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January 2019

2018 was another year of tremendous accomplishment by the faculty, trainees, and staff of the UCSF Department of Medicine (DOM). Our clinical and educational programs continue to do very well, with the DOM being ranked 3rd best internal medicine department in the US News & World Report annual rankings. Research-wise, we led the nation in NIH grants for the 6th consecutive year, topping $200 million. Read here for Bob Wachter's thoughts on the 2018 highlights and the big year ahead.


Greg Buller was named Chief of Medicine at UCSF Fresno and Vice Chair of UCSF Dept. of Medicine.

Delphine Tuot was named Associate CMO for specialty care and diagnostics at ZSFG.

Diana Kim was named Division Manager for DGIM at UCSF Health.

Sarah Schaeffer and Sarah Goglin have been named Assistant Program Directors for our internal medicine residency.

Janice Schwartz received the PhRMA Foundation Award in Excellence in Clinical Pharmacology.


Denise Davis was named VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Academy on Communication in Healthcare.

Ralph Gonzales received the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University School of Arts and Science.

Warner Greene and Paul Volberding were quoted in a Rolling Stone article regarding alternatives to stem-cell research for HIV/AIDS studies.

Margot Kushel was quoted in a Ventura County Star article on homelessness and backpack medicine.

Christine Ritchie was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle article about how older adults and those living with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, such as the recent Camp Fire.

Crisna Castro, administrative officer at SFVAMC Central Administration, and Diana Kim, division manager for UCSF Health DGIM, have been selected as Differences Matter Dean’s Diversity Leaders.


The next Fireside Chat will be held on Monday January 14, 12-1pm, Room M989, Parnassus. Bob Wachter will interview Christine Cassel, our UCSF Presidential Chair for 2018-2019. Chris is an internationally recognized leader in health policy and medical ethics. She has served as CEO of the National Quality Forum and the ABIM, dean at OHSU’s School of Medicine, and, most recently, planning dean for Kaiser Permanente’s new medical school. Past Fireside Chats, including interviews with Talmadge King, Rebecca Berman, and the late Holly Smith, can be seen here.


Each month, we interview a member of the DOM community. Arielle Klepper is a current third-year medicine resident and will be chief resident at Parnassus in 2019-20. Read her interview and learn about how a family vacation to Haiti spurred her interest in medicine. Past interviews with Bruce Wang, Jinoos Yazdany, Stephanie Rogers, Tung Nguyen, Tracy Minichiello, and Adali Martinez can be seen here.


UCSF’s new Center to Advance Trauma-informed Health Care, led by Edward Machtinger (shown here with Dean Talmadge King, Mayor London Breed, and Chancellor Sam Hawgood), aims to make healthcare, both at UCSF and nationally, trauma-informed. Generous funding for the new center was provided by the Mose J. and Sylvia Dilman Firestone Charitable trust and individual donors.


Alison Huang and team: a grant of $3.4M over 5 years from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases for a project entitled, "A randomized controlled trial of a group-based therapeutic yoga intervention for urinary incontinence in ambulatory older women."

Gideon St. Helen and team: a grant of $2.7M over 5 years from UC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program for a project entitled, "Toxicant exposure and cardiovascular effects: Cannabis vs tobacco."

Frederick Hecht and team: a grant of $2M over 5 years from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health for a project entitled, “Optimizing lifestyle interventions with mindfulness-based strategies in type 2 diabetes.”

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