Se Yo, Hoi, Merhaba, Jambo, Yasou, Shalom, Salamat Siang, Ahoj, Xin Chāo, Sawubona, Bok, Yiassoo, Hej, Dia Dhaoibh, Cham Reap Sour, Hoi, Vanakkam.


Coach Jamie’s Thoughts From Rippa Rugby Nationals:


The dust has settled and our group of 10 very gifted kids got the prize they worked so hard to achieve, becoming New Zealand's Best Rippa Rugby Team! Eight games for eight wins. 

This group were very well conditioned as our school are fortunate to have a top athletics coach teaching there in Nuree Greenhalgh, they are so well lead by Tim Taura a highly respected sports coach with the kids . 

The support the team and all our sports teams receive from our principal, staff and students is very special and this makes our school and everyone in it special! 

Monique Talbot is a wonderful lady and we were all blessed to have her as our leader - she treated these kids as her own. 

How lucky were our kids to have all of this and then have mum and dad there to support as well. You parents were awesome 👏👏👏 .

To our team, winning is great, if we learn and enjoy we win anyway. Thanks my mate Mazel Vaevae for your invaluable knowledge that helped me in my prep for this journey. #loveourschool onto the next assignment....."


PS: Videos of all their games can be found on our YouTube Channel - https://bit.ly/2ZI3udt


Jump Jam Nationals - Both Teams Qualify:


Jenna Aalbers has been training our Jump Jam teams for the last five years - with incredible success, including winning the National Championships. This year she is joined by Rebekah King and between them they are coaching two teams - a junior and a senior.

These two teams have been training an average of three times a week for the past seven months, and they recently sent their video entries off to see if they can qualify for the National Competition.


Our senior team have qualified for the finals in Tauranga. They scored well enough to gain entry into the highest category, which is the Year 4 to 6 Xtreme. The judges said it was a truly top performance, and one of the highest scores technically in the preliminary round.

Our junior team have also qualified, in the Year 1 to 4 Advanced category. It is the first time we have entered a junior team since 2011. They are extremely dedicated to Jump Jam, and turn up enthusiastically to every practise. The judges said they were super energetic, with a fun attitude and the best energy they have judged to date - exceptional for this age group.

These are wonderful judges’ comments and well deserved - like them I can’t wait for Nationals!


Winter Sports Tournament Update:


We sent away lots of teams to represent Western Heights at the Zone Winter Sports Tournament last Thursday - Netball, Hockey, KiwSport, Football and Rugby. Every team displayed excellent sportsmanship, attitude and enthusiasm. All our children came home with an achievement they were proud of and all our coaches came home proud of their teams - a great day all in all.

Our Football B Team won the B Division - winning every game, and closing out the final with a hard-fought one to nil win. Our Under 40 kg Rugby team won all their games bar one loss to Henderson Valley. Our Under 50 kg Rugby Team won all their games, including a hard fought final against Henderson South. Both rugby teams achieved these results without our star National Ripper Champs players. These were exceptional results therefore.

Huge thanks to Nuree Greenhalgh and Tim Taura as sports coordinators. Huge thanks to all our coaches - especially all those parents who stepped up and took a team. You are so appreciated.


Marimba Band Performance:


I have gone on record many times saying what a treasure we have in our Marvellous Music Maestro Mark McLay - hope you appreciate the alliteration. Mark does an awesome job kindling a love of music, rhythm and performance in our children. On Saturday our Marimba Band - several playing on Marimba Mark had personally constructed - performed at the Barfoot & Thompson Stadium in Kohimarama.

They were as awesome and as enthusiastic and proud as ever. Mina performed on her Ocarina as part of an inter school group. It was an absolute delight to witness. Thanks Mark and congratulations to all our musicians. 

PS: Thanks to Mrs MR - she supports so many of our ‘outside school’ events and is really appreciated.

