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NUMBER 13, 2015
From the Headmaster

I am looking forward very much to the Graduation Dinner which is to be held this evening at Homebush.  This is always an excellent evening at which we celebrate the HSC Cohort and all their successes.  Apart from Speech and Awards Night this will be the last time we will see these young men and women as students of the School.  This evening they will receive a welcome note from the Alumni Association as they transition from students into Alumni.  I am very much looking forward to their HSC results and later hearing of their university offers.  In the last Bulletin I mentioned that over 40% of the students had already received a university early offer.  That was from just one of the universities, the University of Wollongong.  Since then, there have been further offers from other universities and even more of our students have been offered wonderful educational opportunities next year.

On Wednesday the School was able to commemorate Remembrance Day in a number of simple but reflective assemblies.  It is wonderful to see how the students were able to recognise the significance of such an event in the history of our nation and pause to reflect on the sacrifices of so many.   

I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating the students in Years 5 to 6 for their performances at the String and Band Night on Monday.  It is wonderful to see the progression of skill and development of talent that takes place over the years in the Curriculum Music Programme.  Nights like the recent Annual Benefit Concert also allow a wide range of ensembles to perform and such a night exemplifies the success of the programme as we see our youngest performers transform into accomplished musicians.  Well done to one and all.

David Nockles

From The Deputy Headmaster

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.’ – Warren Buffet

All parents have a pretty good idea about the price they are paying for their children’s education.  For me it’s roughly the same amount as the new kitchen my wife has wanted for the last five years.  In other words the price is not insubstantial to our family and like most Macarthur families sacrifices need to be made elsewhere to make a Macarthur education possible.

So why do I and so many other parents make this choice year after year in place of new kitchens, overseas holidays and the like?  The answer can be summed up in one word.  Value.

  • I value a Christian education where the learning instills the ethic of love and service to others.
  • I value an education that raises the bar of expectations on students in contrast to the accepted mediocrity that is a feature of so many schools – public and private.
  • I value having my children taught by relational teachers who care pastorally for my children and who are accountable for what they do.
  • I value the opportunities my children get, like the Duke of Edinburgh Award or the Snow Sports Programme, that I am too busy and ill-equipped to provide.
  • I value the friendships my children have with children from like-minded families who are aspirational for their children.

I could go on and on as I see value everywhere.

However, I wonder if all families see the value as I do?  Sometimes I need to push my kids into trying things or persevering with them.  It took some convincing to get child no. 1 to continue with Duke of Edinburgh after the Bronze hike.  Now, at the end of Silver, she is hooked.  It was an agony pushing child no. 2 to press on with the ‘boring musical practices’.  At the end of the last performance he could not wait until musical season came around to audition again.

Sometimes I request a staff member’s help in encouraging my child to have a go in a programme or activity.  This is not simply the prerogative of the Deputy.  You can do this too.  Teachers are always encouraging students to participate in school life generally.  If you think a word from a particular teacher would make the difference required, why not enlist their help?

Sometimes, I take my children to events where they are merely the observers of others participating in the life of the School.  This has the dual effect of encouraging others in their participation and hopefully kindling an interest in my child.  In other words, to get the value I seek, it takes some participation and effort on my part as a parent.

To that end I would like to encourage all parents to attend our Speech and Awards Night on Tuesday 8 December.  This night is a wonderful showcase of the great variety of student events and programmes that make up the life of our school.  While this event takes some effort for families to attend, I trust it will give you a sense of value for the money you pay.

 Andrew Kokic


From the Dean of Students

Macarthur Anglican School Speech and Awards Night will be held on Tuesday 8 December 2015 at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our school to demonstrate the vast array of opportunities students at Macarthur enjoy and to celebrate achievements accomplished throughout 2015.  It is compulsory that all students in Year 5-12 attend accompanied by their parents.

Details for the Transportation of Students 

Students may be an award winner and/or involved in one or more of the many performance groups or technical support teams and will be required to attend the venue early to rehearse and prepare for the Awards Ceremony.  Two bus departures have been arranged:

12.30pm bus – All music groups except Drum Corp and Middle School Swing Band

4.30pm bus – School Prefects, Award Recipients, Drum Corp, Middle School Swing Band

Transport to the venue will be by coach, the cost of which is met from the service charge levied by the school.  Alternatively, the students that would depart on the 4.30pm bus may be transported to the venue if you prefer.  However, it is essential that those students are at the venue by 6.00pm.  No return transport will be provided.  Students must remain at the venue at all times.  At the conclusion of Speech Night parents are responsible for transport home from the venue.

