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The Revolution - #MEGA
12th November 2016
The Revolution
Make Education Great Again
Make Education Great Again #MEGA What can education learn from Brexit & Trump?
In a world of automation and artificial intelligence the future of work is uncertain. In creating a new status quo shouldn’t our citizens be adequately equipped?.  Read More
The truth will set you free - #EdTech
EdTech should be about transformative experiences & tools for discovery rather than a delivery system for test oriented content. With more money being invested in EdTech than ever surely we can think differently and redefine the notion of school?Read More
The truth will set you free
Who Controls Our Schools
Who controls our schools? Many people today view our schools as a target for private enterprise instead of a valued public good under the control of democratic governance. 
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The best thing since sliced bread?
What are we fermenting? The history of bread & why it’s a good metaphor for public education. Approaching education as an industrial science ignores the artisan nature of teaching and the playful nature of learning. Read More
The best thing since sliced bread?
High School Reimagined
High School Reimagined
What If High School Were More Like Kindergarten? Rules aren’t everything and that sometimes people should receive points for trying something new, for breaking the rules, and for engaging in playful curiosity. Read More
Raising free-range kids
Let Kids Play! A Silicon Valley dad decided to test his theories about parenting by turning his yard into a playground where children can take physical risks without supervision. Not all of his neighbours were thrilled. Read More
Raising free-range kids
play:ground NYC 
Playful learning. Play:ground NYC is a non-for-profit Adventure playground that operates in New York's, Governors Island since 2016 and that advocates for access to space for free play. 
Phenomenon Based Learning - Finland
So, what are the phenomenal Finns up to now? They’ve introduced ‘phenomenon based learning’ & frankly, we should have seen it coming! But we didn’t, because we were too busy flicking rubbers, twanging rulers, choking on Brexit & wondering how the hell to pronounce ‘Hygge’..Read More
Phenomenon Based Learning - Finland
PEOPLE 4 ART Let’s start a creativity revolution. From the heart and mind of Nick Corsten (STEAM Co) comes a call to arms and action to protect and promote the arts in schools Read More
If Trump designed a classroom...
Would it be a room? From a talk given in 2012 we look at school design through the lenses of designers, industrialists and politicians where we ask what is school for? .Watch
If Trump designed a classroom
Uganda closes Bridge schools
Uganda closes Bridge schools - BBC Uganda's High Court has ordered the closure of a chain of private schools over concerns about poor sanitation and its curriculum. Pearson backed Bridge says it offers affordable, high-quality education to its 12,000 pupils .Read More
Profiting from the Poor - Kenya
The case of Bridge International Academies in Kenya. According to this film by Education International pupils are not really learning and teachers are not really teaching at Bridge International Academies in Kenya. Watch
Profiting from the Poor - Kenya
TV & Public Speaking Showreel
Television & Public Speaking Showreel Speaking on innovation, leadership, EdTech, society, artificial intelligence and education. A catalyst for new ideas that help leaders and their organisations innovate collaboratively and take transformational action to solve complex challenges. Watch
Short Films - Global Education
28 short films about global learning, teaching and education created as part of the Learning {Re}imagined transmedia project.
Short Films - Global Education
The Revolution
The Revolution Back Issues A fortnightly newsletter about transformation in education and society curated by Graham Brown-Martin. Stay on the frontline and get The Revolution in your inbox every fortnight. No Spam. 
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