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Web Video Is Key. 

Video marketing makes a massive difference.

In today’s competitive business world, creativity in web marketing is a critical part of attracting customers or articulating your vision. One method that has moved to the forefront of advertising is video marketing. Sites such as YouTube have become a massively popular platform for research, entertainment and quick searches on nearly any topic and, as a result… we have a new, fertile field for advertising growth. It’s no wonder since YouTube alone attracts 136 million unique viewers every month according to Nielsen. Read on…

The Web Video Is Key blog series has tons of information to help you get started in video marketing.  And if you've already started producing videos, you'll find great tips on how to optimize and fully leverage your investment. 

Why Mobile Video Is On Fire

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The advent of mobile technology has made our media consumption habit much easier to satisfy. And that appetite has now become insatiable. We are media eating monsters. And why not? With the proliferation of mobile devices and relatively inexpensive high speed wireless networks, you can now watch video without being tethered to a couch. No cable box and no need to sit in front of that desktop PC. Using a smartphone or tablet, we can watch a movie while taking a walk, watch a TV show while on an airplane, and you know where many of you like to take your phones and tablets for convenient reading?  Well… the Wall Street Journal can clear that up for you… (anyone have some handy wipes?)   Anyway,  we can and do consume media pretty much anywhere.  You get the point. It’s on fire.

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Corporate Video Taps Into a Trend That is Huge and Still Growing

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Web users around the world are immersing themselves in video content as never before, with providers like Netflix long ago having surpassed a billion video hours served, and streaming video content being responsible for more than 75% of all North American internet traffic. It should come as no surprise that video content is also out-pacing all other types in growth. This should suggest to a company with a message to deliver, that corporate video content is certainly the most effective way to convey it. 

Modern production techniques now allow smaller companies to achieve production quality levels that were reserved only for Fortune 500 companies just a decade ago.  It's astounding what we can do now, even on a modest budget...

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Are your video viewers and web site visitors bored?

Does Your Site Engage Your Visitors?

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Does the content of your website grab viewers’ attention and make them excited about you? Does it whet their appetite with colors, textures and an anticipation for more? Does it make them want to come back or make them want to tell their friends about you?  Consider a sign along the highway… did you know that the average billboard has 5 seconds to grab the attention of a driver whizzing by, clearly convey the intended message and successfully embed itself into the viewer’s memory so they’ll act upon it? Well, the "information highway" isn't that much different, and the competition for mind share is extreme… 

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Interstate - Mercedes Benz

CASE STUDY: 3D Animation for Interstate | Mercedes-Benz

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These Airstream touring coaches are pretty awesome. Airstream wanted us to create something that would show all the standard features that set them apart from the competition. We adapted a script from their copy, created the 3D model and had a blast showing off this great little van. They had the video playing in all their vehicles at the latest dealer show and also supplied dealers with copies so they can play the 3D animation in showrooms across the country… and of course on their website. We have also been getting requests from dealers around the US to use it in TV commercials.

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