Dress Requirements

Dress requirements for all students are full School uniform.  Boys are to wear Winter uniform with their blazers and girls are to wear Summer uniform with their blazers.  (Please note girls do not require black stockings for this performance event.)

Students should bring food and drink for afternoon tea and dinner.  There will also be an opportunity for them to purchase food and light refreshments at the venue.  Students will be supervised by staff at the venue throughout the afternoon.

Roll Marking

All award winners are to report to Mr Paul Morgan or Mr Adrian Kruse at 6.00pm who will be located between the Hall of Legends and the Auditorium entry.  Prefects should report to Mr Joly Hordern on their arrival.  Importantly, any student who has not had their name marked off by 6.30pm will not be called for their award.

This is an exceptional evening and one in which staff, parents and students combine to celebrate the culmination of a years activity in the life of the School.  I look forward to this enjoying this occasion with you and your family.

Timothy Cartwright

From the Chaplain

Toys’n’Tucker Campaign

The Macarthur Toys’n’Tucker campaign has got off to a great start but we can still contribute so much more.  Keep the food that lasts and new toys coming  – so many in our own community of the Sydney region will benefit.  The campaign finishes at the end of Week 8.

Last week I took three of our students on an ‘eye opening’ visit to the Anglicare warehouse in Villawood.

Here is a report from one of them:

 “On Thursday the 5th of November three students, Caitlin Sendt (Year 9) , Joseph Hartono  (Year 11) and I had the privilege to go to the newly launched Toys'n'Tucker warehouse in Villawood with  Reverend Hayman.  Toys’n’Tucker is an appeal run by Anglicare which Macarthur Anglican School has a big role in supporting, through bringing non-perishable foods and toys/gift cards.  The scale and sheer size of the warehouse was extraordinary as was the large variety of goods that had been collected.  We also met some of the passionate staff, who directly impact the lives of so many.  Most  if not all the staff we met had worked with Anglicare for over 15 years and were still loving their job as much as they did the first day.

It was a real honour to meet everyone at the launch and it really made all four of us aware of the impact Anglicare has on many peoples life's and why it is vital we assist them, both individually and as a school!"

Matilda Offord - Year 11

Looking for Holiday activities? – Cru camps offer a huge variety of well run, safe and very engaging residential and day camps for children of all ages  (K-12) – go to  for more details.  Crusaders is a Christian children and youth organisation who partner with us in many of our voluntary groups at school.  A number of our students are already involved in these camps.  Jasmine Brooker recently shared her testimony at a large Cru breakfast for business people.

David Hayman


Parents and Friends

The Gingerbread Workshop will be held next Wednesday.  Those attending need to remember to bring lollies, chocolates etc to decorate their house.  The event will be held in the School Cafeteria and will commence at 7.00pm.  Those people who have ordered the kits to build in their own time can collect their kits from my office from next Monday onward.  Final collection date will be Monday 23 November.

Don’t forget to order your hams!  Community partner, Kaczanowski & Co will be providing the hams for us again this year.  Thank you Leanne for co-ordinating this.  The last date for ordering will be Monday 14 December.  See the flyer for more information.


At Macarthur we like to recognise and thank our volunteers.  If you have volunteered this year please join us on Thursday 26 November and allow us to show you our appreciation.  This event will be held in the Cranmer Room and will commence at 10.30am.  For catering purposes please RSVP via Try Booking.

The School community will be providing a bus service to Speech and Awards Night again this year.  A letter with information will be emailed to you all next week.  Bookings will be via Try Booking.  We will be providing one bus so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Bookings for this service will close on Tuesday 1 December.

The Annual Benefit Concert was held on Friday 30 October.  It was a delight to attend this fundraising event.  All funds raised were directed to local charity African AIDS Foundation.  Dr John Schwarz, AAF representative, spoke at the beginning of the evening giving insight into some of the projects the foundation raises funds for.  It was an opportunity to showcase the amazing musical talents of our students.  Families from our school community united with members from our wider Macarthur community to enjoy the evening.  The funds raisied this year far exceeded previous years.  $2,860 was presented to the Foundation at the evening’s completion.

For more information regarding anything community please contact Sharon Pascoe-Thomas



Uniform Shop Hours During School Vacation

Monday 7 December will be the last day the Uniform Shop will be opened in 2015.

It will re-open on Monday 11 January 2016 as follows:

Monday 11 January, Wednesday 13 January, Thursday 14 January, Monday 18 January, Wednesday 20 January and Thursday 21 January the shop will be opened 9.00am to 3.00pm each day.

Monday 25 January, Wednesday 27 January, Thursday 28 January and Friday 29 January the shop will be opened from 8.15am to 3.00pm each day.

