Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to have some stress free fun. Get a jump on spring fever. It’s the perfect time of the year to introduce your friends and family to all of the CRAmazing upcoming events near Emerald Cove Resort.

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February 15th, 2018 The 29th Western Winter Pyrotechnics Event in Lake Havasu City. A professional fireworks competition.

February 17th, 2018 the 27th Annual Buckskin Mountain Desert Dash. It’s a fun walk and Hike out to the Nellie E Saloon Desert Bar.

March 2nd 2018 10th annual Bluegrass on the Beach. Classic and modern Bluegrass Festival on the beach in Lake Havasu City Arizona. 

March 10th, 2018 Buddy Guy Grammy award-winning Blues artist at the Blue Water Casino Amphitheater

March 24th 2018 Blues and Brews festival at La Paz County Park Parker Arizona. Beer, live music and Car and Bike Show.   

Hey folks! Have you heard about the newest affiliate to your family of resorts? Sunrise Adventure Ridgeview is a membership camping resort located just across the river from Laughlin Nevada, in Bullhead City Arizona. This fantastic resort provides 30 and 50 amp full hookup camping sites. It has a beautiful Pool and Clubhouse area that overlooks the sparkling Colorado River with amazing views of the casinos in Laughlin Nevada. Colorado River Adventures members will now have reciprocal usage at Sunrise Ridgeview! We will also welcome Ridgeview members with reciprocal usage in the CRA family of resorts. We couldn’t be more excited about this new affiliation. If you are interested in learning more details about the new Ridgeview Adventure, please contact our reservations department and they will be able to get all of your questions answered 866-663-2727

North Shore Resort, located just off of Interstate 40, has been part of the CRA family of resorts since the beginning. In fact, it was one of the original fabulous four resorts that started this whole Adventure! We have been pleased to have North Shore resort available to our members for so many years. However, usage expires in 2018 and although we have been very happy having Northshore as part of our system we will be moving in a different and more sustainable direction. 

In the future Colorado River Adventures will only be affiliating with resorts that are potential ownership properties or that have long term renewable leases like our flagship Emerald Cove Resort. We feel it’s imperative to ensure our members the use of our resorts for generations to come. 

For those of you that enjoy time near Laughlin Nevada please don’t hesitate to call reservations and try our Sunrise Ridgeview Resort. We are sure you will approve!

In the past, Emerald Cove has always had two completely different seasons. In the summer, we have our water fanatics visit us from nearby cities and in the winter, our members come to escape the cold and snow. Rarely did these two groups converge. The term “Holiday Weekend” was reserved for the summer. 

However, over the last few years, we have noticed a drastic change. Winter visitors are coming earlier every year and they are staying later.  Our summer crowd has evolved into year round users. That has created busy holiday weekends in the winter. Please be advised that you must make reservations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Presidents Weekend. 

Please, also be advised, we may limit guest usage and buyout weeks during these busy periods of time. Lastly, to improve the quality of your visits to Emerald Cove Resort, try to avoid the holiday weekends whenever possible.

RVing is advantageous in more ways than one. Here are a few reasons why; Rving makes you happier and more relaxed. There’s just something about driving down an open highway that has a mellowing effect on people. Even if you are just getting away for a weekend trip, being away from the hustle and bustle of work and everyday life is calming and relaxing.

Makes you more adventurous. With the road and adventure at your fingertips, you can go just about anywhere and do just about anything that your heart desires when you own an RV.

Keeps you young at heart. RVing can make you feel like a kid again. You get to explore new places and see new things, and re-live your childhood by camping out under the stars every night. The more you get to do and see, the happier and healthier you are.

Overall, RVing is just a fun and adventurous way to re-live your youth, make memories with your loved ones, and explore the country. If you are living your dreams and doing the things you always wanted to, you will always be a much happier and healthier person overall!

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