November 2019 Newsletter

Well it’s definitely ‘spooky’ that it's now November and I sent out my last newsletter in February of this year. As I approach my fourth anniversary (in February 2020) I’m happy to say that this year's been another busy one.

I continue to deliver a marvellous mix of evaluation and business development activities. This year has also seen me return to some frontline Social Enterprise delivery with the launch of QL North 

Find out more about QL North

My evaluations continue to be delivered across a very wide spectrum of impact & value-related methodologies and employ very different levels of rigour. I continue to advocate for proportionality with Funders and Commissioners at local and national levels. Small voluntary organisations should simply not be expected to resource & conduct lengthy or expensive evaluations to ‘prove their worth!’ This year I also got to work with the emerging Cumbrian Girls Can movement and have subsequently been asked to sit on the steering group. It’s been fascinating to really explore and research in some depth women’s experiences in Cumbria when it comes to being active 

As always I feel privileged to work with a wide range of clients from old to new - and across lots of different sectors - which all keep my skills honed. With clients from previous years I am able to reflect on their growth and development and new clients keep me on my toes learning about new sectors and services. 

Clients this year have included…


  • Happy Mums
  • Young Cumbria
  • Cumbrian Girls Can
  • iCan Fitness
  • Gaiacene
  • West Cumbria Carers
  • Cumbria Housing Partners
  • Safety Net
  • Forth Engineering
  • Soundwave & Hollr
  • Mahogany Opera
Social Value UK & Inspiring Impact Roadshow 
I continue to work with research and support organisations like Social Value UK and Bath SDR to stay in touch with ever-evolving thought & practice across the field. I’m partnering with Social Value UK to bring the first Inspiring Impact roadshow to Cumbria on the 11th December. This event will be focussed on the needs of our charitable, voluntary and SocEnt sectors - keep an eye on my twitter feed for more info. The flyer is below and you can register for this event via the following link. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there…

As always if you want a ‘no obligation’ chat about any of our services please do just get in touch.

Impact evaluations & statements    Social Return on Investment evaluations    Works related to CSR and building social impact partnerships for businesses    Tailored support around evidence collection, measurement and monitoring of social impact    Advice to organisations and other consultants on different approaches to valuing social impact    Grant applications & grant management    Setting up charities, Trusts and social enterprises (also converting those structures)    Business planning for charities & social enterprises    Supporting Trustees and/or Directors across a range of development needs    Organisational Development Reviews    Brokering and managing informal collaborations & formal partnerships    Support in assessing and improving Governance    Tailored training packages around Social Value    …and a bit of crisis management!
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