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Your Argyle Financial Bulletin for November 2017

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Last month we featured a new development in medical technology which dramatically improves the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes.

So, just a few days ago we were surprised and not a little pleased to see an article in The Times which pictured our Prime Minister actually wearing and using this amazing device.

Investing for the long term


In the midst of the somewhat confusing array of political and economic events that surround us on a daily basis, investing your money can (occasionally) seem akin to playing the odds with Bet Fred and it is a comforting to remind ourselves that, behind the media noise, your investments are also being utilised to improve lives in many ways.

Investing money in the future prospects of businesses and governments will by definition involve risk, but as markets generally reflect events which are largely unconnected, their impact on the daily pricing fluctuations within your portfolio can make it easy to misunderstand where the real underlying risks actually lie.

Essentially, over the long term an investment in the right businesses will survive and prosper despite the price 'buffeting' it receives at the hands of largely unrelated political events.

This week's Budget offered little to improve stability within our daily lives and we will continue to experience regular volatility as a result of Brexit and the more recent developments in Germany regarding the future of Mrs. Merkel.

Media continues to report the demands being made of us the by the EU when perhaps a little more reflection on the tribulations of other EU countries can actually throw a more positive light on the wider situation.

Quentin Letts book

Quentin Letts book

We occasionally like to share our thoughts with you about particular books that we have discovered and right now we are reading a rather challenging book by Quentin Letts, who writes in The Times.

It’s called Patronising Bastards - How the Elite Betrayed Britain and it expresses a very particular view on life which might best be described as being of the Marmite variety... you will either love or hate it!!! 

Nonetheless, it paints a fascinating picture of one individual’s view of modern day Britain.

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