Production Type

Pavane x Production Type collaboration sweatshirt

The parisian brands Pavane & Production Type have teamed up to design this sweatshirt with the best materials and the best typeface: Stratos. Limited edition! 

Pavane x Production Type   
Pavane x Production Type

The Pavane x Production collaboration sweatshirt is 100% designed and made in France. LAUNCH PARTY on June 9th in a secret Parisian hotel. Come celebrate with us! Request your invitation by replying to this message.

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In other news

D&AD awards: coup double for Production Type

Both LibéSans and the Production Type specimens collection were awarded a pencil at D&AD’s 2016 ceremony.

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Our upcoming typeface Boreal is available as pre-order. Get the best deal before its general release.

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Typographics NYC

Join us this June at Typographics NYC! For $50 off a ticket, use our promo code PROD2016 at

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