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MARCH 2017

Autumn is already upon us, and the year is off to a busy and productive start. 

The Best Practice Network OPEX National Summit was held in Sydney last month and saw a collection of over 100 delegates, from a mix of 45 different organisations come together across all states for an energising, positive and insightful day.

Rick Terpstra, CSR Way Manager was the worthy recipient of the 2017 Best Practice Networker Award, which was presented to  Rick at the Summit. 

Congratulations also goes out to Best Practice Member David Stannard for launching his new leadership book at the Summit “It’s Not About the Dirt”.

We have a range of great events coming, so check out our Victorian program and book in early. 

Read on for full details and reports on our activities to date and those still to come.

See you at the next event! 

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Best Practice Network National Events

Speed Networking at the 2017 OPEX Summit, NSW 

19/04/2017                   BlueScope - People and Mobile Equipment Separation - QLD
Welcome to our Newest Members!

Laminex - Practical Problem Solving - QLD - 27/2/17



“ I thoroughly enjoyed the days group session at Laminex where everyone’s input was positive and you could take something from others experiences. Have to commend the Laminex team for their openness when they took us for a tour of their plant which was a highlight for me around people interaction and engagement. It was also good to share what we had from a problem solving tool and get positive feedback as well. A key take away and learning came from a better understanding of existing tools we have in place that can be utilised with our Team Leadership group looking ahead” 

Salu Palelei I Shift Supervisor - Orrcon Steel

4P OPEX National Summit - NSW - 22/2/17


“A short note to say how much I enjoyed the 2017 Best Practice Network Summit. The quality and quantity of the talks easily justified a day out of the office."
Neil Shaddock, Resmed

The 2018 Best Practice Network National Summit, will be held on the Sunshine Coast, QLD on 23 February 2018.

Now open for registrations.



Our recent National OPEX Summit held in Sydney on the 22 February 2017, provided a networking atmosphere where you could learn from successful Australian transformational leaders. Helping you find the right combination of culture, systems and tools to improve your business results. Delegates came along to help change the way their team  thinks about continuous improvement and people engagement. 

"The OPEX National Summit has given me a renewed appetite to start developing some very clear/simple KPIs for my team to help engage and refocus their attention on what is important to ensure our growth and competitiveness in the industry. The speakers were all incredibly engaging in their own way and every single topic was relatable to some level for our business. I left with a  sense of optimism for the future of manufacturing in Australia.” 

Vanessa Lopez, BlueScope

Astra Zeneca - Future of Global Supply Chains - NSW 17/2/17



"Just a brief note of thanks on the event at AstraZeneca. It was very professional, interesting and informative. I believe we have a lot of synergies as our business model is based mainly on reimbursement, where we also generally don’t know the end customer and our organisational cultures are also very alike in terms of employee empowerment."

Kevin Fitzgerald Director New product Introduction - ResMed


We heard brief, distilled advice from six experts in lean leadership, including Anna Reid from Asahi.  This was followed by intensive small group discussions on practical topics such as how to develop new lean leaders, best ways to engage slow adopters, leadership over shifts, and many other real-world topics. In between the formal sessions and a detailed site tour, it was great to hear the networking between lean leaders with decades of experience and those with just months. Manufacturing in Victoria is alive and well."

Neil Hooke 

Best Practice Networker Award 2017 - Rick Terpstra CSR!

Congratulations Rick Terpstra, CSR Way Manager, who was the recipient of the 2017 “Best Practice Networker Award” presented to him at the successful OPEX National Summit in NSW on Wednesday 22nd February. Rick was the well deserved recipient of the award, in recognition of his long term contribution to the manufacturing industry and his outstanding service in networking and promoting excellence within the business community.


Countdown - One Day Project Management Workshop 


Register NOW to book into one of the upcoming Countdown Programs in your state. 

State  Date 

NSW  6 June & 3 October 2017

WA     8 August 2017

QLD   2 May & 7 September 2017

VIC    30 May & 2 November 2017



"To deliver the full extent of the improvements we are after in each one of our factories, we need all managers and team leaders to lead and participate into projects, from small CI initiatives to larger CAPEX projects.

'Countdown' is the exact project management training that we were looking for. It is practical, hands-on and provides a very good introduction to the key tools and principles that are essential for good project management.

The one-day format is intense but extremely enjoyable and Kevin Bennett delivers it with the right mix of seriousness and fun, making sure all participants stay engaged throughout the day.

Going forward this training will become a must-do for all employees involved in leading projects."

