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  March 2020 
Hi !

With all the announcements about Covid-19 safe practices, I wanted to ensure you that Keep In Touch Studio has always met, and will continue to meet the highest of standards when it comes to sanitization and disinfection practices. Now in my 11th year of business, I have had yearly inspection from Public Health and have consistently scored a perfect record.  Feel free to check my results for yourself at  CHECK BEFORE YOU CHOOSE , and always check any personal service establishment you frequent for your own health and safety every day, and not just during this pandemic.  

The definition of sterilization is the complete destruction of pathogens, organisms and spores on objects or surfaces to prevent cross-contamination on items such as tools and implements that have come into contact with bodily fluids.  This is critical level sterilization to which a chemosterilant; chemical sterilants (Micrylium) are used to sterilize tools and surfaces throughout the Studio.

My policy is to treat all clients with universal/standard precautions to ensure you have the highest level of protection (all of the time) to prevent the spread of disease, infection or cross contamination.

As you know, Keep In Touch Studio is a one to one service based business and will remain open, and continue to follow the protocols listed below.  Please monitor your own health and request to reschedule your appointment if you have been travelling recently or are experiencing symptoms (see below).

Do you have symptoms?

If you are experiencing any symptoms, contact your healthcare provider and follow safe practices. 

I wash my hands at least 4 times per client, (before and after clients and during sanitization/disinfection procedures).

Eight steps to hand washing: (30 secs)
         1. Take a paper towel
         2. Turn on water
         3. Use soap and water to wash hands
         4.  Sing Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle twice slowly or ABC’s at a      normal pace
         5. Rinse hands & dry hands with paper towel
         6. Use paper towel to turn off taps
         7. Use paper towel to open Door
         8. Throw paper towel in garbage

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