Stories of female genital mutilation   
By Meeri Koutaniemi/Echo

winner of the Reportage of the Year 2012 in Finland





There are over 140 million girls and women who have faced female genital mutilation. Female circumcision is a custom to remove parts of girl's genitals because of cultural beliefs or tradition. Female genital cutting has been widely judged as a procedure against human rights and as a serious violation against women's independency of sexuality.
Escaped is a story of young Masai girls living in a shelter home in Kenya. They have run away from their native villages before or after the scheduled circumcision and child marriage. Elisabeth Hkere left her home when she was 9-years old. Her father had sold her to become a wife for a 65-year-old man as an exchange for animals and sugar. Elisabeth found shelter home from rescue center Tasaru where she shared similar past with other Masai girls.



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Every action, every event, both dramatic, violent, spectacular and emotional, leaves behind a trace, influencing the surrounding environment, giving life to new stories, stories of the people who faced the events or went through them.

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