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New Release from Wendy Halo
Introducing the new track High Life from Spanish Pop Artist Wendy Halo...
Wendy Halo: High Life
Track Title:
High Life
Launch Date:
10th Jan 2020
(Pre-Order 30th Dec 2019)
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Artist Location: Marbella, Spain
International pop-artist Wendy Halo is an up-and-coming solo act from Marbella, Spain. Featuring a soulful voice and an exotic look and feel, Wendy Halo offers listeners a distinct and unique new depth to modern pop music! Wendy Halo is the perfect new sound for anyone who loves to sing, dance, and to be uplifted. With a unique new sound and the ability to transcend genres, Wendy Halo is one of the most exciting new acts in the industry!
Wendy Halo’s music is a bridge between her two distinct musical worlds. Growing up as part of a family with a long lineage of gospel singers, Wendy Halo combines the soulful and powerful vocals she has grown up knowing with the vibrant and upbeat pop of the Spanish nightlife she has come to love so much. Inspired by the work of artists like James Brown, Dinah Washington, and Ella Fitzgerald, Wendy Halo uses strong vocal performances and her lyrical prowess to infuse her music with a distinct feel. The result is a complex, intriguing, and fun sound that adds new texture to the modern pop sound. In each of her songs, Wendy Halo hopes to use this unique sound to both uplift her listeners and get them dancing at the same time.
Currently, Wendy Halo is preparing for the January 2020 debut of her first ever EP. This EP will feature her new single “High Life”, a catchy, soulful, and fun track that will resonate with anyone who aspires to live their life to the fullest. True to her sound, “High Life” will blend together modern pop with soulful vibes and a powerful vocal performance. Wendy Halo hopes this track will eventually uplift all those who listen to it. In the meantime, Wendy Halo is excited to continue growing as an artist and to connect with new fans across the world!
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