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NUMBER 12, 2015
From the Headmaster

The HSC is rapidly coming to an end with many of our students having completed their examinations.  No doubt they are looking forward to a well earned rest.  I am very much looking forward to the Graduation Dinner at which the School, along with the parents, recognise the students’ wonderful achievements over the years.

While one cohort leaves us we pass on the mantle as the senior cohort to the 2016 HSC group.  Last weekend we had over 230 guests at the School Ball where we celebrated the new senior cohort and wished them well as they take over leadership of the student body.  As with previous senior cohorts, I have great expectations of them and look forward to all that they can add to the culture of our great School over the next twelve months.

This evening Macarthur is holding the Annual Benefit Concert.  Again this year we are delighted to be able to support the African Aids Foundation.  Having our students understand the privileged place that they have in society, both locally and especially globally, is an important lesson to learn.  Tonight’s concert goes some way to address this as the students perform with the aim of raising money for people on the other side of the world that benefit greatly from our goodwill.  Can I encourage you to support this very worthwhile cause.

David Nockles

Speech and Awards Night 2015

All families, with students in Years 5 to Year 12, are invited to attend the Thirty-Second Annual Speech and Awards Night on Tuesday 8 December 2015 at 7.30pm at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, Olympic Boulevarde, Sydney Olympic Park.  You will be able to view student works, listen to Ensemble Performances and partake of light refreshments in the Hall of Legends from 6.30pm.  The Headmaster and the School Council looks forward to you joining them at one of the most important event on the School’s calendar.  Parking is available in P3 across the road from the Sports Centre

Further information regarding student attendance will be distributed by the Dean of Students in the near future.

From the Dean of Students

It has been tremendous to see the successful uptake of parents using ‘parentpaperwork’ to indicate their acceptance of permission slips that are currently being sent home via email.  This has streamlined the workflow for teachers to be able to receive information almost immediately after the slip has been sent enabling accurate students lists to be developed and important information such as Epi pens and Asthma medication to be communicated directly through the click of a button.

This software has revolutionised the communication between the School and parents and will continue to be used where information requires parent acknowledgment or in some cases where a ‘Broadcast’ is sent giving information where no response is needed eg. a venue change, or cricket draw change.

Of course, this method of parent acknowledgment has solved the problem of staff not receiving back notes after repeatedly asking for them long after the due date.  However, it is still necessary for students to have the information details that are now written in the content of the email.  With this in mind, parents that I know of are using two options

1.  After the email has been submitted indicating the acceptance or acknowledgement, simply forward the email to your child so they can open the content and have the details readily available or alternatively;

2. Print the slip containing the details of the event and pass the information on.

It is important that parent email addresses are kept up-to-date and if changes need to be made, please contact the School on as soon as possible.

Camp Booklets

This year all students will download their camp information from the Macarthur website.  This is available for easy access and is best downloaded as a PDF using Safari.

Pink medical forms have been posted home to be amended, if necessary, and returned to the Administration Centre by Friday 6 November.  The blue Declaration Form will be sent home using ‘parentpaperwork’ and will simply need the “I Acknowledge” box checked.

If your child has an asthma management plan or medication is to be administered during Camp, the yellow form can also be downloaded from the Camps section of the website and handed to the Head of Camp on the morning of departure.

Tim Cartwright

From the Chaplain


Whooping Cough

We have been advised by NSW Health that there has been an outbreak of whooping cough (Pertussis) in NSW schools, mainly affecting school-aged children.

Coughing spreads the infection to others nearby.  Whooping cough can spread to anyone at home, including younger brothers and sisters.  Whooping cough can be especially dangerous for babies.

Whooping cough starts like a cold and progresses to bouts of coughing that can last for many weeks.  The infection can occur even in fully-vaccinated children.  Older children may just have a cough that is persistent and may be worse at night.

·      Children with these symptoms should see a doctor.

·      If your doctor diagnoses whooping cough in your school-aged child, please let the school know and keep your child at home until they have taken 5 days of antibiotics.  Keep coughing children away from babies.

The School advises that if you have any concerns to contact your local GP.  If you need any further information, please use this link:

Parent and Friends

W@M thanks all who attended and supported the Pink Ribbon event, “Project Pink”.

Project Pink was by far the best Pink Ribbon event we have seen at Macarthur.  We thank The Italian Food Project, Alison and Giuseppe Defrancesco and their amazing team for creating an atmosphere truly fitting for such a worthy cause.

Thank you to all who helped behind the scenes here at Macarthur.  A special thank you to Leanne Azzopardi for her wonderful job as MC and Yvonne Butler for co-ordinating this event.  Guest speaker Shelley Hwang kept all in attendance engaged when discussing a pro active approach to early detection.

Funds raised for the Cancer Council have not yet been finalised; the results will be included in the next edition of the Bulletin.

