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Welcome In this issue, in addition to letting you know about fireworks safety, we have information on taking your pet to the National Parks!
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Fireworks safety
Fireworks safety Although the Fourth of July is a fun holiday for people, it can be a nightmare for pets. While most people enjoy the sights and sounds of fireworks, animals don't understand the commotion and can be frightened by the startling, disruptive noises.
When threatened by an unfamiliar experience, such as loud noises, even the calmest most obedient animal is apt to flee or act out of character. Cats may hide when frightened and dogs may try to escape by jumping the fence or digging a hole. Some animals may even experience nausea when confronted with an extremely frightening experience.
Here are some tips to pet owners:

Don't take your pet with you to firework displays.
Prepare a quiet, secure place for pets to spend the evening where they feel safe. Make sure the room is secure and remove any objects that might injure your pet should he/she become startled by the loud noise.

Pets in our National Parks
Pets in our National Parks
In general, pets are permitted but must be restrained either on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length, caged or crated at all times. Park Superintendents and Managers have the discretion to further restrict areas open to pets (i.e., trails, buildings, campgrounds may be off limits).
Restrictions on pets in parks are as much to protect your pet as to protect park resources. Following are some of the reasons parks give for regulating the presence of pets:
When a loose pet chases a squirrel or raccoon, the wild animal's ability to survive is threatened, and when it is threatened, it may react aggressively. 

Featured pet-friendly properties:
Glen Highland Farm
Glen Highland Farm

Cabin or Cottage Complex
Morris NY

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Bed & Breakfast
Stockton NJ

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Littleton CO

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Guest Ranch
Cat Spring TX

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