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NUMBER 8, 2016
From the Headmaster

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the School community for their understanding, co-operation and flexibility during the flood of two weekends ago.  While the School was not directly impacted (apart from some of the Agricultural areas), the disruption caused for students, parents and staff getting to and from school was significant.  I very much appreciate the way families dealt with the disruption and understood the impacts on the school operations.  Thankfully the School was able to return to full operations quickly and the pre-planning of rescheduling the Senior Athletics Carnival proved to be the correct decision.

It was quite remarkable that after all that rain, both the Senior and Junior Athletics Carnivals were able to be held on the School Oval.  It was testament to a well constructed and drained oval. Following these carnivals the NASSA Senior Athletics Carnival was held yesterday with over 100 Year 7-12 students representing Macarthur.  While the results have not been finalised I was delighted with the participation and effort of the students who attended.  I am sure more information will follow as and when we find out the full results.

This evening we have the Festival of Performing Arts which is always a special evening in the life of the School.  I do hope that you will be able to join us this evening.  Monday 20 July 2016 is of course the School’s Foundation Day.  A day of celebration has been planned as usual with both formal assemblies as well as the Macarthur madness, epitomised by the House Regatta on the Oval!  If you have not had an opportunity to witness this event it is well worth the effort.

I am particularly delighted that this year as part of the formal Foundation Day Service, we will be visited by the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda. While plans have not been finalised it is my hope that we will be able to hear them sing as part of our celebrations and then host them in the School for the rest of the day.

David Nockles

From the Deputy Headmaster

Parent Parking

Last week the Year 3-6 carnival presented the School with needless parking difficulties that are easily overcome with some thoughtfulness and minor inconvenience.

The parking area close to the Administration building is reserved for Administration Staff of the School and the occasional visitors (of whom there are many each day). It is not designed as a parent car park (nor a teacher car park) as there are simply not enough spaces to accommodate events at which parents are present in great numbers. The parent car park is near the Macarthur Café, where there is ample room or if you prefer just to the left on the grassed area as you enter the circuit.

Sadly, some folks park in places clearly reserved for staff critical to the smooth running of the school. I find such actions truly perplexing. Further, some parents parked in the circuit in spaces reserved for public buses creating a real jam at the end of the school day.

We are very privileged to have an abundance of parking on our property: a blessing denied at many schools across the state. Let us consider the safety of children and the needs of others first as we choose where to park in the school.

Uniform Matters

The dress and bearing of students has a significant effect on the whole tone of the school. Get things right with uniform etc and it often translates (almost mystically) to good order in the classroom and the school in general. We receive so many positive comments about the students’ conduct and appearance from members of the public when we take them out on excursions and the like.

Parents, please assist us by ensuring that your child is appropriately attired when they leave for school. Too many female students are arriving at school with jewelry such as earrings, rings and necklaces. Nail polish and eye shadow are also obvious and unacceptable breaches of our uniform policy.  Each case of disobedience in this regard becomes a time consuming exercise having students remove make-up, confiscate jewelry (and having it appropriately stored), writing-up punishments etc.  Like housework, ensuring students are appropriately attired is an ongoing task with no hope of ever reaching a complete utopia.  And like housework it is a shared responsibility. Home and school must play their part.

Andrew Kokic

Chaplain’s Chat

Foundation Day

20 June marks our anniversary of the beginning of Macarthur Anglican School in 1984.

On Monday we will have a day of celebration with a Service and Assembly at 11.00am in the St Paul area.  Parents are welcome to attend.

This year we have the wonderful Watoto Children’s Choir coming to help us in our celebration during the service!

The day continues after lunch with the fun and colour as the Houses compete in the traditional dry ‘boat’ races on the oval.

Super CRU Day Camp (11-15 July)

The Crusader organisation are partnering with us and local churches to run a holiday day camp here at Macarthur during the next holidays.

We have ten Year 11 and Year 10 students preparing to assist a group of qualified leaders in running what looks like a very enjoyable and engaging week for children from K-6.

The camp runs from Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July with drop off from 8.00-9.00am and pick up from 5.00-6.00pm.

More information and registration is available on

 (only 16 male and 10 female places were available when I last checked!)