Sue McKell - Uniforms Consultant

Year 11 and All My Own Work

All Year 11 students have had sessions in the library with Mrs Low to cover the issues raised in All My Own Work.  A number of students had passed the test by 6 November, which is praiseworthy.  All students must have completed the test, for which the pass mark is 80%, under Mrs Low’s direct supervision by 13 November.  Those who have not done so will be required to do the test after school on a date nominated by Mrs Low.  Allowance will be made for students who have been on work experience or overseas.

Parents are reminded that completion of the course is a BOSTES requirement for entry into Year 11.

Questions may be directed to Mrs Low

News from Hungary

Olivia Locke and Ciara Platt of Year 11 are on exchange at Lévay Jószef Református Gimnázium, our sister school in Miskolc.  They have been in Hungary for six weeks and have quickly settled in to life in the boarding school and classes.  They are busily preparing for the annual campaign which is a competition between the classes.

Olivia writes,  “We went to Eger and a water park.  Eger was beautiful, saw a castle, two huge, beautiful churches and the town square.  After that Ciara and I also went to Zumba with Erik’s mum and younger brother.  (Erik was one of the Hungarian students who was on exchange at Macarthur earlier this year).  We really enjoyed that!  The next day (Saturday) we went to a massive water park!!  It was so much fun, everyone had a great day!!  This morning I am at school doing dance rehearsals for the campaign and then back to the dorm on Sunday to start school again on Monday.”

Ciara writes, “ Everyone is really nice at the dorm, host family and school.  I especially like my host mum, she is lovely.  I am slowly learning the language as it is particularly hard but getting easier every day.  We have been attending intensive Hungarian lessons.”

We look forward to hearing about Olivia and Ciara’s adventures and their progress while they are in Hungary.

Annette Fitzgerald - Hungarian Exchange Co-ordinator


From the Head of Junior School

Orientation Day

A great number of students joined us last Friday 6 November for the T-6 Orientation Day.  Our new students for 2016 had an enjoyable day, buddying up with our current students who made them feel very welcome.  Some of the students had such a wonderful day that they asked if they could start on Monday!

Additional UNSW English Competition Winner

Jonah Williams, Year 3  Distinction

Amazing Talent in Year 3

Year 3 have been working extremely hard on writing their own poetry using descriptive language, metaphors, similies and many more techniques.  Read these poems and I guarantee they will leave you wanting more!  These poems are the result of about three weeks of writing. Students are learning to craft and re-craft their work.


Enchanted lights

That glitter up the forest

Dancing around the trees


An old hollowed-out tree

That lays beside

A sapphire-blue flowing stream


I’m still wondering

How I got here

Am I just dreaming

Or is it real?


There are more mysteries in the world

And waiting adventures

But the adventure that Im seeking

Is in my book


I feel like I can drift away

In the calming light of the fire

And the warm wind blowing against my hair

“Good night”.

Paige Prpic


The blush pink sky surrounded me

As I soared through it 

With my cardinal coloured mat

I glided past a pillar


The breeze was icy cold

It reached my face with an almost physical touch

But the sun was still out

Shining over the magnificent land


I reached out to touch a puff of cloud

It felt like a soft pillow

I saw all of the birds go to bed 

All that surrounded me was darkness

I was all alone flying in the night sky


I felt sorrowful and deserted

The warm air suddenly turned cold 

My heart froze.

Nellie Jansen

Find Your Place at Macarthur  in the Chess Club!

Over the past twelve months the Junior Chess Club has seen steady growth, attracting students who want to discover the enjoyment experienced by this game.  The word is spreading.  ‘You’ll never, ever know until you’re willing to give it a go.’  You don’t have to be a master of the game.  You simply need to be willing to learn something new and in the process have some fun.

Recently students in Years 3 to 6 from our chess club represented the School at a one day chess tournament held at Campbelltown Catholic Club.  The tournament was run by the NSW Junior Chess League.  We entered eight teams, an increase from the six teams last year.  There were teams from schools from all over the Macarthur district.  In total there were 66 teams playing on the day.  Each team consisted of three players.

Our students did exceedingly well, with three teams placed in the top 30 on the day.  The Macarthur A team, consisting of Year 5 students Peter Cruz, Joshua Ferguson and Luke Stewart, were congratulated on their fine effort.  They were ranked within the top 10, demonstrating that we have a team to look out for in 2016.  From a school perspective, there were some personal achievements to note. Luke Stewart, Year 5, won 6 out of 7 games (earning 6/7 points), followed by Rowan Hey, Year 5, who won 5 games and had a stalemate on another (earning 5.5/7 points).  The students coped really well with seven intense, yet fun, 25 minute games.  Learning to win and lose gracefully, to never underestimate an opponent and don’t be led down the path of a four move checkmate were just some of the lessons learnt through this experience.  It was nice for our students to see some familiar faces from previous competitions, meet students who are coming to Macarthur in 2016 and talk about their aspirations in joining our high school teams in the future.

