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June 2019

Congratulations to the DOM staff recipients of the UCSF STAR Program Achievement Awards! These awards recognize staff members' significant contributions and/or sustained exceptional performance over time. See the complete list of DOM awardees here.


Jinoos Yazdany was named Chief of the Division of Rheumatology at ZSFG.

Alan Ashworth was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Christine Khuu was named DOM-ZSFG Associate Director of Finance and Administration.


Monica Gandhi, Tracy Minichiello, Don Ng, and Jeff Zimmet (pictured above, left to right) are this year's Department of Medicine Master Clinicians. The Council of Master Clinicians was established to honor members of our faculty distinguished by their commitment to clinical medicine and their superb clinical skills. See the complete list of Master Clinicians here, including former awardees.


Marlene Martin and Ashley McCullen are two of the eight 2019 John A. Watson Scholars and recipients of the Dean's Diversity Fund Award. These awards are designed to support faculty who share the School of Medicine's commitment to diversity and service to underserved or vulnerable populations.


The Cambia Health Foundation provided the UCSF Division of Palliative Medicine a $1.5M endowment to support innovation in palliative care, including an annual symposium.

The Doctors Company launched a $1M collaboration with UCSF (led by Julia Adler-Milstein and Urmimala Sarkar) to improve patient safety using digital tools and data.

William Brown and James Harrison have been named inaugural scholars for the Learning Health Systems (LHS) K12 Career Development Program.

Neda Ratanawongsa has been named Chief Medical Informatics Officer for San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Bob Wachter has been named chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute at the University of Cambridge, England.

Daniel Wheeler has been named SFVA Assistant Program Director for the Medicine Residency program.

Mary Whooley received the 2019 Michael L. Pollack Established Investigator Award from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Susan Wlodarczyk has been named SFVA Inpatient Site Director for the Medicine Residency program.


Each month, we interview a member of the DOM community. Timothy Dyster is an incoming third-year medicine resident. Read his interview to learn how his experiences and research in professional identity formation shaped his own personal identity and transformed his professional life as a young physician.


Residency alum Sanjay Saint recently made a gift to support the Medicine residency. Thanks to his gift, resident Mike Incze (above) presented an oral plenary on “Low-barrier initiation of bupenorphine for treatment of opiate use disorder at homeless encampments” at the Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting.


We are pleased to introduce our 2019-2020 Chief Medical Residents:

First row (pictured left to right): Kathryn Sullivan (ZSFG); Albert Liu (ZSFG); Arielle Klepper (UCSF Health); and Paul Marano (UCSF Health)

Second row: Tyler Mains (ZSFG); Sharmin Shekarchian (VA); Kendra Moore (VA); Max Brondfield (VA); and Anne Montgomery (UCSF Health)

Our chief residents serve as critical teachers, mentors, and program leaders. Please join us in welcoming these superb physicians to this crucial role. 

We sincerely thank our outgoing chiefs – Chloe Ciccariello, Armond Esmaili, Matthew Hickey, Laura Huppert, Timothy Judson, Jennifer Olenik, Ashley McMullen, Jessica Valente, and Evan Walker – for their outstanding leadership of the residency program over this past year.


Congratulations to our staff who have achieved UC Service Milestones! Among them are (pictured left to right): Annamaria Flamburis of UCSF Health Gastroenterology (35 yrs), Mary Dejesus of ZSFG Pulmonary (30 yrs), and Susana Szeto of UCSF Health DGIM (25 yrs). See the full list of awardees here.


On May 23, 2019, the department hosted the 24th Annual Lloyd "Holly" Smith Faculty Awards Dinner at the St. Francis Yacht Club. The dinner is one of the exciting events during our annual Holly Smith Visiting Professorship. Dr. Mary Klotman, Dean of the Duke School of Medicine, was this year's Smith professor.


Mark Anderson was featured in a San Francisco Business Times article discussing his research searching for new ways to control, or even prevent, diabetes.

Douglas Bauer was quoted in a New York Times article discussing treatments for hip fracture patients to prevent future bone loss.

Stanton Glantz was quoted in a U.S. News article about how an investment in reducing smoking could be associated with a reduction in Medicaid costs.

Vanessa Grubbs was interviewed by the National Kidney Foundation in the “Life as a Nephrologist Series” podcast about her book, Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers, a Kidney Doctor's Search for the Perfect Match, and her path to nephrology from primary care.

Pamela Munster was quoted in a New York Times article about how patients should not rely on 23andMe to detect most breast cancer risks.


Annie Luetkemeyer and team: a grant of $7.1M over 5 years from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for a project entitled, “Evaluation of doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis to reduce sexually transmitted infections in PrEP users and HIV-infected men who have sex with men."

David Erle and team: a grant of $6.8M over 7 years from the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute for a project entitled, “Airway epithelial cell gene regulation: New mechanisms and therapeutic strategies.”

Harold Chapman and team: a grant of $2.9M over 5 years from the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute for a project entitled, "LOXL-2 dependent blockade of TGFß1 signaling and lung fibrosis."

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