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If you’ve been looking to bring your home studio monitoring up to professional levels,
look no further than the Focal CMS Compact Studio Monitor! Call or Chat to buy now!
SuperAnalogue Sound at a Super Black Friday Price!
SSL X-Panda 24 Summing Mixer/Expander for almost $70% Off! Call or Chat to buy!
Save on Antelope Audio!
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$500 Off Symphony I/O + Thunderbridge Bundle

Purchase a Symphony I/O configuration along with a ThunderBridge and get the ThunderBridge for half price - just $495.

Save $500 on the following Apogee bundles:

Symphony 2x6  + TB   only $2990

Symphony 8x8 + TB   only $3490

Symphony 16x16 + TB   only $4490

Symphony 8x8MP + TB   only $4985

15% Off Apogee
Mobile Interfaces

Kick off the holiday season by saving 15% on incredible gifts for the musician or audiophile in your life. Take advantage of the lowest prices on the most advanced audio interfaces for creating or listening to music on iPad, iPhone and Mac. 

Save 15% these Apogee Products: 

JAM , MiC , ONE, GiO, Duet, Quartet.

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Huge Sale on Waves Plugins!
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50% of all individaul McDSP Plugins!
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40% of Sonnox Plugins!
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Rack Revolution Sale
We have special deals running on nearly everything 500 Series.
SSL Stereo Bus Comp.

SSL's Stereo Buss Compressor has been called "the glue" for decades because of how placing it on your final mix just brings forth the power and presence that you know that your mix has. This versatile compressor is also amazing on drums and vocals! It is now available as the SSL 500 Series Stereo Buss Compressor.

SSL 611EQ / 611DYN

The E-Series EQ Module and Dynamics Module for 500 Series racks reproduce the legendary sonic signature of an early 80's classic, the Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console channel strip, which has been featured on countless classic recordings from the 1980's to the present.

Aphex Special Offer

Buy an Aphex USB 500 Rack and Any Two Aphex 500 Modules,
and get a
FREE Aphex EX.BB 500 Module!  Valued at $299.00 MSRP
Aphex Dual RPA 500

The Aphex Dual RPA Tube mic Pre is a combination of the characteristics of a solid state front end for fast, clean transient response performance with the warmth of a tube circuit on the output stage. With it's built in, patented limiter, this pre may be the best combination of a studio mic pre AND a pre that will capture the unpredictable transients of a live recording.

Aphex 500 USB Rack

The USB 500 is a 4-slot rack that allows you to use your favorite mic preamps as inputs directly to your DAW or use your favorite analog compressors & EQs as hardware inserts in your DAW.  All while monitoring though the pristine monitor section of the USB 500 Rack, that includes Mono and Dim functions along with two high performance, independent headphone amplifiers.

Cartec Compére 500

The Cartec Compére 500 is a 19" rack mounting enclosure with a total of 8 slots. The internal heavy duty power supply provides up to a massive 3 amps per rail, giving users total peace of mind. The Compére 500 also allows users to introduce the front panel input signal to any one of the 8 modules via the front panel 'Aux to input module' rotatory switch.

Lachapell 583e

The LaChapell Model 583E's pre amp section is the warm, melodic character found on the LaChapell 583S. 250V DC power rails are achieved internally for maximum sonic performance! The hi-Z input stage is extremely quiet and warm, perfect for electric guitar or bass. The 3 band parametric EQ is designed to just make everything sound better!

Maag EQ2

The Maag Audio EQ2 is a 2 band EQ that includes AIR BAND®. Based on the original Maag EQ3, the EQ2 gives you a beautiful low-mid EQ plus AIR BAND®. Save a few bucks and get the amazing AIR® for your studio. Incredible for tracking, but you need to try a pair on your stereo buss. Bring smooth high frequency to any music without harshness or phase.

API 500 Series

The brand that created the 500 Series Lunchbox format! Still creating modules that remain faithful to the circuit designs of API’s founder, Saul Walker. Still hand assembled, all products are built to exhibit the reliability, long life, and uniformity which are characteristic of all API products.

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