2019-2020 Dissertation Fellows


The CISSR Faculty Board is delighted to present its third cohort of dissertation fellows in a newly expanded program that supports doctoral research on international, transnational, and global questions across the social sciences. 

“After two years of deliberation and fundraising, we have transformed CISSR’s residential fellows program by raising the support-level from small-stipend-and-workspace to full-dissertation-write-up-fellowship-and-workspace. This change will allow students to turn down the ad hoc opportunities that often dilute their efforts and devote themselves fully to advancing a career-making piece of scholarship,” said Jenny Trinitapoli, director of CISSR and associate professor in the Department of Sociology.

The constituency for the expanded awards is Ph.D. candidates in the social sciences who have completed field work, archival research (or some combination thereof), and are now ready to focus exclusively on writing the dissertation during the final year of their doctoral program. Priority is given to students advancing topics of enduring international significance and working in CISSR’s intellectual tradition of empirically robust and theoretically rigorous social science. CISSR Fellows also benefit from a monthly mentoring lunches, a standing writing-group, and a research stipend.





The Center for Latin American Studies

Racial Politics in Brazil: Black Intellectuals in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Brazil

Panel Discussion

4:30pm, John Hope Franklin Room, SS 224

1126 E 59th St., Chicago, IL


Seminary Co-Op

The Ideas that Made America

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, U. Wisconsin-Madison

6:00pm, Seminary Co-Op

5751 S Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL

RSVP Requested




How to Use the Concept of “Gender” to Dismantle a Democracy: Lessons from Hungary, Lessons for Europe

Éva Fodor, Central European University

5:00pm, Social Sciences Tea Room

1126 E 59th St., Chicago, IL


Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago

Energy Policy in the 116th Congress

Congressman Sean Casten

5:30pm, Saieh Hall, Room 146

5757 S University Ave., Chicago, IL



Southern Asia at Chicago

The Emperor and His Attendants: Proximity, Intimacy and Politics in Royal Mughal Households

Emma Kalb

5:00pm, Foster Hall, Room 103

1130 E 59th St., Chicago, IL


Institute of Politics

Protecting Freedom in 

an Age of Fear

Patrick Gaspard, Open Society Foundation

5:30pm, Ida Noyes Hall, Cloister Club

1212 E 59th St., Chicago, IL

Registration Required


FRIDAY, May 31


Materializing the Future, Speculative Design:
Post-Petroleum Utopias

9:00am, John Crerar Library, Room 298

5730 S Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL

RSVP Encouraged


Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

Marriage Metaphors in Medieval Monastic Life

Fiona Griffiths, Stanford

12:30pm, Center for Gender/Race Studies, Room 105

5733 S University Ave., Chicago, IL


MONDAY, June 1


History and Social 

Sciences Forum

Saumitra Jha, Stanford Business

1:00pm, CISSR Conference Room 105

5828 S University  Ave., Chicago, IL


MON, June 3-WED, Jun 5

The Divinity School,  The Franke Institute,  
Stevanovich Institute, Center for Jewish Studies, CSGS

“Let Me Hear Your Voice!” — Women, The Song of Songs, and Public Discourse

Swift Hall, Third Floor Lecture Hall

1025 E 58th St., Chicago, IL



Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

'Black or White, Gay or Straight': The Biopolitical History of a Linguistic Form

Michael Dango

5:00pm, Center for Gender/Sexuality, Room 103

5828 S University Ave., Chicago, IL



Institute of Politics

The Politics of War, Peace, & Leadership

Gen. David H. Petraeus

5:30pm, Quadrangle Club, Main Dining Room

1155 E 57th St., Chicago, IL

Registration Required


Oriental Institute

How Ancient Israel Began:
A New Archaeological Perspective

David Ilan, Hebrew Union College

7:00pm, Oriental Institute, Breasted Hall

1155 E 58th St., Chicago, IL



Oriental Institute

Lunchtime Gallery Talk: Hadrian's Autobiography?

Brian Muhs

12:15pm, Oriental Institute

1155 E 58th St., Chicago, IL


Southern Asia at Chicago

Polemic and Doxography in Haribhadrasūri

Anil Mundra

5:00pm, Foster Hall, Room 103

1130 E 59th St., Chicago, IL


Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

2019 Kirschner Human Rights Memorial Lecture 

Dean Spade, Seattle University School of Law

6:00pm, International House Assembly Hall

1414 E 59th St., Chicago, IL

RSVP Encouraged


MON, June 10-
TUES, June 11


The Production of Knowledge in the USSR

Stevanovich Institute

5737 S University Ave., Chicago, IL





The Buffett Institute

Cuba is Changing, but in Which Direction? Revolution, Social Change and the New Constitution of 2019

Julio César Guanche Zaldívar

5:00pm, Harris Hall, Room 108
1881 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, IL


WED, June 5-THU June 7

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Revel Fulton Market
1215 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL
Registration Required


MONDAY, June 10

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

The Shadow War: A Conversation with CNN’s 

Jim Sciutto

Jim Sciutto
5:30pm,  Chicago Council on Global Affairs
130 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL
Registration Required




Risky Choices: Women and Cabs in Hyderabad, India

The growing presence of ride-hailing apps in Hyderabad, India has created new commuting opportunities for women living in the city. In this article, Sneha Annavarapu, one of CISSR’s newest Dissertation Fellows, discusses the tension between these opportunities and the risk that comes with riding in these vehicles. Read more here...


The Hard Politics of U.S.-China Trade Talks

Why are China and the US both threatening a trade war when neither country will benefit? UChicago’s Charles Lipson discusses the logic and potential outcomes of this choice, noting that “although both sides could benefit from a deal, one side could benefit more — a lot more — depending on the final terms.” Read more here...


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+Segurança: Estratégias para Superação da Criminalidade | Brazil Conference 2019

Security: Strategies for Overcoming Crime


During the 2019 Brazil Conference, CISSR Fellow Ben Lessing participated in a panel discussing public security policies to address urban violence and organized crime, exposing different strategies already adopted in the country, and  what can be done to address this growing and alarming concern in Brazilian cities.

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