 (you will also find information on other camps for high schoolers on the same site)

The Reverend David Hayman

Community Relations and Fundraising

It’s fair to say, the first couple of weeks in this role have been diverse.

I’ve spent time with the ladies in Talk Back Thursday, caught up with the kids in Robotics and have been spending time in the Junior School classrooms. Planning for the Annual Fundraising Dinner and the Annual Appeal is well underway and I’ll soon be catching up with Playgroup, W@M and M@M.

For all the busyness, one of the highlights has been getting to know the students. They are so generous with their time and so willing to share their experience of school. For me, they are a beautiful reminder of God’s grace in bringing different talents to our world.

As I settle into this role I would like to say thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, it has been truly wonderful and I feel particularly blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Macarthur Anglican community.

Karyn Ingram

School Photo Days

School photos will taken on Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July. 

School portraits and class/year photos for Transition 3 Day and 5 Day and Kindergarten to Year 6 will be taken on Thursday 30 June.  Students in Transition 2 Day and 5 Day Transition and Years 7 to 12 will have their individual portraits and Year group photos taken on Friday 1 July 2016.

Sibling photos will be taken at lunch time on both days.

All photos will now be order online and paid for by credit card as per the instruction sheet below.  The School will NOT be receiving an Order envelopes nor accepting monies for orders.  The School’s Online Order Code is 8RA 5QQ NJM.

Full Winter uniform is to be work on the day.  Please refer to page 21 of the Junior School Diary and Page 22 of the Middle School and Senior School diary if you are unsure of the Winter uniform requirements.

Uniform Shop Sale

There is a sale of obsolete items in the Uniform Shop - Boys and Mens sizes board shorts.  Normally $28.00 sale price $5.00.

The Uniform Shop is open Monday - 8.15am -4.30pm, Wednesday and Thursday - 8.15am-2.45pm.

Sue McKell - Uniforms Consultant

It’s On Again!

The Western Sydney Wanderers and Netball NSW have kicked off their Skills Intensive Programmes this term, running over the last several weeks.  Hosted by Macarthur Anglican School the programme, which is open to the community, compliments the Skills and Acquisitions Program run by NSW Football and the development of Skills and Match Play specific to the Sydney Swifts and Netball NSW.

The programmes are offered to both boys and girls aged 5 to 14 and is led by highly qualified and experienced skills coaches. The programme will also be available every Wednesday in Winter Term, commencing from Wednesday 27 July, 3.30pm–5.00pm. After School Care again is complimentary between the conclusion of school at 2.30pm, or 2.40pm for Years 5 and 6 students, through to 3.30pm (the beginning time for the Academies).

This is a unique opportunity offered by the School and allows students to support the School’s strong academic endeavours and assists promoting students self-discipline. We are thrilled and honoured to bring this ‘cutting edge’ co-curricular, football and netball programme to our students and the Macarthur community. The programmes aim to develop players’ technical and tactical skills, knowledge and understanding of each game and to set the highest standards for personal growth, which can be achieved through these sports.

The programmes are designed to cater for players in various development stages of the respective game with a focus on enhancing their existing skills, knowledge, understanding and promote further enjoyment of either football or netball respectively.

If your child may be interested please follow the links on the School website under the ‘In Focus’ tab or visit


From the Head of Junior School

A reminder that students in Years T-6 are not permitted to go to the café in the morning or afternoon unless they are accompanied by an adult or older sibling in Years 7-12.

Kylie Elling

What’s Happening in Year 4?

Year 4 has had an exciting term.  We have been exploring local history from the time of the Dharawal People to the original land grants in Cobbitty and the life of the German and Chinese immigrants who lived in the area.  We were able to visit the Camden Museum to research immigration in the area.  We were privileged to visit St Paul’s, Cobbitty and the Rectory to learn about Thomas Hassall and others who came to Cobbitty in the early 1800’s.  We would like to thank Mr Burge and Mr and Mrs Barrie who shared their wonderful knowledge, making history come alive for us.

