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If you are going to engage in the political realm, there are no safe spaces!

by Jim Rodkey

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Did your jaw drop? Most likely.

This above little tidbit comes from a May 2015 article featured in The Pocono Record. I don’t know about you but I don’t really think of the above as an option.

It’s been over three years since Governor Tom Wolf gave us this ‘choice' and in that time what exactly has he done for homeowners? Taking a look at your latest school tax bill would probably reveal that Wolf has done a whole lotta' nothing!

Approximately 10,000 people lose their homes annually to ever rising and out of control school property taxes. No matter your party affiliation is keep the above little tidbit in mind when you enter the polling booth this November.

Ask yourself, if Tom Wolf is elected to another four year term will you: 1) be able to afford the cost of taxes on your home and 2) face the possibility of losing your home?

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