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Video | The New Wave of Advertising 

Video campaigns make a massive difference.

I have to be careful here. Our lawyers may say we have overstepped on this claim- in fact, I feel sure our team of lawyers (if we had one) would strongly caution me to dillute this language, however true, because you won't believe it.  

But I would quickly remind those stuffy suits that our readers are tech-savvy and well educated. I would tell them that most of our readers understand the importance of web video marketing, and likely have a Media Campaign already in place and are executing on that plan as we speak...

But, I still feel compelled to remind you just in case there are a few holdouts among us.  However unlikely, I want to make the case just one more time for those few cautious souls that haven't read this report. I'm sure you'll reconsider once you see the facts. ;)

The Web Video Is Key blog series has tons of information to help you get started in video marketing.  And if you've already started producing videos, you'll find great tips on how to optimize and fully leverage your investment. 

12 Big Reasons You Should Start a Video Marketing Campaign

12 Big Reasons You Should Start A Video Marketing Campaign

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If you need some justification for why you or your company should make the spend for video marketing, here's your list. These data points make a compelling case for why should start using web video.  

Remember 15 years ago when your boss said a web site really isn't that important… boy was he wrong.  Many regretted their slow response to internet marketing, suffering their competition's head start.  Well, unfortunately, some organizations are still dragging their feet when it comes to a solid video marketing strategy.  SEO benefits, branding, community interaction, social media shares, measurable results, mobility. The list goes on and on.  Here are no less than twelve solid data points that make the case for video. 

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

3D Animation Brings Van Gogh Back to Life

Mograaph and 3D Animation Brings Van Gogh Back to Life

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We came across an impressive demonstration of the life a little motion graphaics or 3D animation can breathe into a project… even something as classic as Van Gogh.

Famous for his depictions of haystacks, starry skies, and his own self-portraits, Vincent Van Gogh, hasn't painted a canvas in well over a century. But Luca Agnani, an Italian artist, brought several Van Gogh paintings back to life, with the help of a little of motion graphics and 3D animation.  Watching the child in Van Gogh's famous painting, First Steps, after Millet (1890), actually take those first steps adds a layer of emotion that may not have been there for the average viewer. Simple smoke billowing from the stacks in his Factories at Asnieres Seen from the Quai de Clichy(1887) adds an interactive quality to what is otherwise just a landscape. 

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Web Video Is Key for Great SEO Results

What Factors Influence Web Video Success?

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The recent and ongoing changes in search engine algorithms have made video a key player in page rankings- this much we know. But exactly how video marketing impacts SEO depends on several factors… and the fact is, if your video meets those it will get higher rankings in searches.

Clearly, video is something that any business marketer needs to consider when planning content or developing a marketing strategy. The versatility of video is also a big plus. Videos can be incorporated into websites, used in emails, played at trade shows, and displayed in your office lobby or store. That's lots of bang per buck.

The key factors to having success with video marketing are...

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Quest Diagnostics 3D Explainer Video

CASE STUDY: 3D Explainer Video for Quest Diagnostics

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Quest Diagnostics requested a video from us that would explain the registration process for their new eInvoice tool and demonstrate a few reasons why it would be worth the time to set-up.  We used some simple 3D animation and motion graphics based on the real website to animate the process and direct interested clients to the new site. 

We did everything on this video including adapting the client supplied copy into a script, voiceover, music, motion graphics and 3D animation.

Watch The Video

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