30 & 31 October 2017


SIIA will open its doors to the second annual Zug Impact Summit on 30 & 31 October. We have invited a long list of international speakers (see attached summit program) to present how they impact social and environmental change in society through investment, business and knowledge.

We hope you will find the two-day program inspiring and join us in learning more about impact-investment. You will have an unique opportunity to network with the entrepreneurs, impact investors and thought-leaders who are busy improving society today with what they do. Our objective is to provide you with an inspiring, relaxed, and collaborative event and to promote dialogue and shared learnings between all stakeholders in the Global Impact Ecosystem.  

We look forward meeting you.

Best regards

Klaus-Michael Christensen
President | Swiss Impact Investment Association

Register and purchase the two days SUMMIT TICKET to the Zug Impact Summit on 30 + 31 October 2017 on the Theater Casino Zug website HERE
All refreshments, lunches and drinks are included. Become SIIA member by purchasing a Summit Ticket by selecting incl. membership.
The Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) is a non-profit organisation located in Zug, Switzerland. The Canton of Zug supports SIIA’s mission in making impact investment awareness within the Swiss Financial Industry and beyond. SIIA believes that private investment is a powerful driver for societal change and in reaching the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. SIIA promotes impact investments through its annual Zug Impact Summits and its smaller, more frequent Impact Network Events. The Zug Impact Summit is a speakers’ forum about impact investment. Here entrepreneurs, investors, and thought-leaders showcase their companies, investment opportunities, research, as well as present studies, launch projects, express their thoughts on global themes and meet other people with same concerns. Involved are start-ups and multinationals; private and institutional investors; entrepreneurs and governments; professors and students, NGOs and philanthropists. Most of whom have been specially invited, to ensure a diverse representation of all stakeholders. Join SIIA to promote your impactful activities and get connected to the SIIA Impact Network.
Faith Consistent Investing is this year’s focus theme and Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) is our Faith In Finance Partner in presenting it.

ARC is bringing the investment fund managers of the major Faiths to sign the Zug Guidelines in a ceremonial event at the Zug Impact Summit. The signing ceremony is an unique show of unity by the major global Faiths when they join together to commit to investing their capital in accordance to their core values, beliefs and the SDGs.
Our venue is the renovated Theater Casino Zug, the cultural centrum of Zug. Built in 1909, it shapes the cultural and social life of Zug and the region with surprising accents of local as well as international events. Theater Casino Zug is not a casino. The name originates from when the building was used as a hospital (Kaserne) for wounded soldiers in the WWI.

Theater Casino ZugArtherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug
GAMMACATERING has catered out of Zug for the last 30 years and again this year will help make SIIA's guests feel welcomed. “All good events and good venues have a clear theme, from the lay-out and use of space to the presentation of the staff, and of course the cuisine, “ Mr. Peter Gamma explains. Gamma will serve refreshments, light lunch and afternoon drinks, during both days of the Summit.  

GAMMACATERING: Certified Sustainability Company
For our international guests, City Garden Hotel offers Zug Impact Summit guests a limited number of room discounts from 29-31 October under the booking code: 291017 Summit

To apply for this discount, please book via phone +41 41 727 45 52 or email: info@citygarden.ch.  

City Garden HotelMetallstrasse 20, 6300 Zug
Zug may be small, but it is a high quality destination. Discover the old town of Zug, its nice restaurants, stay at one of the cosy hotels, or book a guided city tour.

Write info@siia.ch if you want to join a SIIA guided tour on the afternoon of 29 October. 

Zug Tourismus, Bahnhofplatz, 6300 Zug. info@zug.ch
Tel. +41 41 723 68 00, www.zug-tourismus.ch 
SIIA is a non-profit organisation which finances itself through membership contributions and sponsorships. If you want to sponsor SIIA and help  us promote impact-investment for positive social and environmental change we invited you to become member and offer you a sponsorship at our Zug Impact Summit. Simply write to km.christensen@siia.ch to requests all details.