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NUMBER 9, 2015
From the Headmaster

Reading and writing!  This past fortnight has been full of it. Macarthur has oscillated from the outlandish excesses of the Book Week Parade, in all its glory, to the amazing academic gymnastics demonstrated by the English Extension 2 students as they presented their major writing works.  The power of the written word was front and centre.  As our youngest learners begin to find the joy and intrigue of reading and writing through to the sophisticated poetry and prose of our graduating cohort, the power of words have been rightly celebrated.  Across the broad spectrum of student abilities we have been able to think deeply about reading and writing and acknowledge its value in our educational journey.

I had the joy of reading to Year 2 this morning as part of Book Week and shared with them my love of reading.  In the world of IT advances and preparing students for the 21st Century, one constant remains and that is the importance of reading and writing.  Language and the expression of it in the written word sets humans apart and is a wonderful gift from God.  

I would like to congratulate the Year 3 to 6 students who competed so well at the recent NASSA Carnival. Well done. A number of Macarthur students are representing NASSA at the AICES Carnival on Monday at Homebush.  I am sure you join with me in wishing them well as they represent out association.

Dr David Nockles

From the Dean of Students

Sport Shoes

Historically, students have been required to wear predominantly white shoes as part of their Sport uniform.  With current trends moving away from white as the dominant colour it has become increasingly difficult to find the appropriate sporting shoe in the right colour.  In view of these realities the Headmaster has established the following parameters for general sport shoes.

Sport shoes may now be any colour.  However, they must:

·      Be low cut sport shoes (not boot-style)

·      Be lace-up shoes

·      Be suitable for the general sport(s) on offer at the school

·      Provide athletic support to the foot

They must not be:

·      Slip on, open or loose fitting shoes

·      Casual fashion sneakers (such as Vans or Converse sneakers)

·      Not be extreme in drawing attention by way of motif, style, social or fashion statement

It may be in some circumstances that a student requires a specific shoe for sport in addition to their general sport shoe that is worn to School and PDHPE classes (eg Soccer boots or Basketball boots). These additional shoes should only be worn on the sporting field NOT to and from school.

Our formal School uniform is regularly admired by visitors and members of the public as students participate in community events.  Your ongoing support in maintaining this standard will not only help reinforce our expectations but support Macarthur staff as they endeavour to uphold the dress and bearing required of our students.

As a guide, the following illustrations should help make it easier for families to determine the correct shoes for Macarthur students.

Tim Cartwright

Chaplains Chat

 ‘Take Love’ Project – Anglicare clothes

Macarthur Middle and Senior School students have partnered with Anglicare over August to provide affordable clothing for youth in need.  If you would like to donate good quality second hand clothes in the last few days of August, please bring them to the Chaplain’s office.


Pass-it-on is the theme of this term’s Middle and Senior School’s Chapels. Apart from having some brief ‘passing it on games’ we have enjoyed exploring Jesus’ message and how we can find ‘new life’ in his love, a message not to be kept to ourselves, but to be shared – to pass it on!  Most recently a number of Year 12s have shared their faith in Jesus and also produced a short video of testimonies.  What an encouragement for us all!

North Queensland Outreach 7-13 September

Twenty-five Year 6 students, together with Mr Davies, Mrs Williams, Mrs Allen and I are eagerly preparing for our outreach trip to North Queensland.  Songs are being rehearsed and the over $500 raised in a bake sale will be used to purchase library books and sporting equipment for Hope Vale School (North of Cooktown).  More will be reported in a Bulletin next Term. Attached is a photo from last year’s trip.

The Reverend David Hayman

From the Uniform Shop

Year 9 girls going in to Year 10 have a distinct change to their uniform and the items are now in stock in the Uniform Shop.  

These items are available to be purchased now or put aside before the end of term.  The items put aside are to be collected and paid for by the end of term.  This will ensure that the Shop does not run out of stock and all students are ready to return to school in the appropriate attire.

Summer Uniform for Girls in Year 10, 11 and 12 includes a short sleeved white blouse with bottle green edging on the collar, a Macarthur Tartan skirt and short white socks with a green stripe.

Summer Uniform for Boys in Years 10, 11 and 12 includes a shirt sleeves white shirt (not long sleeved) prices range from $24.00-$28.00, grey trousers, black belt, school tie and get socks.

Sue McKell - Uniform Shop Supervisor

Japanese Student Visit to Macarthur

During August fourteen Japanese students visited Macarthur from Nihon University the Third High School in Tokyo for a thirteen night visit.

The students lived in homestay accommodation with families from our Macarthur community.  During the visit they enjoyed classes with buddy students, a tour of the School farm, teaching in the Junior School and many cultural tours of the local area.

We would like to thank all the families that hosted students.  Your generosity and kindness was deeply appreciated.  We encourage more families to be involved in this annual event.  If you would like to receive some information abut the Japanese student visit in 2016, please contact the International Registrar, Mrs Trish Cartwright, on 4647-5333 or at





Kindra Doyle (Year 7) brought home Gold at the 2015 NSW BJJ Spring Cup on 22 August.

Kindra had to fight up a division against a bigger girl and won on points 9-2

Congratulations Kindra.

Cattle Clipping Clinic

On Saturday 22 August Brooke Baker, Taylor Drayton, Jordyn Snape and Merryn Bowman attended a Cattle Clipping Clinic at the School.  The students were taught how to wash, blow dry and clip steers in four and a half hours and more importantly develop some wonderful skills when Show season rolls around in 2016.  The School would like to thank the clipping instructor Nerida (Ned) Hubbard.







