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Klasik Keyifler (KK) 
Chamber Music Exchange 

In 2020 Klasik Keyifler will celebrate 12 years of making music in Cappadocia, Turkey. 
When we started this venture, we had a vision of creating the environment and infrastructure for musicians and audiences to come together outside of the formality of modern concert halls. Since then, we have organized events throughout the region in more than 30 extraordinary venues. We are also happy to brag about giving a platform to hundreds of young performers and composers who are changing the music scene abroad as well as in Turkey.
KK Fact Sheet 
In 2011 CME was formally incorporated as a tax-deductible organization in the US. 
The donations to CME over the years have enabled a number of American performers and educators to be financially supported to join KK musical projects. In addition, CME has supported projects with Turkish musicians in the US, and hopes to receive financing to provide more opportunities for future collaborations.
CME Legal Status 
2020 is also the 250th birth year of Beethoven, and KK is joining the world in celebrating his music and his vision. 
He is remembered as a revolutionary titan of musical composition. But when reading about his life, we understand the value he gave to spending time outside the busy urban environments of Vienna. The inspiration Beethoven drew from being in nature fed his creativity, and maybe more importantly, he deeply relied upon friendships with other musicians as well as music lovers and future benefactors that he met in these idyllic retreats. Even after 250 years, we believe that musicians and music lovers have these same needs. We also believe that Cappadocia is a perfect retreat from the busy world for artists, musicians and audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Our plans for 2020:

1)    An 8-concert series with KK-associated performers of Beethoven’s works for strings/piano has been accepted to one of the main chamber music series in Istanbul at Bosphorus University. We plan to repeat this in Cappadocia throughout the academic year in order to reach more young people when school is in session. 

2)    The 10th Cappadocia Music Festival is scheduled from July 31-August 16. This will be an extravaganza bringing back past KK participants that are active on the world stage. Depending on financing received, we will continue our traditions of inviting additional foreign performers and composers to work together. 

3)    We are seeking supplemental financing to bring Turkish musicians associated with KK to US concert venues. In the lead-up to the 100 year anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 2023, we believe it is very important to highlight the musicianship and passions of young Turkish musicians to American audiences. The qualifications of these players can be found in their biographies here: Musicians


We know that your kind donations to CME and KK will help us build for the next 20 years!

Donated Funds
All donated funds  (financial or ‘in kind’) to either the KK association in Turkey or CME in the US (tax-deductible 501c3) will be directed to these main activities described above.
Musicians supported by CME to join KK

James Buswell; Prof. Emeritus, New England Conservatory
Stephen Hartke; Chair of Composition, Oberlin
Marc Mellits; Associate Professor, University of Illinois, 
Carol Ou; Faculty, New England Conservatory
Katherine Murdock; Associate Professor, University of Maryland
Kurt Rohde; Director of Composition, Uni of California
Greg Hesselink; Faculty, Mannes School of Music prep
Mark Hill; Full Professor, University of Maryland
Richard Faria; Full Professor, Ithaca College
Heidi Hoffman; Principal cello, Symphoria
Elizabeth Simkin; Associate Professor, Ithaca College
Xak Bjerken; Full Professor, Cornell University
William Harvey; Concertmaster, National Symphony of Mexico
Michael Ellison; Professor, University of Bristol
Amy Salsgiver; Faculty, Istanbul Technical University, MIAM
Dave Allen; Faculty, New York Jazz Academy
Danny Lundmark; Certified Music Therapist/ Istanbul
In addition to concerts, our artists will offer their creativity to reach and inspire new audiences in the Anatolian region.  Our plan has two components:
A)    We want to share aspects of Beethoven’s extraordinary life in order to more appreciate his compositions. In order to do this, we want to organize conversations with university and high school students on subjects such as European history, architecture, visual arts and the parallels to Beethoven’s music. We also want to provide storytelling for children about the life and times of Beethoven. 

B)   We believe that in order to explore new ways of listening to classical music, people first have to experience making music together. We have designed these programs for young people that will take place both during the school year, as well as in intensive summer camps 
Music Village for Kids 
Since inception, our organizational structure has been maintained primarily on a volunteer basis. Over 90% of our sponsorship funds have gone directly to faculty fees and costs, student scholarships and concert venue rentals. Although we believe this is a ‘labor of love’ we also understand this is not a sustainable model, as all arts institutions require paid staff. 

After 12 years of creative work, we are confident that Cappadocia can be a truly become a “Cultural Hub in the Heart of Anatolia”.

Donate Now 

Gokhan BagciCello, Co-Artistic Director
+90-554 692 8982

Husam Suleymangil, Historian/Guide, President of KKMD 
+90 532 614 4955 

Phone: +1 402 802 1044 US (Ellen)
6335 O Street 331
68510 NE
Lincoln USA

Ellen Jewett, Violin, Co-Artistic Director 
+90 533 629 9118 TR  

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