Chairperson of our Board Nic had this to say about the concert:

I just wanted to drop you a note to give some feedback on the Marimba Festival in the weekend – what a fantastic event!  We hadn’t attended previously, and were enormously impressed by the scale of the festival, how well organised it was, and what a valuable musical experience it was for both performers and audience.

The Western Heights Marimba Band kids were enthusiastic and very well-prepared, and were excellent representatives of our school.  Mark has clearly done an excellent job of working with the children to not only teach them to play the music, but to interpret it and enjoy performing.  As an audience member, the sense of fun, musicality and encouragement amongst the performers was absolutely evident.

It is no secret that I am hugely supportive of music in primary schools, but Western Heights’ music programme is second-to-none, and we have a very valuable asset in Mark – his knowledge, experience, energy and approach combine to give our students early exposure to music which many of them would not otherwise have, and extend the depth and breadth of musical skill to those students with existing ability.

Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to Mark and the Marimba Band students.


It’s Tongan Language Week:


Last Friday a couple of children were very proud to remind me that this week is Tongan Language Week. It is a week to celebrate the Tongan Culture, Tongan Language and Tongan food. 

We will share photos from our week in next week’s newsletter.

Our Tongan community may be small at Western Heights, but is very proud, as they should be. 


Catch Ups:


At Right: Alexis Laud (Rm 21) and ex-pupil Georgia Hessell competed at the North Island Ice Skating Championships in the weekend.  Alexis recently joined synchro skating team Ice Angles which Georgia has been a member and mentored for the last 2 years.  Georgia is also a member of premier team Black Ice. Both teams have obtained the qualifying mark for the New Zealand Championships and the girls will be travelling to Gore to compete in October.


Athena also performed at our Whanau Time on Friday - and she was stunning!


Athena recently danced a classical ballet in the South Auckland Performing Arts Competition Society Inc ,  where she achieved 1st place in her division , being awarded the Judith Peters Challenge Cup. 


Junior classes made beautiful photo frame presents for their dads last week. They looked awesome. At right Krisha and Jaisvi with theirs.


7 Ways to Be Kind to the Earth:


1. Plant a tree in memory of a loved one.

2. Have a No Trash Lunch Day- Take your lunch in reusable containers, use reusable utensils and a cloth napkin. You'd have zero trash to throw away!

3. Don't throw away paper - Cut used paper into squares and use the blank side for grocery list and notes.


4. Put expired food in a compost pile and use it in your garden. Here is a good site with tips on composting: http://indianapublicmedia.org/eartheats/composting-101-tips-tricks- creating-healthy-heap/

5. Reuse tissue paper, packaging peanuts and bubble wrap. Saves both trash waste and money.

6. Shut off the water when brushing your teeth and don't let it continually run.

7. Return plastic grocery bags to the store's recycling bin. The recycling bins are usually located at the entrance of the store.

We only have one Earth and we all must take responsibility and do our part to keep the environment we live in clean and beautiful. How do you take responsibility for protecting our Earth? Stephanie L. Jones is a daily gift giver. You can follow her gift giving at www.facebook.com/1makingadifference. She is also a life coach and motivational speaker at Giving Gal, LLC www.givinggal.com and like her at www.facebook.com/givinggal.



Meeting the Locals in Wellington:


While I was in Wellington to support our Rippa Rugby team I took some time out to visit Weta Workshops. Digital technology and CGI have always interested me so it was an opportunity not to be missed. I am also a huge fan of “The Lord of the Rings” having read the trilogy three times, and having read “The Hobbit” to many classes of children over the years.


Parenting - Teaching - Learning = A Weekly Series:


PLEASE NOTE: Change of date to Friday 1 November. This is my fault so my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you to everyone who made a gold coin donation for Daffodil Day - we raised $570 for the Cancer Society.


David Pogue’s Life Hacks - A Series - Food Tips:


Thursday’s Thoughts:


Kindness is the Key:


Welcome to our Newest Western Heights Whanau:


No one new to welcome this week but lots of new children starting on day one in term three.

See you soon!




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