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September 2015 Update
2015 District Conference Highlights . . .

The ALIVE Wesleyan Church in Central was the setting for the 48th Annual Conference of the South Carolina District.  Meeting in this local church adds so much to the spirit and excitement of the day.  The day was filled with worship, challenge, encouragement and great fellowship.  The opening worship segment and the photos of local church baptisms set the stage for a day of renewal.  Keynote speaker, Dr. Tim Brown, inspired and challenged all church leaders.  The denomination representative was Dr. Russ Gunsalus, Executive Director of Education and Clergy Development and District Superintendent Rev. Buddy Rampey, presided.  A record number of more than 300 delegates and guests left filled with The Holy Spirit and hope after the closing message by Pastor Tom Harding and the Service of Communion.

We heard amazing reports of what God is doing in local churches, our district . . . beyond.  The revamped District Conference continues to be the rallying point for the vision of the district to believe God for 10,000 lives engaged in 60 healthy, growing and multiplying churches by 2022!

Highlights from the District Superintendents Report include the following increases:  

         Primary Worship Attendance             4,184  (+ 35 or >1%)
         Sunday School Attendance                2,525 (+ 644 or 26%)
         Baptisms                                                336 (+ 98 or 22%)
         Conversions                                           532 (+ 19 or 3.6%)
         Student Members                                   201 (+ 59 or 27%)                                       
         Adults Enrolled in Discipleship            4,599 (+ 499 or 11%)
         Youth Enrolled in Discipleship                859 (+ 34 or 4%)
         Children Enrolled in Discipleship         1,354 (+ 103 or 8%)

Pastoral Leadership Awards for 2015
(Attendance increase percentage noted)

          Josh Ratliff - Welcome                              28%
          Wayne Otto - Providence                          20%
          Ken Hales - Davis Chapel                        17%
          Mark Benedict - Knighton Chapel            16%
          Ralph Campbell - Glenville, NC                11%
          Olen HIghtower - Mountain View              11%
          Richard Hall - Eden                                   10%
                    (Pastors pictured above)

Special Recognition

          Glenville (NC)             Centennial Celebration                               September 14, 2014
          CenterPoint                 Celebration of 75th Anniversary,                     October 12, 2014

Ministers Retiring:  Cecil Bayne, Jackie Ray

Deceased Ministers:  Glen Roberts, Archie Hobbs, Howard Smith 
                                     (Memorial Video is posted on the district website)

    District Superintendent:                                  Rev. Buddy Rampey
    Assistant District Superintendent:                  Rev. Tony Casey
    District Secretary:                                           Casey Gadsby
    District Treasurer:                                            Cheryl Hayes
    DBA At-Large:
                Ministerial                                                      Laity
       Wayne Otto  (2018)                                     Trampis Kelly  (2018)
       Tim Jones   (2018)                                      Gabriel Santamaria  (2018)
       Patrick Gué  (2017)                                     Jack Watson  (2017)
       Richard Hall  (2017)                                    Julie Kellett  (2017)
       Heath Mullikin  (2016)                                 Charles Tegen  (2016)
       Frankie Rodriguez  (2016)                           Dr. Josh Ray  (2016)
      General Conference Delegates:
                  Ministerial                                                    Laity
        Buddy Rampey (District Supt.)                  Sue Rickman (Member of General Board)
        Tom Harding                                              Casey Gadsby
        Frankie Rodriguez                                     Dr. Ashlee Tietje
        Wayne Otto                                                Charles Tegen
        Tim Jones                                                  Dr. Josh Ray
        Patrick Gué (1st Alternate)                        Cynthia Edge
        Emily Miller (2nd Alternate)                       Julie Kellett (1st Alt.), Amanda Harris (2nd Alt)
We are deeply indebted to the staff and team of ALIVE, to the conference creative and production teams and for the wonderful spirit of cooperation and unity that was present. Our Executive Assistant, Melinda Witty, worked tirelessly before and during the conference. She, and many volunteers, made possible the excellence in the materials and flow of the operations of the day.   

District Conference Photos LInk: Facebook - South Carolina District of The Wesleyan Church
(Courtesy of Sabrina Hudson and Matthew Tietje)
2015 Ordination Service
Ordinands 2015

The Ordination Service for the South Carolina District was conducted at the Trinity Wesleyan Church on August 23. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent, delivered the message and led in the ritual. The leadership of Rev. Tony Casey and the DBMD that led these individuals to the culmination of this important milestone is deeply appreciated. Their leadership helped this beautiful and moving service become a highlight.  The District Superintendent presented the candidates for ordination to General Superintendent Lyon, whose persona and anointing made this an unforgettable time for the ordinands and for those present to affirm their calling. We extend our congratulations to our new Ordained Ministers. 

We are deeply grateful to so many of our pastors who were present. The support of the congregations was remarkable as the attendance swelled to standing room only in the sanctuary.  The support of the district family and the presence of the Holy Spirit made this a service that will long be remembered - especially for those ordained.

We express our appreciation to the Trinity Wesleyan Church and staff for being our host churchand to Sherry Casey, coordinator for the reception that followed.

2015 Ordination Class pictured above: Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, Rev. Eric Thompson (Valerie), 
Rev. Timmy Young, Rev. Joshua Ratliff (Valerie), Rev. Kehl Hudson (Gracie), Rev. Matt Irvine (Anna), Rev. Steven Groves (Megan), Rev. Buddy Rampey and Rev. Tony Casey.

Ordination Service Photos LInk:  Facebook - South Carolina District of The Wesleyan Church
   (Courtesy of Joan Rampey)
                      Come to the Table

An invitation to build district community and unity, while affirming our diversity, through a         Christ-centered encounter. 

July 21-24, 2016                

Table Rock Retreat and Conference Center

Prayer Updates
  • God’s presence in our district summer events: youth camps, kids camps, district conference, ordination service.  Lives were changed!
  • Approval of Iglesia Wesleyana El Camino Immigration Center
  • Residuum Church (N. Charleston) launch on September 20.
  • Hope Church (Walhalla) ReLaunch on September 20
  • Approval of application for new Greenville Multicultural Church Immigration Center
  • DBA Annual Retreat, September 18, 19
Pictured is a cathedral in Amsterdam.  Joan and I were told that the builders could not agree on the type of steeple that was desired  . . . so there are three mismatched spires.  There is a lesson in that story.
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