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  March 2020 NEWSLETTER
Hi !

How much do you know about your nails?

Fingernails are under daily stress all year round; we use them as tools, bite them, type with them, tap them, play instruments, play sports, and much much more.  With all the constant abuse, they may crack, peel, break, soften, get hangnails, dry skin, ridges and discolour.  

Heathy nails should be uniform in colour,  smooth and clear from any bumps, divots or discolourment.  They will typically grow at a rate of 0.1 mm per day (toenails 0.05mm/day); although, this will depend on your age, health and nutrition.

Structure of your nail:

The nail Matrix is the area where your fingernails (and toenails) start to grow and create new skin cells, which pushes out the old dead skin cells to make your nails; injuries to the nail bed or disorders that affect the matrix can affect your nail growth. 
The Cuticle protects the root Matrix of the nail.  If this area becomes traumatized in any way, it can lead to infection or malformation of the nail bed or nail plate.  Bacteria can enter through saliva when the nail and cuticles are chewed on, so it’s very important to keep them out of your mouth, keep them clean and healthy!
The Hyponychium (aka:"quick") is the epithelium located under the nail plate between the free edge and the fingertip, which protects the nail bed.  Keratin is the fibrous structural protein of our nails (also: hair, horn, hoofs, wool, feathers and of the epithelial cells in the outermost layers of the skin).  Keratin is an important structural and protective function, particularly in the epithelium.
The Lunulae is the half moon located at the base of the nail.  It may appear  small or missing which is usually not a cause for concern; they’re often hidden underneath the cuticle or skin at the base of your finger.

Nails are a window to your health. 
  1. Wash hands and nails with mild soap and gentle nail brush.
  2. Treat your nails with care. 
  3. File your nails regularly.
  4. Keep the nails shorter for function and health.
  5. Always keep a nail file on hand. 
  6. Clean and disinfect your nail tools after each use.
  7. Leave your cuticles alone.  
  8. Protect your nails with a base coat.
  9. Use a nourishing hand and nail formula daily.
  10. Weekly manicures can also improve nail health.

If your body is low in protein, calcium, zinc, or vitamin A, a deficiency can sometimes be revealed by ridges in your fingernails. Bioton is a B-Complex supplement that can help improve overall nail health, and it can also be found in some foods: 

  • Eggs (yolks)
  • Almonds (raw, salted, or roasted)
  • Cauliflower (Raw cauliflower contains 17 micrograms of biotin per serving 
  • Cheeses
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet potato
  • Spinach
Other foods that can improve your nails include fruits, lean meats, salmon, leafy greens, beans,  and whole grains.
How do you keep your nails in shape?

Zoya’s Naked Manicure is designed to perfectly mimic a healthy natural nail bed.  It instantly transforms nails and delivers long-term therapy benefits over time; moreover, it also provides intense therapeutic, long-term benefits for stronger healthier nails.
The Science
Vitamins, Proteins and Botanicals instantly correct cosmetic nail problems delivering therapeutic benefits to nails long term:
·      B5/Panthenol improves flexibility and decreases brittleness
·      Vitamin E supports cellular renewal
·      Red Algae improves micro circulation
·      Ginko increases oxygen exchange
·      Sulfur Amino Acid/Protein Complex fills in pitting and cracking
Instant Benefits
·      Neutralizes unsightly discoloration
·      Refines nail plate surface
·      Smoothes ridges
·      Perfects free edge
·      Creates a natural healthy tone and finish
Long Term Benefits
·      Supports cellular renewal
·      Improves oxygenation
·      Enhances flexibility and strength
·      Increases hydration and resilience
Who can get naked?
·      Women transitioning from gels (artificial nails) to neutral nails
·      Those seeking neutral a look alternative to French manicure look
·      Professionals who want perfectly groomed nails but are unable to wear polish in the workplace
·      Those who want clean natural looking nails
·      Busy moms who want healthy nails to match everything
·      Athletes and highly active individuals looking for durable yet neutral alternative to colour
·      Men who are concerned about well groomed hands and nails

Naked Manicure Trio
The Naked Manicure Men's Starter Kit includes full-size (0.5oz) Naked Base, Buff Perfector and Satin Seal Topcoat.

Naked Manicure Quad
The Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit includes full-size (0.5oz) Naked Base, Buff Perfector, Tip Protector and Satin Seal Topcoat.

Diamancel File!

The diamond flexible medium-grit mini nail file is ideal to take with you wherever you go to give your nails a perfect finish every day. Durable and safe, thanks to smooth, non-cutting edges, the mini nail file is perfect for people with natural nails of average thickness. Wash them often with warm soapy water with a soft brush, then rinse them with water.
Yonka Celebrates 65 Years!
Feature Facial: Alpha Vital
Skin renewing program with AHAs (fruit extracts):
  • Diminishing scars (post acne)    
  • Refines fine lines/wrinkles        
  • Skin prep for seasonal change
  • Diminishing imperfections
  • Hydrates
  • Regenerates
Results : skin that is supple, smooth; the complexion glows and wrinkles vanish! Results  increased significantly when using the appropriate home care treatment.

Enjoy once to boost radiance, or follow a course of 4 sessions that build on one another for a spectacular anti-aging action.
Recommended for skin 35yrs+ 
$94 for 60 mins
Series of 4 for  $305

  • To smooth wrinkles and refine the skin’s texture, George Clooney is committed to using Alpha-Fluid.
  • With 8% free AHAs this restoring gel exfoliates the skin while stimulating cellular renewal.
  • Hydrates the skin thanks to the hyaluronic acid.
  • Both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are so complimentary about the results of Alpha-Peel.
  • This dual performance emulsion promotes cell restoration using AHAs of natural origin and anti-free radicals to assist in regenerating the skin.
  • This fruity emulsion is available in two formulas: Normal to Oily skin will mattify and decongest while Dry skin uses softening properties such as Calendula. 
Travelling this month?

THREE choices for your 2-in-1 Cleanser/Make-up Remover:
  • Lait Nettoyant- Gentle Milk
  • Gel Nettoyant- Sudsy Gel
  • Eau Micellaire- Waterless
 and TWO Invigorating Mists Yonka Lotions:
  • Normal to Dry Toner
  • Normal to Oily Toner
$19 each
Cleanser and Lotion Duo $30.40
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