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NUMBER 8, 2015
From the Headmaster

You may well be surprised to be receiving a Bulletin this week!  Over the past few years the Bulletin has been distributed in Weeks 2, 6 and 10 of each term.  However, with the move to the email Bulletin it was felt that sending the Bulletin fortnightly, each edition containing slightly less news, was a more appropriate method.  I trust that you will find the less detailed but more often approach an improvement.

This week has been a hectic week at school with Macarthur hosting the annual GATEway 8 schools challenge.  From Wednesday to Friday competitions were held for Years 5 and 6, Year 7 and 8, and Years 9 and 10 with each day having over 20 teams of with eight students each from approximately 10 schools.  This is a huge organisational event and one that sits so well with the thinking culture we have developed so well at Macarthur.  Students from all teams are encouraged and expect to apply their creative thinking skills to a range of tasks.  It is wonderful to see the range of incredible responses to the tasks.  Thinking is alive and well at Macarthur!

The HSC begins in earnest for a number of students this week.  On the weekend the Indonesian students have their HSC Speaking Examinations and then on Monday the Drama students have their performances.  Over the next fortnight or so the other practical and performance subjects have their HSC examination or deadlines.  I am sure, like me, that you wish these students all the very best. Please join with me in upholding them in your prayers.

David Nockles

From the Deputy Headmaster

“The most important thing you need to do is to have big chunks of time during the day when all you're doing is thinking.” - President Obama

In these frenetic times it is easy to get caught up in the endless busy-ness of ‘doing.’ Work never truly ends does it? Even our children are busier and more scheduled than many of us were at the same age. The danger of all this activity is we forget to think…really think and really reflect at a deeper level. It seems that stillness and reflection are increasingly becoming the lost arts of the 21st Century.

Bemoaning the overactivity of more contemporary politicians former Prime Minister Paul Keating said, “When a country has a leader that does not think, then that country starts to move backwards.” The big ideas of this life require big thoughts. Big thoughts require time to think…big chunks of time.

The problem with big thinking is that it does not usually pay dividends immediately. In the first hour or two you may come up with nothing. But in the third hour the magic could happen…or it might take longer…much longer. The point is that big thinking takes time and patience. And if a President of the United States and a former Prime Minister see the need to prioritise big thinking with the responsibilities of a nation-building on their shoulders and all the tasks that entails, then perhaps it is time well spent.

The Chinese Philosopher Confucious taught, “Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous.” At Macarthur the staff are specifically and actively exploring ways to get our students to think more deeply. This was the subject of our recent Professional Development days. With a crowded curriculum and masses of prescribed content to cover it is a challenge for all teachers to avoid ‘learning without thought’ and build deep thinking and serious reflection into their lessons. However, if our students are to meet the challenges of the 21st Century it is a challenge we cannot avoid. As Albert Einstein once said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. We must think and think and think.

Andrew Kokic

Car Park Matters

Macarthur is one of the fortunate schools in NSW to have on-site parking. 

A recent frustration is arising each afternoon from parents parking in the Administration Staff and Visitors car park. Some are now even choosing to park in a queue in the centre of this carpark, making it impossible for correctly parked vehicles to exit the area, not to mention the possible dangers to students at the nearby crossing.

The parking area near the Cottage Café serves the whole school and when it is full parents are welcome to park in the student parking areas adjacent. These areas are never completely full in the afternoon.Better still, for parents of high school children, the area immediately before the turning circle (pictured) is another good place to park. Sure, it means your child will need to walk 150 metres or so, but in dry weather you will find it an easy and safe place to park and exit.

Your assistance in exercising courtesy and common-sense in our car park areas is greatly appreciated.


Commencing Spring Term 2015

As of next term, Spring Term 2015, Year 5 and Year 6 will finish school at 2.40pm rather than 2.30pm with the starting time unchanged.  Students in the Junior School will commence at 8.30am and finish at 2.35pm. 

Family Holidays During Term Time

If you wish to take your child/ren out of school during term time for a family holiday, you must write to the Headmaster seeking permission for such leave.  This is due to new legislation introduced at the beginning of the year.  In the past you completed a Application for Exemption from Attendance form but this is now not permitted to be used for family holidays.

If your child/ren are selected for an elite sporting event or employment in the entertainment industry for a short period of time (i.e. for one or two days) then you use the Application for Exemption from Attendance which can be found on the School’s website under Parents and then Forms.

