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Dear Sir/Madam,

Viscon invites you to Fruit Logistica & IPM 2017! Fruit Logistica is the leading international meeting place of the fresh produce trade. Viscon will be attending the Fruit Logistica in Berlin between 7-9 february 2018 and will present the latest innovations on growing, harvesting and packing fruit and vegetables. We would like to welcome you at booth C-09 in hall 4.1.

IPM Essen from January 23-26th, is the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture. The entire value chain of plants, including production, technology, floristry and garden features is presented. Find us in hall 3 at booth 3D30

Both shows provide you with innovations and new developments, which we of Viscon are eager to show you.


CP food invests

CP food invested in Viscon Hydroponics project to test the system for further investments. The biggest rice producer in Thailand is expanding its activities in to Fresh Produce. The company is now producing lettuce and Chinese leafy vegetables. The current system is 2500m2, including propagation. The propagation method CP chose to use is the Viscon Hydroponics Propagation system. Including the specialized propagation crate, tray and cups. They also work with a seeding line and a watering boom for optimal quality. 

The system running at CP is a ‘harvest in the greenhouse’ project. This means that the product can be harvested while in the pond. Every float eventually ends up at the beginning of the bay with a full grown crop. The product can then be harvested and processed.


Iceland goes hydroponic

NPK in Iceland also chose to invest in 3 ponds of Viscon Hydroponics, to grow multi color lettuce. NPK invested in the system to prepare a bigger production for the country with this Hydroponic system. They chose Viscon Hydroponics due to the efficiency of the system with the lengthy floats which are easy to handle and provide you with a clean growing system. NPK also works with the Viscon Hydroponics Propagation System, using our specially developed crates, trays and cups.


Happy Fruits expands

The Bulgarian company Happy Fruits specializes in apples, but now expands their activities to Fresh Produce. In a 5000m area, Happy Fruits will be running 8 ponds. In these ponds the company will produce butter lettuce, spinach, herbs and babyleaf. Happy Fruits chose to work with the Viscon Hydroponics Propagation system as well and automated the process with a seeding line. Also in this project, harvesting will be done in the greenhouse.


Harvesting options

Viscon Hydroponics provides two options in harvesting automation. Harvesting can be done in the greenhouse, where harvesters take the product directly from the float in the pond. The product can then be placed on a pallet which can be picked up by a forklift. To further automate, it is also possible to invest in a monorail system which can be applied to a existing greenhouse structure. The monorail transports the crates with product to the packing area. Floats will be cleaned in special washing units in the ponds. A washing unit can wash the trays of two ponds. A second option is harvesting in the packing area. The floats with product will then be transported to the packing area. The product can be harvested at working height and the floats can be washed in a washing line.


Young plant production Multi Layer Growing

Viscon Hydroponics also provides options to grow your young plants in a multi layer growing plant factory. With the proven ViVi cultivation technique, the young plants can be grown completely controlled. The patented ViVi technique works with a micro perforated foil covering the plant tray. This ensures a perfect micro climate with optimal hygienic conditions. Find at out more at Fruit Logistica and IPM!