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In one month (June 2013) 187 million US web denizens watched 48 billion videos online.  If you aren't including video on your website in some form or fashion, then you're missing out in a big way.  According to CISCO, web video traffic will be an estimated 69% of ALL global consumer web traffic within the next four years. Wow. Dont' miss out. 

The Web Video Is Key blog series has tons of information to help you get started in video marketing.  And if you've already started producing videos, you'll find great tips on how to optimize and fully leverage your investment. 

Video Saves A Drive In Theater

The Saco Drive In - How Video Marketing Saved A Dying Theater

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Video Marketing is a tool used by more and more businesses everyday. One business in particular owes a whole lot to that tool, and their story is a testament to its success when implemented properly. Here's the story of how one drive in movie theater saved itself from extinction through video marketing.

“Marketing through video was more successful than anything else. We tried blogging, advertising the traditional way, but something about video marketing reaches more people than anything else I’ve tried. It’s how I promote all my businesses,” 

-Ry Russell, the owner of The Saco Drive In.

The Saco Drive In movie theater, located in Maine, had already been selling themselves to the public before the contest began and finding unique ways to raise funds beyond asking for donations. At the heart of their efforts was video marketing.

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Video Takes Over the World!!!

Video & The Future of Marketing... Video Takes Over the World

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There is an exceptional explainer video and matching infographic we found over at that makes a clear (and humorous) case for the overwhelming momentum that web video has right now in the marketing world. In fact, it's taking over that world… with mobile video accelarating this world domination there is no end in sight.  Check it out.

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Are your video viewers and web site visitors bored?

Does Your Site Really Engage Visitors?

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Does the content of your website grab viewers’ attention and make them excited about you? Does it whet their appetite with colors, textures and an anticipation for more? Does it make them want to come back or make them want to tell their friends about you?  Consider a sign along the highway… did you know that the average billboard has 5 seconds to grab the attention of a driver whizzing by, clearly convey the intended message and successfully embed itself into the viewer’s memory so they’ll act upon it? Well, the "information highway" isn't that much different, and the competition for mind share is extreme… 

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Football Markets Logo Stinger Reveal video

Sample Work: 3D Logo Stinger/Reveal

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Football Markets wanted to have their own brand in an animated logo stinger that they could use with any of their in-house produced videos. 

These segments are made so that the overall style and brand of an organization gets properly communicated. They can be simple and direct, like this one, or quite complex for more nuanced messages.

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