From the Dean of Students

Often it is not possible to recognise the skills and talents of every student, some of which are not typical of a School based activity.  Over the years, parents have contacted the School to make it known that their child has been awarded at an exceptional level of achievement or has recently competed at an event outside of School.  Can I encourage parents to continue this practice and if possible include a photo of the competition.  Often, these students will be mention at a weekly assembly and for exceptional achievement may be mentioned at a Headmasters Assembly.  Any School pathway will always be recognized within the School Awards structure.

Typical of this type of activity that would otherwise go unrecognised was recently applauded at an assembly for Years 7-12.  Bradley Speed and Caleb Morgan demonstrated their unique talent at solving the Rubiks Cube challenge.

Here are some statistics to make the mind boggle:

·      At a recent UNSW competition Bradley achieved a personal best of 1.17 seconds for the 2x2x2 competition winning against 74 competitors.  This places him with a national ranking of 10th and 312th in the world rankings.  

·      In the Rubik’s challenge he achieved 9th out of 85 competitors in best 10.20 seconds 

·      In the traditional 4x4x4 challenge he came 12th out of 34 competitors in 58.24 seconds. 

·      Pyraminx 7th out of 54 competitors in 5.31 seconds

·      one handed 6th out of 32 competitors in 19.84 seconds

At the same UNSW competition Caleb finished with the following results:

·      Rubik’s 50th out of 85 competitors in 22.40 seconds

·      2x2x2 - 26th out of 74 competitors in 3.52 seconds

·      Pyraminx- 24th out of 54 competitors in 10.16 seconds

·      one handed 26th out of 32 competitors in 57.64 seconds

Caleb’s best ranking is the Skewb with a national ranking of 44 (world 1765th).

Both these boys are achieving incredible results in their field of interest and can be assured that the rest of the school who witnessed their demonstration hold them in awe of their exceptional talent.

Tim Cartwright




Equestrian Results

A much more familiar sport and increasingly popular within the School from K-12 is the sport of Equestrian.  The level of competition within this sport is immense and often very difficult to achieve the standard where students qualify for representing their School or higher.  At a recent event both Isabella and Grace Tyson have been nominated to represent NSW as part of the team to compete at the National Interschool Championships in September.  This is an extraordinary achievement considering the quality of their competition for this selection.  Well done to both girls and the awarding of Full Colours demonstrates the School’s high regard of this achievement.



Current Administration has a large number of blazers which were handed in last term and also sports uniform items left after the Carnivals which have no names in them.  If your child has lost an article of uniform please come to Reception in the Administration Centre to see if you can identify it.

This is a timely reminder that all articles of school clothing should have your child’s name in it so that when handed in the Administration staff can get it quickly returned to your child.

Uni-Steer Competition

Last Saturday a team of students went to the Uni-Steer Competition.  Our steer, Ariat, came fourth from sixteen steers in his Lead Class lead by Abbey Glover (Yr 12).  He also came fourth in his Best Presented Steer Class again lead by Abbey.

In the Paraders Classes:

Jordyn Snape (Yr 9) - First from 16 students

Grace Jansen (Yr 7)  - Second from 16 students

Richard Cartwright (Yr 10) - First from 16 students

Abbie Jenkins (Yr 11) - Second from 16 students

In the final of the Paraders Jordyn Snape was awarded Junior Champion Parader whilst Richard Cartwright was Reserve Senior Champion Parader.  

The remainder of the competition and presentations will be announced at the closing ceremony on 4 September.

David Baker




Year 1 - Up, Down and All Around

Year One scientists have been busy looking ‘Up, Down and All Around’ this Term, investigating change in our environment. Some changes already observed in our school have been due to weather and daily changes in day and night including shadows and behaviors of animals. A particular highlight has been preparing and planting our mini class gardens and the excitement of seeing the growth changes each day.

Mrs Abdoo and Mrs Cowper



UNSW Science Competition

The following budding scientists received awards in the recent UNSW Science Competition. Congratulations on fine results!


Bethany Davey Merit

Luca Bazdaric  Credit

Osian Burge   Credit

Luke Doria  Credit

Rebecca Dunbier  Credit

Paige Prpic Credit

Lachlan Siemon  Credit

Jaden Acres  Distinction

Isaac Barrett Distinction

Andrew Towell  Distinction


Sakura Murakami Merit

Shay Jensen Credit

Ryley Paki Credit

Lachlan Rathbone Credit

Lilly Siemon Credit

Isaac Grimes Distinction

Dawson Tatarinow Distinction

Indonesian Writing Competition Winners

The following students gained an outstanding result in Kompetisi Siswa this year. This is a state wide Indonesian writing competition.


