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Your Argyle Financial Bulletin for October 2017

Dear Client,

How investment brings about future changes.

Earlier this month we were in Edinburgh visiting three fund manager groups to discuss their views on current events and thoughts for the future. Over two days we sat through a dozen presentations which, although interesting, were also quite hard work.

In the main we were provided with a lot of statistical information but, on three particular occasions, the managers in question gave us some fascinating insights into how some of your money is invested to actually help in bringing about changes in the way we live... which we would like to share.

Advances in diabetes treatments

We are living longer and medical science makes amazing progress in dealing with ailments that were previously life threatening or debilitating. The most challenging threat to the nation’s health service comes from diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, which are heading towards epidemic scale.

Now versus Then

Type 2 diabetes is strongly linked to ‘over consumption' and although there are many ways in which it can be helped, it remains primarily an individual’s problem requiring an individual’s solution.

However, Type 1 is a ‘natural problem' for those who suffer and these are the people who generally have to endure a tedious, daily process... to determine and treat their glucose malfunction.

A new piece of technology is being introduced for Type 1 sufferers which not only transforms their lives, but is also set to save our health services many, many millions of pounds!

A small plastic container (hardly larger than a 50p piece, with protruding micro needles) can be filled with the relevant medication and then attached to the body, wherever most comfortable. This amazing device actually monitors glucose levels and via the micro needles will then deliver the exact solution required over several days.

This will ultimately eliminate the need for self-injection and provide clinicians with a far more accurate picture of the patient’s glucose deficiency. Research is also ongoing to apply this same technology to a number of other debilitating conditions.

Amazon and pricing

We all know of Amazon... but did you how they are driving down costs in many areas of our lives? One example given to illustrate this fact is that building suppliers and motor parts distributors apparently have several price levels for a single product, as they serve national builders, main dealers, local tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts… and their profitability is therefore based on different margins for different customers.

When Amazon appeared, quoting the lowest available price to everyone, this forced overall profit margin down. Clearly this is disruptive to pre-existing business models, but it also brings about efficiencies which benefit all consumers.

Fleet operators and the electric car

Electric cars

We also enjoyed an insight into the future of electric cars and how established manufacturers are having to ‘control' the pace at which they allow us to move away from the internal combustion engine.

We all know about the issues around diesel fumes and plans within our cities to curb the use of diesel vehicles. However, when looking a little deeper, we discovered that not only are residual values of diesel vehicles falling very quickly, but that the manufacturers themselves have also become vast fleet operators of these types of vehicle, using various different leasing agreements.

Calculating how to extricate themselves from this position (owning a vast fleet that is rapidly falling in value) is a major problem for the industry… which the introduction of electric cars is only serving to exacerbate.

Clearly, the enormous infrastructure required for the internal combustion age cannot be cast aside overnight in favour of the differing needs of the electric era... but, as we have seen in many areas of new technology, the genie can virtually never be forced back into the bottle.

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Phil Melville & Jean MacIntyre

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