It is now officially Summertime and for once the sun does indeed shine in West Cumbria!              


We have survived and thrived through Spring 2018 with a maximum capacity workload at LynchPin Support and have again been fortunate enough to work with clients old and new. Nicola continues her work as a Social Impact Associate at Gaiacene - supporting corporate clients shape their strategies and operations in a new contracting climate that seeks ‘impact’ rather than ‘philanthropy’ (and also demands that any promised impact is deliverable, evidenced and measurable.)
Whats been going on?
We have continued to support ongoing clients like Forth Engineering and West Cumbria Carers – both aiming in different ways to break down the barriers between the public and private sectors in order to deliver both social & economic value (spoiler alert – you can do both!) 

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LynchPIn has also revisited clients like Soundwave, Calderwood House and the Rosehill Theatre to refresh impact statements, conduct new evaluations and build new collaborative projects in fields of interest like youth activism.

We have produced two new Social Return on Investment pieces. One of those is now completed on behalf of Mace and their West Cumbria Works team who wanted to evaluate their Community Improvement Project.

“I wanted to thank you for your work on the evaluation of the West Cumbria Works Community Project in Cleator Moor. At all times you delivered outstanding customer service, really listening to our requests and translating what we wanted in a very understandable way. Social Return on Investment is on the face of it pretty simple, that is until you come to explain the methodology! You made everything very clear.
As I previously discussed with you, there was another aim in getting you to work with us. My colleague, Emma Williamson, is new to this field of work and the idea was to enable her to take an empirical view of future projects and really get her head around the “new world”. It has been a pleasure for me to see the enthusiasm that Emma has shown in taking pride from the evaluation you completed, particularly on her behalf. Emma is a strong, natural leader but any leader needs support. You very clearly explained the process, breaking down any potential worries. You explained your methodology clearly and speedily got on with what you had to do. You were not a “stern auditor” but at the same time delivered the objectivity and “empirical data” we needed. My belief is that evaluations should be done as if a “critical friend” and you achieved the right balance.
In terms of the outcome: we could not be more pleased. You have produced a quality report which clearly demonstrates the social return Emma and the team achieved. We are now able to show to our network the exemplar that we intend to use as our future way of delivering projects. Without the work you did, we would not be able to capture the “hearts and minds” of business people and funders. Well, of course we could but you have made it easier! Finally, my thanks to you for meeting our deadline, which of course was the usual tight one! You delivered on time which was very important to us.
I will have no hesitation in using Lynchpin again.”
Andy Semple, Senior Sustainability Manager, Mace

Our other SRoI piece is still ongoing for the World Health Innovation Summit. This is a research piece in its very early stages and I’ve been supporting the team to frame their Theory of Change and articulate just what they are aiming to deliver as their primary outcomes.
Gareth Presch (Founder & CEO, WHIS) says “WHIS is working with LynchPin Support to establish an early understanding or our impact, our value and our ability to evidence and measure those things. Nicola has given amazing support to ensure we can measure and deliver on our goals to make positive impact through our work.”

In addition to the above we have completed evaluations for new clients across both the private and public sectors - including organisations as diverse as the Centre for Leadership Performance and Always Another Way.
Grant applications · Impact measurement · Project needs analyses · Corporate Social Responsibility · Project development & delivery · Social Return on Investment calculations · Monitoring & Evaluation · Fundraising · Legal structures for charities and social enterprises · Business planning · Partnership Management · Stakeholder analyses · Trouble-shooting

Alongside the evaluation work Nicola has delivered training for Cumbria’s Social Enterprise Partnership and several Charitable Trustee Boards on Social Impact, Value and the local context – if you’re interested in a workshop please just get in touch. We can tailor it to help you understand what the concepts mean for you and your organisation. 

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