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  July 2019 NEWSLETTER

Cycleway construction in front of Boulders makes access impossible……..
July Achievements

There was a focus on weed control at most sites this month. Along the Seven Mile dunes we tackled the regrowth of both Morning Glory and Turkey Rhubarb. Both vines have loved the warmer, damper winter and are racing ahead. The Turkey Rhubarb is even in blossom in most locations!

The new Cycleway under construction along the Coast Rd from Skennars to Pat Morton is exposing spots which have been inaccessible to us until now and, of course, they have strong weed infestations which will keep us busy for quite a while. Until the construction is completed however we will be working along the dunes at the Southern end of Boulders (from the house north) and meeting at the Iron Peg car park.

There’s certainly plenty to keep us busy there as well. Last working bee we spent 14 hours in total in this location on passionfruit, prickly pear, senna, bitou and asparagus… and only covered the first 15 metres or so. 

….. so we worked at this magic spot instead. See you here the next few times we work at Boulders as well...

August News

Last week we swapped our Wednesday bee for Thursday to give the Skennars’ Hd crew a helping hand; this put us into August if we are going to be super fussy. As it was the powers that be proclaimed rain and the working bee was called off. Many thainks to the 6 staunch souls who turned up fully kitted out to work in the rain and then suggested that we try to get back there at some stage down the track so we didn’t let the Skennars mob down. We’ll do our best to clear up a spot in the schedule.

Not to be left without a job, we all put on a brave face for a photo opportunity with the team from Rous Water, Local Land Services and Hannah from Richmond Landcare Inc. and so we climbed up the track and had a look at some of the plantings. Luckily the rain held off for just exactly the time this took before coming back in.

Why were we taking part in this photo shoot…? Well Kelly and Hannah have collaborated to get us into a grant program that Rous are running which will target asparagus and glory lily on some of our sites. We’ll take assistance in all ways possible to help us deal with the issues we face on our sites.


Look for us in the next issue of the Council magazine Community Connect. That’s the one that arrives with the Advocate. For the foreseeable future they will be profiling various Landcare sites and the next one will be Lake Ainsworth.

Shaun. 0448 221 210


What do you do when rain cancels the job for the day….coffee of course!

August Working Bees

  8.30 - 10.30 am

        Wed 7th:  Sthn Lake Foreshore -    
                                    SW  cnr of Lake A.
        Wed 14th:  Boulders Beach - 
                                   Iron Peg car parkk 

         Wed 21st:  Seven Mile Dunes -  
                                 opp. 55 Pacific Pde

        Wed 28th:  Boulders Beach - 
                                    Iron Peg  carpark 


 Skennars Hd Working Bees
Every 2nd Thursday 
 Contact Pat Cawley on 6687 7143

    Lower Point Working Bees
Organised as needed
     Contact Mike Heesom through           

Time to head for a coffee after a glorious morning on the dunes at Boulders

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