Friday, August 2, 2019


In this update:

  • Back to School – Back to Scholarships!

  • National Attention

  • Plans for Expansion


Back to School – Back to Scholarships!

We had a conference call with school leaders this week to discuss scholarship funding for 2019-2020. This newsletter gives you an overview of that call. If you have specific questions about your child’s scholarship, please contact your school.

While we saw 127 students matriculate out of the program, we reached a new milestone with more than 3,000 students applying for Exceptional SC scholarships this year – the most ever and 1,088 more than last year.

As we’ve done in every year of the program, we will first fund all incumbents (at 50% of tuition up to $10,000). Students who were newly funded last year with our 2018-2019 one-time scholarships — what we term “new incumbents” — will be the next to be funded as soon as school verifications are completed.

Next week, we will be sending out our first round of incumbent scholarship checks to schools that have verified tuition and student attendance in the order they were verified and completed. 


National Attention


We were honored to be asked to help coordinate and organize an invitation-only event with Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, Governor Henry McMaster and State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman in July. Hidden Treasure Christian School hosted the event, and we were excited to invite a select group of the major players in SC’s school choice movement to be a part of this important roundtable discussion.

Representatives of the Catholic Diocese, state charter schools, Christian schools, other Exceptional SC schools, Palmetto Family Council, exceptional needs’ children and parents, and school choice legislators were part of the robust discussion that centered around expanded funding opportunities for programs like Exceptional SC.

It’s exciting to not only have statewide but also NATIONAL attention for our program for exceptional needs children! 


Plans for Expansion

As always, we continue to meet with legislators to discuss expansion of the program. We will keep you posted on how you as a parent can help us in the next legislative session.  

We also daily talk to donors who would not only fund our program through their re-directed tax dollars but who are eager to help us increase the limit on the cap so that we could serve more children across the state. 


Important Contact Information to Remember

As always please do not hesitate to contact the following with any specific questions or concern:


Application or Donation Questions


Technical Application Questions (TADS)


Tax Credit Questions (SCDOR)


Chad Connelly
Executive Director


Tom Persons
Chairman of the Board

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