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MAY 2018

U Change: next call coming soon

The funding program U Change supports student projects and student project incubators for sustainable development. Under the last call for proposals, 9 promising projects have been approved for funding. The next call is in preparation and will be published on 25 May 2018. All information will be available (in german and french) on the programme website: www.u-change.ch.

Swiss Inter- and 
Transdisciplinarity Day 2018

With this day, we want to explore and reflect experiences and visions how digitalisation can be devised for inter- and transdisciplinary research and education in a meaningful way. The conference is free of charge and will take place on 15 November 2018 at the EPFL in Lausanne. A call for posters and speed-talks will be published by the end of May. > Read more

td-net toolbox series: upcoming event

> A structure for navigating the td-net toolbox, 24 May 2018, 12:00-14:00, ETH Zurich
Exchange meeting with Gabriela Wülser (td-net) and Christian Pohl (TdLab).


Call for abstracts: real-world laboratories workshop

The workshop "Real-world laboratories as a tool for a participatory energy transition: advances, methods and international cases" will be part of the > Energy & Society Conference on 3-5 September 2018 in Exeter, UK. The call for abstracts is open to scholars working in the field of collaborative transition projects with various empirical subjects (including, but not limited to, transport, energy transition, higher education, water management, urban planning). Presentations may focus on methodological challenges, empirical findings, innovative transdisciplinary approaches and/ or epistemological reflections. Submission deadline: 11 May 2018 
> More information

Call for abstracts: Sea-Level Change in Urban Life

The roundtable symposium „Translating Sea-Level Change in Urban Life: Policies, Practices and their Intersections in Island Southeast Asia" takes place on 5-6 September 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia and brings together researchers from the social sciences, the humanities and area studies, together with practitioners and policymakers that work across a diverse range of themes related to the lived and experiential aspects of (relative) sea level change in urban Southeast Asia. Submission deadline: 30 May 2018 > More information

New issue of 
Mountain Research and Development

Papers in this open issue of MRD analyze gender-inclusive value chain development in Nepal, the impact of Swiss policy to maintain high-mountain pasturing, cultivation of an endangered runner bean in Italy, an intercropping experiment in Thailand, Bhutanese herders’ perceptions of climatic changes, the introduction of non-native plants by tourists in a Chinese national park, plant functional groups in grassland in the Georgian Caucasus, and large-scale mapping of arid regions in river valleys in southwestern China. 
> Read articles

I2S News

The March/April I2S News is available > here. It presents a conceptual framework for understanding political context and provides information on the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis as well as the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics. Information is also seven upcoming conferences. These have all recently been added as resources to > Integration and Implementation Sciences website.

I2Insights blog

Interested in how transformative knowledge is co-produced? Or in how to measure team diversity? How about tool-swapping in interdisciplinary research? Or learning about the foundations of a translational health sciences doctoral program?
> See the latest contributions to the I2Insights blog


24 May 2018, Zurich
A structure for navigating the td-net toolbox

25 May 2018, Berlin
Hybrid Encounters. Kunst trifft Wissenschaft - Kunst, Biologie und Algorithmen

3 July 2018, Zurich
Graduate Campus Annual Ceremony: Creativity & Science

3-5 September 2018, Exeter
Fourth Energy and Society Conference: Energy transitions in a divided world

5-6 September 2018, Jakarta
Roundtable Symposium "Translating Sea-Level Change in Urban Life: Policies, Practices, and their Intersections in Island Southeast Asia"

15 November 2018, Lausanne
Swiss Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Day 2018

6-8 February 2019, Lüneburg
Leverage Points 2019. International conference on sustainability research and transformation
(deadline for abstract submission: 30 June 2018)

18-22 February 2019, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks
(deadline for abstract submission: 18 October 2018)


Emmenegger, R., et al. (2017): Ontology and integrative research on Global Environmental Change: towards a critical GEC science. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 29,
p. 131-137. > Read more

Hering, J.G. (2018): Implementation Science for the Environment. Environmental Science & Technology. > Read more

Miller, C.A. and C. Wyborn (2018): Co-production in global sustainability: Histories and theories. Environmental Science & Policy.

> Read more

Perry, B.G., et al. (2018): Organising for Co-production: Local Interaction Platforms for Urban Sustainability. Politics and Governance, 6(1),
p. 189–198. > Read more

Rohrbach, B., P. Laube, and R. Weibel (2018): Comparing multi-criteria evaluation and participatory mapping to projecting land use. Landscape and Urban Planning, 176, p. 38-50.
> Read more


Sellberg, M. (2018): Creating meaningful transdisciplinary collaborations during the limited time of a PhD. Blog post on Social-Ecological Systems Scholars, 11 April 2018. > Read more

Vienni Baptista, B., F. Vasen, and J.C. Villa Soto (2018): Interdisciplinary Centers in Latin American Universities: The Challenges of Institutionalization. Higher Education Policy.
> Read more

Zscheischler, J., S. Rogga, and A. Lange (2018): The success of transdisciplinary research for sustainable land use: individual perceptions and assessments. Sustainability Science, p. 1-14. 

> Read more

CALL for papers:

GAIA Open Access Thematic Issue: Research for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Deadline for abstract submission:
21 May 2018 
> Read more

More publications


More calls for papers


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