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Break the Hi Speed INK JET Printer Dust Barrier! 
Pat #  5,980,848

Ricoh, Canon, Screen, Kern, HP, Kodak 

MaxJet (Performance Promise) The MaxJet Ink Jet web cleaner makes direct contact with the web.  Our web press proven combination upper and lower vacuum manifolds & serrated faceplates, creates a cyclonic scrubbing action on the paper.  This action in combination with static neutralization and High velocity vacuum, assures a clean web free of all dust, fine powders & particulates. to extend Ink Jet Head life as well as High print quality under all conditions. The best part is there is no operator intervention or Heavy Labor  for intensive filter changes and no loss of vacuum over time as seen in other systems.  Our Patented built in cyclone separator assures maximum vacuum all of the time and Maximization of your Ink Jet Printer Investment!
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Clamshell cleaners designed to fail Clamshell type web cleaners do not make direct contact with the Paper.  The web simply passes through a vacuum chamber and with Brushing that causes static particulate cling combined with low level vacuum fails to pull particulates off of the paper web substrate.  
ClamShell web cleaners and their direct filter collector systems have been largley discarded in the web press world due to their inherent flawed design & limited ability to capture dust especially at higher Ink Jet press type speeds.  This lack of contact with the paper and their direct pull-through dust filter collector combination, means system failure within short periods of time. 
its science.
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