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Erol & Tanja Ministry
Reaching Serbia and Balkan for Christ

  [JUN, 2019]                                                   Fokus, Serbia
Mens bible Study Group

It is joy to my heart to be part of changed life of this great mens. They thanking me for being blessing to them and I am thankful so much because I am blessed through them and what God is doing. One of them name is Ratko, in black t-shirt. He was part of group in Rehab Center where I leading Bible studies  once a week. After he went out from Centar he wanted to grow and have mentor. He had problem with alcohol. As boy of 12 year, he was bitten by a lion in a Zoo. Because of that, he became disabled and his leg is damaged. He suffer because of that in life and experience a lot of abuse from children. That influence him to develop insecurity and with alcohol he cover his pain…He is now new man. Born again in Christ and on one the lecture, how he said, when Tanja and I had in Rehab Center,  for the first time he understand the Gospel. It is privilege to work with him. Now he is in process to apply for Bible  school and we are praying about that. On his heart is evangelism and he is using every opportunity to share the Gospel. I met his parents and it is a big blessing to see how they, as family, changing, step by step closer to God. His brother was also part of our Bible study group. On picture, next to Ratko in white shirt.

Please pray for him and his future. 

Evangelistic event for Youth

We had evangelistic event for Youth on June 18th with topic about Longing. 
Speaker was Jerry Root and he present topic using C. S. Lewis and how he was haunted by longing, but he was unclear what the object of his deep desire was. Youth hear what these desires were and how knowledge of them can help us better understand our own spiritual longings and help others in their spiritual quest. 
                Jerry is Associate Director of the Institute for Strategic Evangelism, Billy Graham Center, at Wheaton College, Illinois, where he is also Associate Professor of Christian Formation and Ministry and Evangelism and Leadership. He has served on the Adjunct Faculty at Biola University since 1991, teaching courses on C.S. Lewis. Jerry’s lecture Tours have taken him to over 31 countries on three continents, and he has pastured three different churches over twenty-three years. He has published several books. His most noteworthy work continues to be The Quotable Lewis. Jerry holds a PhD from Open University (UK) and received his M.Div. from Talbot Graduate School of Theology.

              It was 20 Youth and we challenged them to search deeper and made decision for they life. We are happy because non Christian students that we work with this semester come and some new. A big surprise was lady that come and see in first road. She listened carefully and stayed after with allot of questions about topic and our work as Ministry. Latter we find out that she works as a judge in court in Our City but didn’t want to say what department. She expressed that she like what Fokus is doing and will like to stay in touch.
              Please join us in prayer for Youth who hear massage that evening. That fruit grow and be protected by Christ. That they give they life to God and follow Him with whole heart. Pray also for women judge that come. That God open her heart for Him and us.

Celebrating God faithfulness

It is hard to believe, but I am 50. It went so fast :) I am thankful to God for His grace, mercy and faithfulness in my life. 

My family and friends made for me surprise party several day earlier. It was special night. A lot of emotions for me. I am thankful to God for everything, good and hard. He know what I needed to grow through and why. I am thankful for my family and God protection. 

Thank you dear  , for staying faithful with us in reaching Serbia and Balkan for Christ.
Erol with family