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The reality of life

Your Argyle Financial Bulletin for June 2017

Dear Client,

Unexpected events

We are all aware of the complex, often unexpected and tragic events which continue to impact on our lives. In fact, it frequently seems that we hardly have the time to properly process one event and get some sense of proportion, before something else occurs to saturate our screens and airwaves. 

Since Brexit and the election of President Trump there has been ongoing media debate about what actually constitutes truth in the modern world. However, for those directly caught-up in recent domestic and terrorist events their experience has been a dreadful reality. 

Remaining optimistic

Doom and gloom

In the ‘business world' there now appears to be an almost complete disconnect or non-correlation between politics and economics. 

Of course, we will always witness some immediate volatility whenever markets react to events, but very quickly things seem to revert to ‘normal' and we are able to continue enjoying an apparent revival of economic growth occurring across the globe.

We all know that good news seldom sells newspapers, but the incessant diet of impending doom and gloom is at stark contrast with the reality of life for many people.

Notwithstanding the drama of Brexit (and the future of our Prime Minister) we remain optimistic at Argyle and actually look forward to the emergence of a positive, new relationship with our European neighbours, post-negotiations.

Jeremy Bowen memoirs on Radio 4

Jeremy Bowen

You will recall we occasionally like to share things which have given us personal enjoyment and we feel the daily broadcast memoirs of Jeremy Bowen (BBC Middle East correspondent) is rather special. 

It comprises a series of 25 segments… each a daily 15 minute broadcast at 1.45pm on R4… also available on the BBC iPlayer. 

Jeremy provides fascinating personal insights into the politics of the Middle East throughout his long career, which we heartily recommend.

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Phil Melville & Jean MacIntyre

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