So, if you’ve never played a game of chess before, my advice is to give it a go.  It’s never too late to try something new and who knows, you too might discover the joys of this very popular game.

Mrs Hey - Chess Co-ordinator





Kindergarten and Transition Science Fun Day

Kindergarten and Transition had a wonderful afternoon experimenting and learning about how things move.  Forty students and eight activities - potentially 320 science experiments and models, under the guidance of twelve amazing parents.  What a treat for the youngest scientists in our school!

We had balloon rockets, cartesian divers, balloon hovercraft, paper aeroplanes, helicopters, rocking horses, sailing boats and bows and arrows.  Who can imagine what they may design or discover in twenty years time!

Mrs Pleskun, Mrs Hey and Mrs Morse





Year One have been struck by ‘Potter’ fever! This term we have been exploring the delightful, literary world created by Beatrix Potter. The mischievous Peter Rabbit has endeared us all along with those two bad mice, Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb. We were charmed by the beautiful, yet naïve, Jemima Puddle-Duck as she escaped the clutches of the Sandy Whiskered Gentleman. We giggled at the trouble Tom Kitten and his sisters got themselves into losing their pinafores and bonnets. The animal characters and the strife they encounter make reading time a treasured experience each day. The students also enjoy hearing the ‘old fashioned’ language Potter uses in her writing and it has gone along way to inspire us in our own creative writing.

Mrs Cowper and Mrs Abdoo


Recycling in Year 2

Early this term Year 2 students did a rubbish audit at school. The first part of the audit involved collecting recess as well as lunch rubbish and sorting it to determine how much rubbish we contribute on a daily basis.  Students had to accept the fact that we are all responsible for contributing to landfill.  We then went on a school wide tour to determine if we, as a school, do enough to minimise our contribution to landfill. The next step was to look at ways we could recycle our rubbish and dispose of it responsibly. Look at what the children created with the rubbish they collected.

Mrs Stassen & Mr Langley




What’s New in the Junior School Canteen

We now have new Streets Frozen Yoghurt Paddle Pops which sell for $1.80.  Rainbow and Chocolate Paddle Pops are $1.50.  Another brand new product are the Gluten Free Twisted Frozen Yoghurt in a cup which are either chocolate/vanilla or strawberry vanilla.  These sell for $2.00 and are a great treat for our students who have a gluten allergy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who have helped in the Canteen during the year.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe holiday.

Marilyn Rowe - Junior School Canteen Supervisor


From the Head of Middle School

Middle School Meeting

The Middle School Years 5–9 were able to meet for the first time on Monday 26 October and it was wonderful to have teachers and students of these grades together.  We were able to highlight the significance of this age in their development.  Particularly in terms of their ability and academic potential.  Matilda Offord (Year 11) spoke to them about her Socrates project and research that she undertook earlier this year on their brain and learning styles.

We were able to set a platform for these meetings in which we can recognise the achievements of students in the Middle School.  We will focus on aspects of academics and pastoral needs that relate directly to children of this age group.  It also provides and opportunity to hear from other teachers and students as they share their experiences or wisdom.

Our next meeting on Monday 30 November will provide me an opportunity to thank the Middle School Student Leaders and Year 6 Leaders for their effort and involvement through the year.  We will also introduce the House Captains to those students in their house groups and provide an opportunity for the students to become familiar with some of the faces from students in Year 5 and 6.

Year 4 to Year 6 String and Band Recital

Parents, students and staff were able to witness the abilities and talents of the students that were on show at the recent Year 4 to 6 String and Band Recital evening on Monday evening 9 November.  It was clear that the students and their teachers have been working hard through the year and their performance highlighted this as they worked together to create beautiful music.

Remembrance Day

Years 3 to 6 were able to stop for a moment on Wednesday 11 November in recognition of the sacrifices of those who fought for things in which they believed.  The student leaders helped the Head of Junior School and Middle School lead this service as we remembered with thanks the great sacrifices of those who fought for the things in which they believed.  Be determined to work for peace in the future, that war may become a part of history and not the expectation of the future.

Year 10 Harbour Cruise

Thursday 5 November was an opportunity for our Year 10 Students to recognise the milestone and change as they move out of Middle School and into the Senior School.  Mr Bedingfield, Mrs Fitzgerald, two Pprefects and myself were able to share with the students in the event and talked to the students reflecting on where they have come from and what lies ahead.

Neil Davies