Dear friends, 

We miss sharing with you the best of our music at our Cultural Center (Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain) on 16th Street in Washington, D.C. Although we cannot enjoy it together now, we can still make you move.

Our team from the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain – Sofía, Ana, Ernesto, Ander, Vanesa and Alberto – has selected some of our favorite songs to share with you our love of Spanish music. No matter what your taste is, we have you covered. 

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Flamenco Music by Sofía

“Entre Dos Aguas” from the album “Fuente y Caudal” by Paco de Lucía

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This might be the best-known composition of one of the greatest guitar masters of Flamenco ever. De Lucía hits the strings in a vigorous way, yet gathers an incredible sensibility.

“Catalina” from the album “Los Ángeles” by Rosalía

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You may know talented Rosalía for her latest urban-styled tunes with several icons of the music industry, but her very first album Los Ángeles is a gem for those who like Flamenco and its different palos.

“Carcelero Carcelero” by Juan Habichuela, Arturo Pavón & Manolo Caracol

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Manolo Caracol brings his powerful voice, Juan Habichuela accompanies with his guitar and Arturo Pavón joins subtly at the piano to declare an intense and tormented love.


80s Music by Ander

“A quién le importa” by Alaska y Dinarama

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An essential song for every Spanish Pride Celebration, this anthem of freedom is perhaps the best symbol of a society that underwent a radical transformation during the 80s.

“Un Año Más” from the album “Descanso Dominical” by Mecano

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For those who may not know Mecano, let's just say that they are THE band. This particular song is an homage to the Spanish New Year's Eve tradition, a special moment that brings together people around the country as they wait for the clock in Madrid's Puerta del Sol to strike 12.

“100 Gaviotas” from the album “Canciones” by Duncan Dhu

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For someone who grew up in San Sebastian and lives now abroad, nothing reminds me more of home than the sea, the waves... and yes, the seagulls. And this feel-good song has them all.


Indie Music by Ana

“Si salimos de ésta” from the album “La Noche Eterna / Los Días No Vividos” by Love of Lesbian

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This is one of my favorite songs from this indie pop band from Barcelona, included in their album La Noche Eterna / Los Días No Vividos (2012). As the song says: “Son tantos los días de impaciencia, casi una eternidad. Tú saldrás de esta, créeme, y pronto entonarás pequeños cánticos, y en algún bar apartado, ahogaremos el espanto y nos pedirá perdón. Porque… Sí, ¡saldremos de ésta! Sí, ¡saldremos de ésta!” This means something like “There are so many days of impatience, almost eternity. You will get through this, believe me, and soon you will  be able to sing little songs, and in some remote bar, we will drown the fear, and fear itself will ask us for forgiveness. Because... Yes, we will get through this! Yes, we will get through this!”

“Deséame suerte” from the album “Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar” by Vetusta Morla

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This is one of the most iconic songs from this renowned band from Madrid, included in the album Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar (2017). You might have seen them live in one of their recent concerts around the U.S. on occasion of their 2019 North American Tour. We hope to see them again around here soon!

“Turnedo” from the album “Confesiones de un artista de mierda” by Ivan Ferreiro feat. Xoel López

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This was the single used by the Galician artist to present his first solo album, Canciones Para el Tiempo y la Distancia in 2005. Before that, he had led the cult band Los Piratas between 1991 and 2004. In 2011, on the occasion of the recording of the album Confesiones de un artista de mierda, a compilation of Iván Ferreiro and Los Pirata’s greatest hits, a new version of Turnedo was included and jointly performed by Ferreiro and Xoel López. Undoubtedly, one of my favorite song ever!


Jazz Music by Ernesto

“Badakit” from the album “Badakit” by Noa Lur

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Badakit is a fascinating blend of Jazz, lyrics in Basque (traditional language of the Basque Country), txalaparta (a unique wooden percussion instrument) and a delightful scatting solo. And, yes, you can play it more than once.

“Estampes: No. 3 – Jardins sous la pluie” from the album “Debussiana” by Horacio Icasto Trio

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French composer Debussy would have loved this cover of his Jardins sous la Pluie. Horacio Icasto is no longer with us, but his music still is as exquisite as it has ever been.

“Say Something Funny” from the album “There's Always Madness” by Moisés P. Sánchez

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Moisés P. Sánchez's album really needs to be heard from beginning to end, so allow yourself to be influenced by this elegant musical madness…


Rock Music by Vanesa

“Dulce introducción al caos” from the album “La ley innata” by Extremoduro

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The band split in December 2019 after 32 years, and those of us who grew up with its sound are heartbroken. The album Ágila was their magnum opus, but La Ley Innata, which is actually a 45-minute song, will always be my personal favorite. Introspective and powerful, perfect to stay at home and enjoy it in one go!

“Autosuficiencia” by Parálisis Permanente

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Parálisis Permanente was the dark side of the “Movida Madrileña,” and the post-punk precursor band in Spain. They were not widely known at that time, and I encourage you to rediscover it. Autosuficiencia is an ode to self-affirmation and resistance and a perfect youthful hymn for these days.

“La canción del pirata” from the album “Tierras de Leyenda” by Tierra Santa

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José de Espronceda was a Romantic Spanish poet. He wrote Canción del Pirata as a critique to society for marginalizing pirates, beggars, prisoners, etc. A different way to learn about Spanish romantic poetry for those who like it, with a punch of heavy metal.


New Vibes by Alberto

“Me encanta” (I love it) by Nancys Rubias

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Released in 2013, this song is a version of the well-known I love it by Icona Pop. Within a day, this song ranked second on iTunes, and after a week, it appeared in the top 10 of the most important Spanish music charts. Its music video was directed by the Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar.

“Antes de Morirme” by C. Tangana

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C. Tangana received his first Platinum Record with this song. It was released in 2016, hitting its peak of popularity in 2018, when Rosalia became famous. It was then included in the Spanish show Elite, available on Netflix. 

“Too good to be true” by Danny Avila

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25-year old Danny Avila has already become one of the most internationally recognized Spanish DJs. This song is a collaboration with The Vamps and American rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Right now Danny Avila is number 41 on Dj Mag's Top 100 DJs. 


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