February 2020



We trust all is well for you and yours, and we want you to know that we are grateful for your care, interest, and support of the work that God has us doing here in South America.

We've been in a Pastoral Leadership role with Iglesia Bautista Bíblica La Luz in Tarija, Bolivia for over three years. In that time, the church has grown spiritually and numerically. We built a building to meet in and have even relocated that entire building to a new location. As with any church, there are ups, downs, and times when things just seem to hum along naturally. For the last 3 months, the Church has been in one of those humming along periods and just doing what it is supposed to be doing: Teaching, Preaching, Evangelizing, and helping Believers grow in their faith. As time has passed, we have enjoyed watching God work in the lives of this amazing group of people as they have grown in their faith. As a result of the growth of the people, we are able to help out in other areas of ministry. 

Over the last few months, the new Bible Study in Barrio Trigal we started as an outreach of Iglesia La Luz has been moving forward as well. We have been blessed to have another Missionary Family (The Hollis Family) join us in this endeavor. In December, God laid it on their hearts to help improve the facilities where we meet. In addition to that, they have been a real encouragement to us and the people in the community. As this group grows, we hope to see it develop into a full fledged Church of its own. 

We would ask you to continue praying for both of these ministries as we move forward. As we continue with them, we are also looking at and praying about other communities of Tarija and Bolivia in general to reach out to with the Gospel. We are also praying about new types of ministry as well. In addition to seeing new Churches planted, our passions are in training leaders, helping Churches develop, Biblical Education, and Discipleship Ministries. These are areas of need not only in Bolivia but all across Latin America.


A Special Prayer Request

When we first moved to Bolivia, we received a residency Visa that was limited to a specific period of time. In March, that Visa expires, and we are currently in the process of applying for one that will give us “permanent residency". As in many countries, Immigration procedures can be an arduous ordeal. There are many details, background checks, a lot of expenses, and loads of documentation that need to be submitted in order to comply with the requirements of obtaining residency. For most Missionaries, this is an important part of the process of working long-term in a country in which they are not a citizen. Please pray that this process will go smoothly.



Thanks again for your interest, concern, prayers, and partnership. We are honored to represent you in the work that we are doing here in Bolivia, South America. May the Lord richly bless you as you serve Him,

Jeff & Sandra Price

Missionaries in Bolivia & Latin America

Baptist International Outreach



865-238-5040 (This is a Tennessee number that will ring in Bolivia)


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