Don’t forget the Gingerbread Workshop will be held on Wednesday 18 November. Bookings have closed, however, if you would still like to attend please contact me.  Please see the attached flyer with additional information.

The Ham Drive will again be held this year, again please review the attached flyer with more information.

Sharon Pascoe-Thomas - Fundraising and Community Relations Manager



From the Head of Junior School

Our Spring Term continues at a very fast pace.  Teachers are currently writing their student reports and gathering assessment data together from the year.  It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks we will be on holidays.  There are many end of year events that we always look forward to as a Junior School including the T-2 Concert and the K-4 Presentation Assembly.  It is wonderful to see the culmination of a years work come together and the students never disappoint.  A reminder that our academic programmes continue to run right up until the last week of term.  We use every moment to prepare the students for their next level of schooling.

Year 3 and 4 Applications for the Junior School Green Award 2015 

Year 3 and 4 students who have five Certificates of Excellence are encouraged to apply for a Junior School Green Award.  This Award is the highest award in the Junior School and is awarded at the end of year K-4 Presentation Assembly.  Students apply by writing a short letter to Mrs Elling and attaching their five Certificates of Excellence.  These applications need to be given to me by Wednesday 18 November.

Year 4 Skip for Bibles

Year 4 have yet again outdone themselves in serving others.  They have gathered sponsors, skipped for a continuous twenty minutes and raised over $1400 to purchase bibles for their Kindergarten buddies.  They will present the students with their bibles in a few weeks at a special presentation on Thursday 12 November in the Chapel at 8.45am.  We are blessed to have such an initiative that means the Word of God is being spread throughout the community and beyond.  I know Kindergarten will enjoy reading about the great news of God’s desire for us to live as ‘His people.’

UNSW Maths Competition Winners

The final results from UNSW Competitions for 2015 have been received.  Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised for their achievement in the English and Maths Competition.

Year 3

Andrew Towell  - High Distinction, Isaac Barrett and Osian Burge - Distinction, Luca Bazdaric, Luke Doria and Brian Shao - Credit.

Year 4

Isaac Grimes and Dawson Tatarinow - Distinction, Shay Jenson, Ryley Paki, Lachlan Rathbone and Alexandra Southern - Credit, Sakua Murakami - Merit.

UNSW English Competition Winners

Year 3

Andrew Towell - High Distinction, Isaac Barrett, Jaden Acres, Keon Smart, Bethany Davey - Credit, Lachlan Siemon and Luca Bazdaric - Merit.

Year 4

Isaac Grimes - Distinction, Makyah Darby - Credit, Sakura Murakami - Credit

Mrs Kylie Elling

Sink or Swim

Kindergarten, along with Years 1 and 2, have been attending weekly swimming lessons at the Hydrofit Swimming Centre at Narellan.  Unlike the old saying, sink or swim, the focus is on keeping safe around pools and developing skills to swim with correct technique.  Every child happily participates and the swim teachers have commented on their lovely manners.  It is quite a treat to go for a swim each week, particularly as the weather is getting warmer.  Thank you to all parents who have made our job easier by labelling all items of clothing and who continue to teach their child to get dressed by themselves.

Mrs Hey and Mrs Pleskun




Camden Interschools Equestrian Competition

A number of students recently represented Macarthur at the Camden Interschools Equestrian Carnival.  Shaylee Greener (Year 8) received a number of first and second places and two trophies.  Charlotte Greener (Transition) and Ruby McKay (Transition) competed for the very first time and Charlotte received two fifth places and one sixth place.  Ruby received three first places, one second and three third places.  Congratulations to these students who represented our School in outstanding fashion.


Shaylee and Charlotte

Year 4 Excursion

Year 4 recently went to the seed bank at the Mount Annan Botanical Gardens. We had such a fun time learning about bees, flowers and seeds. It was really interesting to see what the scientists had to say about what they do and how they do it. They talked about how bees are attracted to the flower and how the trees or flowers gather their seeds far away from the tree or flowers current position. We looked at seeds and baby eucalyptus trees under microscopes. We had fun pretending to be scientists in the science lab as well.  

Written by Harry Hughes and Isaac Grimes

Claire Cooper, Christopher Pediotis and Gabriella Hand

Jemima Thornton

Joel Offord and Sam Hazlett

Georgia Baker

Year 6 Class Museum - Talk About Rights

How have Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Rights changed through out Australia’s history?

Who or what event had a significant effect on these rights?

 6W and 6S Museum was open for students and staff to view what they had learnt.  Exhibits touched our hearts as we read a family recount from Tara on the Stolen Generation, whilst a radio interview intrigued us as we learnt about Riley’s grandfather’s involvement with Charles Perkins.  The Vincent Lingiari sculpture with an online petition inspired us, as we reflected on Grace’s feedback from over 3000 people across Australia.  We were amazed at how a class assignment had connected with so many other people across our Nation.  Other student exhibits included:  Lego scene, 3D bus, picture books, iMovie’s, artwork, diorama’s, voting booths, websites, models, animations, cartoons, journal entries and picture collages.

