Welcome to our our latest newsletter! Since we last wrote, we have continued to work on a range of interesting and diverse projects including a safety due diligence review for an extra low voltage traffic signal improvement project for Roads and Maritime Services NSW, a high pressure hazards review for the Gold Coast desalination plant, a business case risk review for a regional railway line upgrade for the Department of Transport Victoria, and an organisational and operations due diligence review for Brisbane Marine Pilots.

Richard continues to be out-and-about lecturing and conferencing, most recently presenting at the Pilotage & Port Logistics conference in Sydney.  Richard and I also both guest lectured at Swinburne University to over 200 students on Project Due Diligence as part of their post graduate unit Procurement & Risk Management in Projects.

Also thank you to all who joined our first ever webinar in September.  We are calling it an overall success (minus the bad internet connection and my coughing fit!) with close to 100 registrations and 50 online attendees during the live presentation, and many views of the recording. Richard is now gearing up for our next webinar later in the month. See below for  details.

If you’d like to discuss anything outlined in this newsletter or how engineering due diligence may help your organisation, email us at risk@r2a.com.au or call on 1300 772 333.

’Til next time
Gaye Francis, Partner


Engineering Due Diligence 

2 Day Workshops 2020


It’s great to finish this year's workshop calendar with sold out Brisbane dates. But, now we move on to 2020, and the dates for the  first half of the year are locked-in. Register to secure your spot and be ready for a new year of diligent decision making.

Learn more about workshops

Free Webinar: 

28 November at noon


After conquering our first ever webinar, we’re now busy organising a calendar of free sessions for 2020. But, before that, we will present on the History of Due Diligence on 28 November at 12 noon. It’s free to register, and you’ll learn about the history, the defining cases and what the implications are now that it is so heavily embedded in legislation.

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Engineering Due Diligence Text

11th Edition


Can’t make it to our two-day workshops? Not sure if it’s the right course for you? Our Engineering Due Diligence Text is the material resource used in our course and is filled with 20 years of knowledge, clear explanations, heaps of graphics and case studies from real court cases. 

Find out more about text

Registration of Engineers 

and Why it’s Important


In his latest article, Richard discusses the  Engineers Registration Bill (Victoria) that received Royal Assent this month, as well as Engineers Australia’s Code of Conduct & Ethics, and why both are important for the Engineering industry.

Read Article

World Engineering Conference


The application of due diligence in legislation is the title of Richard and Gaye’s paper at the World Engineering Convention next week in Melbourne. Specifically, should the Victorian government (which has practicable options available and resources to do so) protect Melbourne (a low lying city) from rising sea levels?  

Learn more about WEC

Women’s & Maternity PPE


Apto PPE is a passion project for Gaye that exists to provide women with Hi Vis PPE that’s designed specifically for the female body shape and needs. No longer do women need to feel unsafe and uncomfortable onsite wearing men’s downsized workwear. Meeting Australian Safety Standard requirements, we hope organisations across Australia support the fundamental right for women to be as safe as their male counterparts. 

Learn about Apto PPE
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