Francois Solacroup, Parmalat - Industrial Performance Manager

For conference details go to
 AME Boston

Each year we host a group of 10 Australian and New Zealand manufacturing practitioners on a benchmarking tour of some of North America’s best Lean plants. This is timed to coincide with the North American Association for Manufacturing Excellence Annual Conference in October 2017 and will precede the Boston Conference where up to 2,500 practitioners will gather for 5 days of Lean Learning and Networking.  

"I attended the AME Dallas conference on two counts, firstly to meet a long term professional objective of getting to a US AME conference and secondly I was looking for "my why" as to why I've had many more failures than successes with implementing change and improvements, especially with why staff do not take up and run with "obvious" improvements.” Peter Ballas, Head of Operations, Note Printing

Vistaprint - Given A Chance - A Great Initiative 

Given a Chance


Best Practice Network members, Vistaprint (formerly Cimpress) have been working with the Brotherhood of St Laurence for some time to give refugees from various backgrounds and skill levels support finding employment opportunities. The program is called Given a Chance.

"During our peak period we employed 5 refugees and literally given them a chance to work at Vistaprint. The program has been a huge success for all involved. Four of the five still work at Vistaprint today. One has departed and (hopefully) will be employed at a major bank soon. Two of the initial group are now enrolled in a printer apprenticeship at Vistaprint.

To spread the word of this worthwhile initiative I have agreed to do some press to promote the program (not Vistaprint or myself). Could you please support by sending requests to your membership to provide the details of the various trade magazines members read so we can contact these publications and submit our success story. We do this in the hope more companies come forward and give marginalised job seekers a chance. 

Alternatively they can contact me to find out more or contact the Brotherhood of St Laurence directly. Thank you for your help!

Oliver Morfeld, Operations Manager Vistaprint 


Best Practice Network Bike Group Visit Wine Country Yarra Valley - VIC - 5/3/17

"This was an adventure ride and there is no adventure if you don’t get a little lost. Our GPS was giving us alternative ideas about routes. There was some debate, but the GPS won and we ended up on a dirt road. It all worked out and we all eventually met up at the winery for lunch. Great day with a really lovely group”

Janet Walsh, Sales & Communications Manager, Branach

Read more about “Passion – the secret ingredient” in David Stannard’s second book entitled “It’s Not About the Dirt”

David Stannard  – author and Best Practice Network Member

I describe “Passion as the hidden secret ingredient. It is the leadership glue that can transform an organisation and its results. It is quite simply a difference maker, a culture transformer, that extra something that separates excellence from average”.

But passion is not automatic. It cannot be bought like a software package. It can’t be inoculated or taught by a consultant. It is a leadership quality. It is an intrinsic value; it comes from within. You have to find inside of you; you have to create the attitude yourself.

But where does it come from? How do you get it?

It’s Not About the Dirt”


It Pays to Register Early… Congratulations Vanessa!


The 2018 Best Practice Network National Summit, will be held on the Sunshine Coast, QLD on 23 February 2018.

Now open for registrations.


Vanessa Lopez, BlueScope (pictured on the left together with Gareth Brown, NSW Director) registered early for the 2017 OPEX National Summit, held recently in NSW and walked away with a professional DJI Phantom 3 Drone worth over $1200!

“Thanks so much for the day AND the drone! Was one of the last things I thought I would be walking away with…  

Vanessa Lopez, BlueScope

Congratulations Vanessa, we hope you enjoy your prize!


Best Practice Network is Going to Western Australia!


That’s right, we are heading to the West Coast to launch Best Practice Network on the 14th of June 2017!

The first event will be hosted by CSR Viridian in Perth. Rick Terpstra will outline the National CSR Manufacturing and Maintenance  WAY – a key part of their business improvement journey over the past 10 years.

We are seeking your help for any suitable WA company contacts. Please email your suggestions through to: 


We recommend that every member site, where possible, has a nominated Best Practice Network event coordinator.

This person would be responsible for ensuring event communications go to the relevant personnel within your company and can then coordinate with us your event attendees. A great way to ensure that nothing is missed.


Some of our member companies have this already in place and it makes it much easier all round.

Join Our Best Practice Network Group on LinkedIn 

Best Practice Network Group encourages constructive contributions from Operational Professionals around the world. 

Group members are encouraged to contribute their comments and their own posts provided that these topics relate to best practice in Operations. 
Connect with us today!

If you are searching for a solution to a specific problem or wish to benchmark, your peers are an amazing resource. Your feedback and contributions will help us build a Community of Sharing and Mutual Support that will facilitate your Operational Excellence journey.

Victor Caune 

Victorian Director 

+61 413 718 986


Gareth Brown

New South Wales Director

+61 408 441 670


Kevin Bennett

Queensland Director

+61 407 144 963

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