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A Word:

In the pictures of this months Weekly Word Newsletter is a great example of the endurance lifestyle.  Not only is this athlete getting ready for 70.3s and other mixed events, but he is also using his fitness to take on the adventures & experiences that make us the endurance athletes we CAN be: outdoors, immersed in nature, alive, connected; all while sharing a meaningful experience with his father and brother.  An adventure curated by themselves, one that required training, logistical prep and camaraderie. These emotional and memorable experiences nourish the soul, they allow you to thrive when you return.  Endurance experiences allow the spirit to come alive, to re-ignite seeing our world around us vs. just being told about it.  Self authoring vs. passively reading our story.  

Are you living your life in your forest, alive in it, playing, connecting, getting lost? Or are you just experiencing it via a map, how someone else experienced it, living through an image of what the forest looks like?  

How are you nourishing your Soul?  What is your endurance adventure?  


AIMP & Weekly Word Podcast Updates

This week was the 100th Episode of the Weekly Word Podcast.  Hopefully you all were able to enjoy my wide ranging conversation with Rich.  With that you might have also heard that we are doing the Qatar Quest.   What is the Qatar Quest?  This is exactly everything I talk about in ultra endurance and maintaining an aerobic platform: when a cool adventure, unique opportunity arises, that we can quickly pivot to indulging in an experience that is memorable for a lifetime.  Reverse Ultraman format: Day 1: 90km run - Day 2: 235km bike - Day 3: 100km bike + 9km swim.  In a country that is not commonly associated with endurance athletics, in a culture very different than most of ours, comes an endurance adventure unmatched.  Want to join?  Send me an email:


AIMP in the Endurance Press and Past Weekly Word Newsletters:

I had another interview with on training methodology.  This time it was about the benefits of negative visualization.  As many of you know, I am a big believer in prepping mentally for these longer endurance events.  In my Ironman years I knew every inch of the Kona course and could pull up images and memories of it in training all the time.  Come race day it was just a matter of watching a movie I had played in my head many times under any conditions, given any circumstance.  It did not make me faster, it just allowed me to remain familiar with all the variables of race day.  I only was left with executing the Plan.  Enjoy it here.


Quote that resonates or captures our curiosity in the ultra endurance adventure….

This one reminded me of the many adventures that take us through the night - how there is a different mind that opens its doors in the darkness, in the dense fog of fatigue.  

…”Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.”…Yousuf Karsh


AIMP Workout of the week

Swim, Bike, Run, Long run, Strength, Core, CrossTrain. Even different sports:  Hike, climb, row, ruck.

Many of you know I love to coach based off endurance & durability. With that comes your ability to manage impulses early, to be patient enough to allow your outstanding fitness to shine.  Endurance is your ability to sustain an effort for a long period of time.  Durability is your ability to sustain that effort without significant deterioration of technique.  How to train these 3 components?  Besides many hours of aerobic base building (ABB), I also like to prescribe testing all three in one workout:  the rising HR, wattage or pace workout.  

Bike:  a 4ish hour ride that include 4 hrs of rising HR, but better yet, wattage.  1st hour is easy, conservative, and you take the avg watts(or HR) at 1hr.  Then next hour you add 5-7 watts to the avg. from the previous hour (or 3-5HR). Another 5-7 watts in hour 3, and - completely insane is hour 4…another 5-7watts.  Most can’t do this on their first attempt, even if it is just the 3 hr version.  But eventually its an amazing session that teaches you a ton, especially about pacing, but fueling and hydration as well!

Run: Similar to above for 90-120 min.  You can choose 20 min section or 30 min.  Even mileages(3-4 mile segments).  But the input again is increasing HR every segment (3-5 beats), which is a worthwhile way to test fitness as well.  You can do pace of course, but be careful to not just end up running fast on effort late in this run: that defeats the purpose since it just turns it into a long threshold run effort 

Swim: 400 smooth to set ‘pace', then 5x100 with 20 sec rest at ‘pace' time (÷400 by 4 to get 100s pace to start this set). Then another 5x100 with 15 sec rest holding same ‘pace’ from initial set.  And finally another 5x100 with 10 sec rest in same format.  You graduate to a faster ‘pace’ when you can do this set 20-10-5 sec rest.  Example: you swam the 400 in 6 min. ÷4=1:30 per 100.  Therefore the first set of 5 you should swim at 1:30 pace and hit the wall at 1:30, with 20 sec rest = 1:50 sendoff


Nutrition by Wise Wellness

Zinc is a powerhouse mineral that contributes to over 300 functions in the body.  It builds stomach acid, grows and repairs body tissues, contributes greatly to a healthy immune system, as well as skin health and male reproductive health.  However, our body does not store it, therefore, we must eat foods EVERY DAY that contain adequate amounts of Zinc to meet our minimum daily requirements of 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women.  Deficinecies are common as Zinc is easily depleted by stress, poor blood sugar regulation, high exposure to toxins, and leaky gut.  In addition, many common medications such as contraceptives, NSAIDs, antibiotics, antacids and antidepressants as well as sugar and alcohol, deplete zinc levels in the body.  Many of these lifestyle habits, conditions and medications are very common amongst endurance athletes.

Liquid Zinc is an easy way to test your zinc levels at home.   It is important to know your levels before supplementing since too much can impair copper absorption/ratio.  Simply take 1 teaspoon of the liquid and hold it in your mouth for 15 seconds. If you have an immediate strong metallic taste, you are likely not deficient in Zinc. However, if you do not notice a metallic taste, a zinc deficiency likely exists.  If you discover you do have a deficiency, feel free to contact me for recommendations for supplement dosing.  The supplement I generally recommend is Zinc Supreme.

Zinc, like all other nutrients, is best obtained through foods whenever possible.  Supplements are used to give individuals a boost or get levels up once they have been depleted.  However, they should not be used to supplement a poor diet.  Below are some foods that are high in zinc. 

  • Oysters are the richest source of zinc, with one oyster containing about 8-9 mg. 
  • Grass fed beef offers 1 mg in every ounce // Lamb, turkey
  • Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, Lentils, garbanzo beans, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, Quinoa, oats

Another cool race idea...or adventure…or expedition...

Not just another cool race idea, but THE one…In the world of ultra running there are many adventures, but few rival the difficulty, the raw beauty, the sense of unknown, and the sense of truly being on an expedition than Tor Des Geants.  One of the hardest footraces in the world, imagine 330km (205 miles) with 24,000m (78,700ft.) of elevation gain! I am diving further into this race since I have a few athletes doing, it is truly an epic adventure that captures the spirit of doing something on the outer boundary of what we can imagine possible!  The combination of a course than can only be experienced  like this via running & hiking, with a race that requires incredible fitness, durability and mental fortitude… Exciting.  Awe inspiring, and one that peaks my own curiosity.  Enjoy this short video  

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