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Please pray for us:
There are many areas where Mission International and overseas partners require prayer.   We would really value your faithful prayer for us, as would our partners in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.


A welcome arrival:
Joshua Hugh born to Pastor Tom and Eunice Opiyo in Kenya on 17th November 2014. Coinciding beautifully with Hugh Henderson’s (MI CEO) birthday.  After a short period of convalescence for Eunice and a small operation, due to a blocked salivary gland, for Joshua Hugh (the Opiyo’s 3rd child) we are delighted to say both are doing well.  Please pray for this family as they serve amongst the Maasai in the area surrounding Narok as well as in the Kisumu and Eldoret regions.


For our partners in Pakistan life is always difficult.   We seek your prayers as Mission International tries to find ways to help.   Also there is the possibility of a further Pakistani group wishing to partner with us. Our picture shows the BIG meal in Pakistan.  This is one of the toughest places in the world to be a Christian.


Haiti Trip:
Hugh Henderson (MI CEO), Richard Woods (MI Trustee) and Crawford Mackenzie (An Architect) will be travelling to Haiti on 8th & 9th December.   We would value your prayers for this trip as we seek to make plans for our Children’s Centre in Oaunaminthe.  MI partners with Trinity Church of Jerusalem who serve amongst the urban poor in their city.  Crawford will be going on to visit the Quinua Project in Peru. Our picture shows Ross McFarlane (MI trustee) with one of the supported children in Haiti on an earlier trip.  Please pray for Ross an accountant, as he supports the overall work of MI in terms of finance too.


Pastor Elton and Mary serve in the poorest of circumstances.   There is nothing to spare at all, however they always find an opportunity to share what they have with the needy around them in the community.  Countless orphans, a church made of straw, and leaders to be trained in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.   Pastor Elton will ride his bicycle 400km to reach far flung churches to share God’s Word with them.  We thank God that their two daughters have recovered after being very ill recently after support from the David Jak Medical Care Fund hosted by MI.


India Village Ministries (IVM) support many rurla pastors and churches in Andhra Pradesh, the mission also support children in their school and has developed a sewing project where women and girls are trained to sew and are provided with a sewing maching as they graduate the sewing school.


Student Sponsorship:
We have requests for sponsorship to go to University from bright students associated with our partners in many countries.   This Maasai girl from Kenya is so bright and is now about to graduate from a medical course which she could not have accessed on her own.   Her whole family will now benefit as she finds a job in her chosen career.   Please pray for the who as yet are not being sponsored that we find ways of helping them.
Please pray for the children:
Please take a moment to remember the many children affected by poverty and crisis around the world.   Those who dont have the basics of life like food, clean water and a decent home or education.  Also those who are hurting due to loss of their parents or who are being abused or trafficed and feel that no-one knows or cares.


Prayer Mate:
Prayer Mate is an app for iOS and Android which can help you develop an organised means of praying regularly for Mission International and others.   Check it out and download it to your phone or tablet.

Thank you for praying for Mission International.
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