From the Head of Junior School

Books Light Up Our World

 ‘Books truly light up our world in so many different ways.  They shed light into dark places by bringing education to those who want it.  Books bring the world to life for us, enabling us to travel to distant lands without leaving our homes. They empower us, entertain us, educate us and bring us closer to others. Books help us to grow as human beings.’

Book Week is about encouraging students to read; to learn about new books; to share favourite writers and illustrators; to look again at old favourite books in maybe a different way; and to take time to just read.

Today students in T-6 celebrated Book Week around the theme ‘Books Light up Our World.’  The parade saw the students shining in many ways as they dressed as their favourite book character.

There were so many things to celebrate, including a presentation from Paul McDonald from the Children’s Bookshop, a fabulous parade, a culinary creation display and wheelbarrows highlighting the deep learning that is happening in classrooms.

Stage 3 Students – Writing Workshop

Students in Years 5 & 6 were treated to a workshop with renowned author Simon French.  Simon gave them many different tips and tricks to help the students with their writing.

A Treat for the Junior School Students

A number of special guest readers including Dr Nockles, Mr Kokic, Mr Cartwright, Reverend Hayman, Miss Raeburn, Miss Willsmore, Miss Holt and Bu Fenton visited each of our Junior School classrooms to read their favourite stories.  What a treat for our youngest students!

The Headmaster’s Reading Awards were awarded to the following students on the day:

Jaden Acres (Year 3 )   Junior School Reading Award

Jasmine Sherrell and Claire Sich   Middle School Reading Award

4N were awarded a prize for being the class that read the most books for the challenge.

Overall, it was a wonderful day, filled with colour and enthusiasm for Literature.

Kylie Elling








A Focus on Writing

As a Junior School we continue to focus on the development of students Writing skills.  Year 3 have been working so hard to try to improve their writing.  They have been looking at poetry and the use of words to describe certain objects.


Clouds are like massive fluffy beasts sitting in the sky.

They are like shining pieces of metal floating so high.

They are like spies always watching you telling lots of lies.

When the sun goes down they become nothing in the sky.

Written by Osian Burge - Year 3

Year 3 Meet Germs Face to Face

Have you ever wondered why grown ups are so strict about hand washing?  Have you ever thought, ‘But my hands look clean to me?’  Well Year 3 have found out just what is actually on those ‘clean’ hands.

On Tuesday 18 August, Mrs Acres came to the classrooms and all the boys and girls put their fingerprints onto a petri dish filled with Agar Gel, a special substance for germs to grow on.  She then took the plates away and put them in a warm oven overnight and brought them in on Wednesday to show us what had grown.

The children were horrified by the results.  What looked like clean hands were actually covered in bacteria, viruses and even fungi.  YUK!!  We even looked to see if there was a difference and boys were more ‘germy’ than girls but our results showed that both boys and girls had the same germs on their skin. 

We know that it is important to wash our hands after visiting the toilet, but it is also important to wash our hands before eating, after blowing our noses and after playing outside so we can keep ourselves well and also to stop spreading our germs to others.  Year 3 should be the cleanest grade after this.

We would also like to thank Mrs Acres for taking the time to teach us and help us investigate about the germs around us.

Mrs Purvis, Mrs Relyea and Year 3

Boy Germs

Girl Germs

Middle School Happenings
GATEway 8

At Macarthur on Wednesday 12 August – Friday 14 August we hosted 450 students over the three days as students in Year 5 to Year 10 competed against other schools from around Sydney in our annual GATEway 8 Academic challenges. Students participated in groups of 8 working on tasks relating to the International Year of Light and light based technologies.  



GATEway Stage 3 Certificate Presentation


2015 IPSHA Performing Arts Festival


Crusaders Leadership Training

On the 21 August 2015, the Oasis leaders went to Thomas Hassall Anglican College to learn more about how to lead Oasis well.  We split into three groups.  One was about encouraging other Christians in Oasis and in other places in the school, another was about how to read our bibles well and the last was about how to pray well.  The group about encouraging others learnt that saying something nice to others can make a big difference to their day.  The bible reading group learnt about how to RAP with your bible.  RAP stands for Read a verse or chapter, Ask "What does it tell me about God?" and  finally Pray that we will understand what God is trying to tell us an also pray that we will continue to read our bibles often.  We also learnt about PASTA prayer.  PASTA prayer stands for Praise, Ask, Sorry, Thanks, Amen.  All the Oasis leaders had a great time and will almost definitely be going again next time. 

Ruth Alexander

Year 7 Study Skills


From the Head of Senior School

University Admission, Early Admission and the SRS

Students in Year 12 are now busily thinking about study beyond school and have been instructed in the process of applying for University and Early entry.  Every University is different and it is important to note that students are ultimately responsible for the application process.  The University Admission Centre (UAC) is the office that processes University applications and all students in Year 12 have received the UAC handbook which outlines the process.  Remember, applications after 30 September incur late penalties.  The SRS is a new system introduced last year that allows students to apply for Early Entry at a range of Universities.  SRS stands for Schools Recommendation Scheme and students who apply for this will have the opportunity to achieve places in Early Round offers at University

Senior School at Macarthur

Many Universities and other providers are holding open days at the moment.  The Senior School at Macarthur Facebook page highlights when University Open days are on.

Examinations for Years 10 and 11

With examinations fast approaching for students in Year 10 and 11 it is important that students are actively preparing.  One very effective way to do this is to access the school’s intranet and complete past examination papers.  By attempting past papers students are able to get a clear idea of what they know.  It is also important to prepare for timing during examinations by completing these papers under timed conditions.

A reminder to parents that students in Year 10 are required to be at school every day during the examination period (unless otherwise notified) and in periods of private study, students are expected to be organised to work independently.  Year 11 students are able to attend only those days they have examinations.

Scott Bedingfield