 “The Rt Rev Reginald Heber who was Bishop of Calcutta which included Australia, died before he got to come to Australia. The Heber Chapel is named in his memory.” (Flynn Williams)

The Rectory at St Paul’s Cobbitty was Thomas Hassall’s house.  There are a set of bells in the servants quarters that the residents used to call for attention. The three bells have different sounds which indicated which rooms needed attention.” (Nellie Jansen)

“One of the stain glass windows was made in 1836.” (Lachlan Siemon)


Forensic Workshop

On Tuesday 14 June students in Years 3 to 6 were involved in a Forensics Science workshop.  We were taken through a simulated crime scene where we had to solve two crimes.  We were given the tools to help us observe and gather clues.  Activities to help us solve the crimes were finger printing, reading invisible messages, using a microscope to identify poisons and piecing together a foam jigsaw that revealed suspect characteristics.

I think the best part was putting together the foam bars to simulate the suspects DNA.  It was awesome.

Andrew Towell Year 4

Some Year 4 Reflections:

It was like being in the CIA! Keon

The microscope showed us so much detail. Filip

I got to work with my friend to solve a crime. Oscar

Taking fingerprints was my favourite part. Harrison

I liked the mystery and how the suspect was pretend. Marielle

I liked the challenge of working it out by ourselves. Rebecca

The ultra-violet light showed invisible ink and revealed a map of where the treasure was. Ayla

I liked investigating things and using the microscope. Paige

Forensic work is fun. I loved looking for DNA and uncovering the coins. Niamh

I enjoyed piecing together the DNA to reveal the suspect. Elizabeth


Latest News from the Chess Club

Our Year 4,5 and 6 chess students have been practising for the NSW Junior Chess League Gala Day to be held on the first day of next term.  Recently our players had an opportunity to attend four chess extension seminars in preparation.  Each session went for an hour and we were privileged to have Mr Paul Davey as our guest presenter.  The sessions covered a range of topics including endgames, openings, special moves and tournament play.  The students gained a lot from these lessons, as Mr Davey explained the thinking behind making better decisions in their games.  He exposed the common flaws made by inexperienced players and helped us to understand the deeper thinking needed to win games.  At one of the seminars, Mr Davey played against all seventeen students at the same time!  He had the students sit in a square with their own boards.  He then moved around the inside of the square, making a move at all seventeen boards.  This session was extended for those able to stay.

Mr Davey also gave an extra seminar to our top Year 6 players who are in training for the HICES Chess Tournament to be held at Penrith Anglican College next week.  The boys and I enjoyed learning about more advanced moves and how to approach a range of situations that may appear to be hopeless.  Thank you Mr Davey for your time, passion and enthusiasm - it is greatly appreciated.

Mrs Hey - Chess Co-Ordinator

Champ Camp
The cost of camp, including all meals, accommodation, transport by bus and an outing on Wednesday evening is $440.
Payment for this camp is via try-booking (click 'Register Today' below). A deposit of $100 is required by 24 June 2016, and the balance is due by 26 August 2016.
Medical forms, permission notes and a copy of the draft programme will be forwarded to you in Winter Term.
Should you have any questions regarding the camp please do not hesitate to contact either Mrs Fitzpatrick or Mr Bedingfield at Macarthur.

Link to Payment

Prefect Assemblies

The Prefect Assembly is served with a dash of humour, a sprinkle of formality and a bucket full of preparation. The Prefects frantically knead, dice and bake skits, presentations and awards for the enjoyment of students: our loyal customers. The Assembly is a student-to-student service that aims to engage pupils in a creative way while promoting the community atmosphere of the school. It includes a co-curricular advertisement, a prayer and an interview with a student appreciation award recipient(s) — a pupil(s) who has participated in a remarkable activity, deserving recognition. 

The interviews have given the students insights on dancing for the Chinese government, conducting missionary work in South Africa and the moving of countries by the international students. The co-curricular advertisements have allowed the Agriculture Club and the Robotics Club to present their ideas to the Macarthur community, enticing participation from the students. These skits and awards showcase the different facets of the school community and the multitude of student talents. It is a ‘service with a smile’ industry — we smile because we are delighted to serve our students, it is rewarding to share your work to benefit and entertain others. 

It’s a hot dish — popular and successful among the students. The feedback suggests they enjoy it. The Prefect assembly adds a little more magic to the mundane. 

Ernst Nel - School Captain




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