June News
Just getting a note out a bit later than I meant to!
Last year some clients found it useful to leave me with some of those tasks you never quite get round to over July/August. While lots of folks are on hols it is a good time to get some funding research done, update Trustee/Governance documents or get some business planning 'white papers' written up (e.g. If you're thinking of converting legal structures or something similar do you need some guidance produced for your management board to consider...?)

For the businesses I support this can also be a good time to review your CSR policy & practice. Especially pertinent in Cumbria now as tenders around Nuclear and across the public sector increase their weighting for social impact and/or sustainability!

If you're interested drop me a line. For 'hands off' desktop work that you want me to just to get on with while you have a break I'll always do a good deal :-)

Telephone: 07759 547853