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Web Video Is Key. 

Video marketing makes a profound difference.

A recent Forrester study showed that a webpage with video was 53 times more likely to gain a page-one position in the SERPs. Additionally, 1 in 3 B2B decision-makers are turning to online video for information. And get this, viewers of videos are 64 percent more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Are you taking advantage of this? Read on

The Web Video Is Key blog series has tons of information to help you get started in video marketing.  And if you've already started producing videos, you'll find great tips on how to optimize and fully leverage your investment. 

Are your video viewers and web site visitors bored?

Does Your Site Engage Your Visitors?

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Does the content of your website grab viewers’ attention and make them excited about you? Does it whet their appetite with colors, textures and an anticipation for more? Does it make them want to come back or make them want to tell their friends about you?  Consider a sign along the highway… did you know that the average billboard has 5 seconds to grab the attention of a driver whizzing by, clearly convey the intended message and successfully embed itself into the viewer’s memory so they’ll act upon it? Well, the "information highway" isn't that much different, and the competition for mind share is extreme… 

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Corporate training & safety videos.

Corporate Traing & Safety Videos Pay Dividends

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True story. An employee is walking along, arms a little too full, and slips…on a pinecone. No, nothing so glamorous as an extension cord, or, say, a boulder. No, a pinecone. As a result, a year later he’s undergoing major back surgery and collecting piles of Worker’s Compensation.

The potentials for an accident are everywhere. Whether falls, fires, equipment failure, toxic spills, or pinecones, every business is rife with areas in which employees can be harmed. And accidents do happen, that’s why they’re called accidents. However, studies have shown that many of these are preventable through the use of an effective safety education program. 

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3D Animation Actually Increases Viewer Retention

3D Animation Actually Increases Viewer Retention!

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If you're still one of the skeptics wondering how video marketing impacts SEO, you'll be amazed at this data point: Last year during the month of January, there were about 40 billion videos watched online in the United States. When you break that down further, that means the average person watches about four videos a day online. Web video is powerful, and it dramatically improves your website search rankings. But how?

Part of Google’s ever-changing algorithms revolve around social signals. What happens when you see a cool video? You share it on Facebook. You Tweet it to your Twitter followers. You want to get the word out to as many people as you possibly can. Right?

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Part of the Web Video Is Key Blog Series

Football Markets Promo Video

CASE STUDY: An Explainer Video for Football Markets

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Football Markets was preparing to launch a unique new web site for fantasy football enthusiasts and they needed a way to highlight their unique approach to awarding player points. You see, their fantasy league didn't just award points for players with great performance on the field,  they also focused on player’s off field performance. So they would get positive points for things like charitable giving, working with non-profits… ummm, and deductions for things like getting arrested or thrown in jail. Yeah.  Players really liked the system because it helped to amplify their platform for great causes they were trying to promote. 

We created this short explainer video to clarify the way the league highlights player activity off the field as well as performance on the field.

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