Autumn 2018 Newsletter and Offer

A quick update from LynchPin Support before Christmas arrives and you all lock yourselves away from work with the mince pies and the gin!
The budget yesterday  didn’t offer much to alleviate the pressure on individuals, families or my charitable & voluntary sector colleagues trying to plug the gaps in our increasingly leaky system. As National politics also continues to be consumed with Brexit we are left in little doubt that we must all take responsibility for the quality of life in our local communities and economies. This is NOT about isolationism but about pooling local resources across ALL sectors to ensure some kind of better future for us all.
So - in light of the darkness that abounds -  I am offering any clients that Commission work  throughout November a free day of my time to use as you wish in creating, evaluating, improving or managing your social impact. That day can be part of the commissioned works or you can use it to complete one of those tasks that inevitably falls off the priority list. And hey - I’m long served in the bin bags to Boardroom approach so if you just want the dishes done that’s fine by me 😂 Just drop me an email or message me on Twitter or LinkedIn as usual.
I’m also delighted to be invited to attend the People’s Powerhouse event in Bradford in November because of my interest in promoting more inclusive economic policies in Cumbria. I’ve been gifted some complimentary tickets too by the organisers so do get in touch if you’re interested in attending. See the programme here…
In a very quick round-up of LynchPin News I’ve been busy over Summer with my usual mix of old and new clients and in particular have been doing a lot of work around youth activism. To get a flavour of that visit and see the beginnings of a digital space being created by young people for young people in West Cumbria. The Swarm participants starting this work are championing Social & Environmental causes across the spectrum – from waste & plastic pollution to LGBT+ rights, better mental health services, animal cruelty and period poverty.
I’ve worked with new clients like Cumbrian Girls Can, iCan Fitness and Young Cumbria as well as continuing my work in support of Gaiacene, Forth Engineering and many others. Do check out my new leaflet for charities and Social Enterprises at and I’ll be working on a new one for the business sector too in the next month.
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