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17th May 2016
The Future of Learning What is the purpose of school and the role of EdTech? In schooling systems that are subject and test driven are teachers redundant or something more. What is it that we value? Read More
I am a Virus - my name is Innovation
Few organisations claim to want less innovation, less creativity or fewer ideas, yet their internal processes are designed like an immune system that kills innovation like a virus.
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Purpose Beyond Profit An organisation’s purpose shouldn’t be confused with its mission or, for that matter, its vision. A mission is what it does. A vision is what it would like to be. A purpose is why it does it. Read More
Learners Voice: are we really listening?
"Everyone thinks that we are just children who don’t understand what we are doing. If we raise a question which cannot be answered, people dismiss it." student, age 13.
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Disrupt Assessment The purpose of school is dictated by assessment methods. If it was the other way around how would we do things differently in our teaching practices and how would we design our schooling provision? Read More
Social Philanthropy
Structured legally and financially to last forever “big philanthropy” is getting bigger but with fewer players. As a vital catalyst for social health could philanthropy undermine democracy?.
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Generation Z The Gen Z Project is a qualitative study into an extraordinary new generation (those born after 1995).They are using the proliferation of affordable online platforms to make their own opportunities. Read More
Education, Education, Mental Health
There is a crisis affecting children and young people’s mental health in England, with three children in every classroom experiencing a clinically diagnosable condition.
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Trads Will Eat Themselves Everything that can be measured will be automated. The data-driven approach of educations traditionalists is most suited to automation and Silicon Valley has it covered. Read More
Death by Social Media
Official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs and Instagram. What could possibly go wrong? 
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Strange Tales III - Free Event This Thursday evening in London - free social and professional networking event with refreshments and a few talks - what's not to like?
Graham Brown-Martin
“an engaging, witty & most importantly prescient speaker with an uncanny ability to weave observations about the past & present into inspiring & thoughtful insights we all must consider as we collectively shape the future.”  
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