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Livable Housing Australia


March 2013

Welcome to our first newsletter!
2013 is shaping up to be a spectacular year, as we certify our first projects and introduce our registered assessor panel. 
  Livable Housing Australia

Champions of livable housing

Livable Housing Australia (LHA) champions safer, more comfortable and easier to access homes for everybody, everyday, at all stages of life. 

A partnership between community and consumer groups, government and industry, we advocate the mainstream adoption of livable housing design principles in all new homes built in Australia. 

Livable homes work for pregnant mums, young families with kids, as well as Australians with disability or with sporting or traumatic injuries. ‘Livability’ also caters for the needs of an ageing society by promoting homes better suited to seniors.  Livability is an investment that makes both economic and social sense.

LHA is responsible for the development, distribution and revision of the nationally-agreed Livable Housing Design Guidelines, and for certifying housing projects that comply with the guidelines.


Livable Housing Design Guidelines

Gain technical advice and guidance on the key features that make a home easier and safer to live in for people of all ages and abilities.  Download the Livable Housing Design Guidelines

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  Registered Assessor

Seeking Registered Assessors

Are you a registered architect, building surveyor or certifier with an unrestricted license?  Apply to become one of LHA’s first registered assessors. 

We expect a growing market for registered assessors, who will collect, analyse and record information about a dwelling’s design features to enable LHA to determine whether it should be accredited. 

Download the Application form and Registered Assessor Handbook to learn more about the eligibility requirements and next steps.


First Platinum projects certified

Evolve Housing in Sydney and Yarra Community Housing in Melbourne are the first to achieve Livable Housing Australia’s Platinum Design certification - a seal of approval that attests to enhanced livability. 

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  Pilot Projects  

Do you have a PILOT project?

Testing of the new certification processes is well underway. If you have a project that you would like to have certified, download the Applicant Information or the Project Registration Form. 


A launch pad to success

Livable Housing makes homes accessible throughout all stages of life – whether you’re new parents, whether you’re injured or have a disability, or whether you are elderly” said LHA’s Patron Thérèse Rein at our national launch in September.   Read more.
  20 years 20 Stories  

20 Years 20 Stories

Twenty years ago, life for millions of Australians got easier. The then Deputy Prime Minister in the Keating government, Brian Howe, introduced an Act that would, for the first time at a national level, make it unlawful for people with disability to be discriminated against. The genesis of change was the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth), which commenced operation on 1 March 1993.

Twenty Years: Twenty Stories marks the Disability Discrimination Act's twentieth birthday with twenty inspiring stories on film.

  Industry News  

Latest Releases

The Australian Human Rights Commission has just released its 
Guideline on the application of the Premises Standards                  Meeting & Events Australia has just released an update of Accessible events - a guide for organisers.
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