Dear Daylite User

Daylite 5 is Released
Marketcircle released Daylite 5 on the 22nd April. At the same time they also overhauled their website with a new Help Centre with additional "How To" videos.
It is hard to believe that Daylite 4 was actually released in May 2012, but it would seem that Marketcircle are aiming to establish a major upgrade event every two years.

Should we upgrade?
We say “yes”. That is because there are a number of great features in Daylte 5 that will make it easier to add information, manage your time and better analyse your data.  Having said that I would urge you to look carefully at the list of enhancements to make sure they add value to your business before deciding to upgrade now or perhaps at a later date.
We have been testing Daylite 5 in-house since the beginning of the year and we have found it to be very stable through the whole process.

Here is a list of the main features that may help you to decide. 
  • Repeating Tasks. This has been long awaited, much requested feature.
    Repeat by day, week, month or year.
  • New Activity Timeline view with ability to search contents plus a new files & attachments filter.
Timeline View
  • All new Insight View. 
    One of the great things about Daylite is the way that it is easy to actually see and use your data.
    Well it just got much easier thanks to Insight view. This is a completely new way of looking at your data that enables you to observe trends and patterns as they happen. This view is particularly useful when analysing opportunities. 
    Insight View can also be used to create smart lists.
Insight view
  • Create folders for smart lists and manually organise them. 
  • New visual style for the Calendar views and the home screen.
Refined Calendars
  • DMA Editing 
    Edit information directly without going into Daylite. This is actually a really significant new feature because it allows you to add phone numbers and addresses whilst looking at the email signature.  
    You can also create and edit new companies, opportunities, projects, tasks and appointments right from the DMA panel.
  • Inproved smart list searches. You can now look for information where information is blank or is not linked.
  • Daylite Server has had an interface overhaul plus some visual enhancements.
  • The update process has been simplified. You can now update within the App.
Daylite 5 for IOS
Daylite for IOS has been extensively redeisgned for IOS7 on iPad and iPhone.
  • Support for forms data
  • Support for repeating tasks
  • Background Syncing
  • Spotlight style search. Search results grouped by object
  • Adjustable text size.
  • Duplicate objects
Upgrading to Daylite 5
This might be a bit confusing but as usual we aim to provide our clients with a small price break on the advertised prices.
  • Daylite 5 - £243 per user (normal price £249.95). Volume discounts apply.
  • Upgrade from Daylite 4 - £97 per user (normal price £99.95)
  • Upgrade from Daylite 3 - £195 per user (normal prie £199.95)
  • Additonal Daylite 4 - £185 (normal price £189.95)
  • Upgrade from Daylite 3 to 4 - £126. We cannot say how long this option will be available.

Daylite 5 Fundamentals Course - 11th June 2014
A one-day course aimed at those with little or no Daylite experience. 
This is the perfect course for any new members of staff that need to get up to speed in Daylite - fast.

Course outline:

  • Daylite Concepts

  • People & Companies

  • Scheduling Appointments

  • Creating Tasks & Notes


  • Understanding DMA

  • Smartlists & Filtering

  • Bulk Editing

  • Using Forms


  • Managing Opportunities

  • Project Tracking

  • Generating Print Layouts

  • Merging Documents

Price for the course is £195 per person.  
Venue: The Hubworking Centre in Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1. 
Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in attending or would like to send a member of staff.

Best regards

Bill Verkaik                                  
JG Consulting
phone: 0203 7141170