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Direct Mail Monthly: October 2013
Icons for Direct Mail 3.5.3 and Stamps for iOS 7

Important Updates Arrive for Direct Mail and Stamps!

We've rolled out some important updates for both Direct Mail on OS X and Stamps on iOS. Direct Mail version 3.5.3 introduces a refined user interface for accessing your email campaign reports, template improvements, and support for energy-saving features in the soon-to-be-released OS X 10.9 Mavericks (as well as bug fixes and performance improvements). Learn more

We're really excited about our update to Stamps. This release features a fantastic new icon and a design custom tailored for iOS 7. Under the hood, we've added real-time updating to your email campaign reports. Now you can watch live as subscribers open and interact with your emails. Learn more about the changes in this blog post.

Direct Mail Tip: Adding Contacts to Multiple Groups

One question we are asked frequently is if it is possible for a contact to exist in multiple groups at the same time. It turns out this is pretty easy to do, actually. Simply hold down the option key on your keyboard while dragging your contacts from one group and dropping them onto an additional group. The option key means that the contacts will be copied (or linked) instead of just moved. 

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Holiday Email Campaign Look Book

If you're an online retailer, you know the importance of holiday email campaigns. The volume of holiday email continues to grow year-over-year (up 19% last year), so competition in the inbox can be fierce. The folks at Listrak recently put together 12 tips and 15 examples of successful emails to help you plan your strategy. You can find these tips and examples in their Holiday Email Campaign Look Book (the links to successive page can be hard to find, so look towards the bottom of the page).

How to Stand Out In an Over-Crowded Inbox

Trying to compete for your subscriber's eyeballs in an increasingly crowded inbox can be tough. One tactic that you may not have considered before is using special characters (called “Emoji”) in the subject lines of your emails 😄. We put together a quick blog post on what you should know about how to use (and not use) Emoji in your emails. Check it out!

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