Throughout the History unit students have been challenged to look at Australia’s history from different perspectives.  They have raised many questions and gone onto research people and events that have evoked curiosity in them.  It was fabulous to see them share and inform their peers with their learning and new understandings.

Mrs Williams and Mrs Stewart




Robotics Team Visit Australia Post

The Robotics Team’s trip to Australia Post was a very insightful and exciting time of all of the members of the team.  It allowed all of us to engage in a real world application of robotics, outside of the FTC competition, and discover new ideas in how to develop our own robot, for the upcoming competition.

We all were surprised to see how the process of sorting and delivering the mail occurred, as most of the process is hand done, with only a few machines to initially sort large batches of mail, into lots of small batches, which are then taken by the posties to their station, where they then sort further for delivery.  Although there is a severe lack of automation present, the automated sorting they do have is intriguing in the way it is accomplished.  There are a number of rubber belts, which pull the various pieces of mail through to a hub of ‘levels’.  Each level then has lots of stations where the mail can stop, each associated with a number.  The mail is sorted into level, and then station, by scanners before each deviation in the main route.  If these scanners read that the mail is to be taken to a place located on that level, the gate opens, and is taken along that level to a station.  The stations have the same scanning technology.  Although these scanners probably aren’t usable on the robot, the use of rubber belts are a great way to pick up game elements in an FTC competition, as there are no arms, and not much manoeuvring required if positioned correctly.

The second half of this trip, after the tour of the two factories, was the pitch to a number of executives at Australia post, one of which came from Melbourne to see.  This was enlightening as we were able to see a different perspective on the matters we as a team face, it boosted our public speaking skills. We were asked a number of questions regarding the future of Australia Post, allowing us to further our understanding of the logistics of the business, and to present our ideas to them.  Both these experiences lead to a great experience for each student who attended.

Julian Jankowski - Year 12

Student Achievements

Nathan Simpson (Year 2)

On Sunday 25 October, Nathan SImpson competed in the ISKA (International Sports Karate Association) Australian Open Tournament.  He was up against some great competitors from around Australia. Nathan placed third in Traditional Forms. Congratulations Nathan!

Kindra Doyle (Year 8) competed at the Power Pi Pan Pacific Championships for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu recently in Melbourne.  She was up against some very strong competition but brought home a Bronze Medal.  

On Sunday 25 October both Kindra and her brother Gryphon (Year 6 GATEway) competed at the ISKA Australian Open.  Gryphon submitted both his opponents with amazing arm bars in lightening time to take out first place in his division.  Kindra, however, did not have anyone to fight in her division so decided to fight up 23 kilograms over her weight division and brought home third place.  

Congratulations Kindra and Gryphon!


Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza

Last weekend over 800 students and 283 steers entered the Bonanza.  Macarthur took four steers and six students - Brooke Baker, Taylor Drayton, Jordan Snape (Year 10), Richard Cartwright, Adam Ebeling and Jack Jansen (Year 11).

To be placed in the top half of any class is a real achievement as the students were competing against other schools with more students and cattle and cattle producers who make their living from producing top quality steers.

We were fortunate to have ‘Marley’ come fifth from sixteen and Barney who came first from sixteen.  Brooke Baker made the semi final of her age group (15 years) from 160 students and Jack Jansen also made the semi final in his age group (16 years) from 150 students in the Paraders Competition.

Macarthur would like to thank Michael and Maureen Rawsthorne and Alan Anderson who donated the steers to the School.

David Baker - Agriculture Teacher




Macarthur Ball 2015

The Macarthur Ball was a great way to celebrate the grade transitioning into our Senior Year at Macarthur and to mark the privilege, effort and maturity that encompasses this next chapter of our lives. 

The physical transformation that the event required was a representation of our grade’s emotional journey into the roles of leaders at Macarthur.  The lead up to the event did not just comprise of a day’s pampering and dress shopping, but instead many afternoons were spent under the guidance of Miss Raeburn and Mrs Fitzgerald as they taught us not only to waltz, but to work together as a cohort. 

The memorable night was filled with beautiful music, inspirational speeches and Mr Cartwright's extraordinary dance moves, but most importantly, the event gave us an occasion to commemorate the strong friendships that we have developed over our time at Macarthur.  The opportunity to celebrate this achievement with family and friends further emphasises the sense of community that makes Macarthur Anglican School so unique.  

So cheers Year 12, to looking fabulous and making it this far.  As the HSC begins to consume us we must not hesitate to remember that “we are all in this together.” 

Jessica Attard - Year 12 Prefect