Anjelica Tummarello    1st place overall

Alexandra Acres  3rd place in the Kindergarten category.

Emily Chau  3rd place in the Year 1 and 2 category.

All the Junior School students worked extremely hard on their writing with Bu Freestone last term.

Anjelica Tummarello


Alexandra Acres

Emily Chau

A Word from the Head of Middle School

As Yearly Examinations approach for years 7 – 9 students it is time to be revisiting the work that has been doing in class and looking at past yearly examination that are available to access on Moodle. Students should be speaking with their teachers to determine what to be preparing for these tests and asking lots of questions to reinforce their understanding.

The diary provides the students with a guide on the suggested amount of time to study and if the students unsure will provide them with a quick method to determine their learning Style.

Year 7  - 6 hours per week homework / study

Year 8  - 7 hours per week homework / study

Year 9  - 8 hours per week homework / study

I would encourage all students to be active in their study and revision. This means to summarise, answer questions or explain concepts to family and friends not read through class notes alone.

Neil Davies


Alexander Frankum (Year 6) was Macarthur Anglican School representative in ‘Camden Councils Mayor for a Day Competition’ where he spoke on why he would make a good mayor for a day.  He spoke in front of parents, grandparents, the Mayor of Camden and Camden’s Citizen of the Year.  He competed against fifteen other schools in the area and was runner up in the competition as he demonstrated a good understanding of the Mayor’s role, was innovative in what he would do in this role and had good understanding about Camden’s unique balance between its agricultural history and challenges as we grow as a community.

Congratulations Alexander on being awarded runner up in this competition.  You represented the school and yourself very well.

2015 Sun Herald City to Surf

We were invited to have some of our students and parents participate in the start and some of the festivities of the 2015 Sun Herald City to Surf on Sunday 9 August.  As part of the NSW Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service and in Schools Program we had the privilege of being part of the start and warm up with Ky Hurst and Rachael Finch.  All those involved had a wonderful time and completed the 14 km incredibly well on what was an amazing spectacle.




Year 9 History Excursion 

Students had a great time visiting Sovereign Hill at Ballarat and Katelyn Biggart held $140,000 worth of gold.  To celebrate ten years of Melbourne we had a special dinner at the Melbourne Aquarium with spectacular city views.  It was a very special evening with everyone dressing up and enjoying pre dinner nibbles next to the enormous crocodile named Pinjarra!  Then there was the evening of video games. Mr Clarke and Mr Stevens have finally beaten the Terminator video game and Mrs Joel was cheered when she defeated Miss Verbanaz and Mr Sendt in a very close car rally race!  There was dinner at TGI Fridays, and a stop at the fantastic Beechworth Sweet Shop and the Bakery where the pies are excellent.

The staff had a wonderful time taking our students away and we know our students had a great time too.  In the survey when asked if we could improve the excursion suggestions like ‘make it longer’, ‘add a day’ and ‘no it was awesome’ are a reflection of a very memorable trip.

Thank you to the History faculty for their help in running the excursion and Elective History students who were so well behaved and got involved in everything.

Mrs Looyen




Homestay Information Evening

Families within the local community who are interested in learning more about our international student homestay programme are very welcome to join this event being held on Wednesday 26 August from 7.30pm in the Cranmer Room.  Overseas students are regularly seeking accommodation in local families.  The School currently has several opportunities for just one term October to December 2015.  If you are interested and have a spare room at your home, you are encouraged to come along to this evening to meet some students and current host families.  Host families are paid $280 per week to provide full board to students.  Enquiries can be directed to Mrs Trish Cartwright at or by telephone on 4629-6229.

Chinese Study Tour

During July, Macarthur hosted 20 Chinese students from Beijing for a five day study tour.  The purpose of the tour was to gain an experience in an overseas school and to further develop their English.  The students attended special English as a Second Language classes, Science and Technology demonstrations and a visit to the School Farm.  The students thoroughly enjoyed their time here at Macarthur.  They commended our students for their warm welcome, which was largely due to the great job our buddies did in welcoming them.


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