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Welcome to our first newsletter of the new year.


With a new name and an updated look, wishing to always move with the times but remember our heritage, we have renamed our monthly newsletter "Piccadilly Notes" in honour of a catalogue of miscellanea we have produced sporadically since 1933.

Here is a brief list of some of the most interesting recent acquisitions we have in each of our departments, some of which are exclusive to this edition of Piccadilly Notes.


Science & Natural History  Contact Chris for more details

Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids: A Structure of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid etc.

CRICK, Francis and James WATSON Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids


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Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Islands

LILFORD, Thomas Birds of the British Islands


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The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex.

DARWIN, Charles
The Descent of Man


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Prints Department Contact Richard for more details

On The Terrace

Print of the month

On the Terrace.

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Lough Derg

Poster of the Month

Lough Derg.

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Delineatio Insulae St. Christophori… Insula Antegoa… Insulae Bermudes... Insula Barbadoes… Insula Jamaica…

Map of the Month

Delineatio Insulae …

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Modern Firsts & Literature Department Contact Rebekah for more details


Two timeless first-edition classics to start the new year…

A Clockwork Orange is not yet on the website, so please call or email for more information.

A Clockwork Orange.

A Clockwork Orange. 
BURGESS, Anthony.

Just So Stories.

Just So Stories. 
KIPLING, Rudyard.

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Travel Department Contact Georg for more details

Piracies Ltd.

Piracies Ltd. 

BOK [pseudonym].

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Promenade… par les lieux… de la Suisse

BODMER, Carl, S.

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Ukraïna pid chervonim iarmom. Dokumnti i fakti.



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Children’s and Illustrated Department Contact Rosie for more details

La Princesse Badourah, Conte des Mille et Une Nuits.

La Princesse Badourah
DULAC, Edmond 

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[The Works.]

[The Works.] 
HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel 

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The House At Pooh Corner.

The House At Pooh Corner. 

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